Tuesday, December 27, 2005

.: Narnia vs King Kong :.

Watched Narnia on Sunday with my dear. It has been a few weeks but the tickets are still hot! We actually wanted to watch it on Saturday but ended up we only got to buy the tickets for Sunday show. Bumper!

A little piece of advice for watching Narnia - Do watch it with a heart of a child. Because it is a children story anyway! The action pack is fabulous - minotorous fighting with sword (or axe?) in their hands; half man half horse (what do u call that?) etc and all of them TALK! The most unforttable for me is the unicorn that Peter rides on and the fire arrow that turns into a flaming phoenix! Beautiful! I agree with Wimal in his posting Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia that the actress who plays the witch is playing it so good. I like the scenary. I've got lots of kids watching in the cinema too but hey, they seem to understand what they're talking abt in the movie. I heard no crying which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the movie. A nice family movie to watch with old folks and children.

Just watched King Kong last night with my family and my 2 cousin sisters Carmen and Candy. It is a LONG movie. Do bring jacket if you're afraid of cold and maybe a small pillow because the first half of the movie is abit boring. I dont mean to condemn the billion dollar production. They are doing very well in bringing the audience into the story about how Ann Darrow is found by the director Carl Denham to star in his movie which nobody wanted to produce because he used to film documentaries, so on and so on till they get on the ship and headed to Skull Island. Okie the rest of the story you watch it yourself. I just want to say that the part where King Kong fights with the dinosaurs is ... speechless and jaw-drop. I nearly clapped when King Kong wins. What an egoistic, majestic and strong creature! They don't call him King Kong for nothing, fellas! He beats the hell out of the dinosaurs brilliantly!!! And I admire the acting of Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow) who, despite of having beautiful blue eyes and very beautiful curly blond hair, very good acting and I like the part where she amuses the King Kong, it's funny. Imagine she had to act by imagination during filming. Or you think they do make an ape's head so she can focused on and act? Of course you cannot forget the one who plays King Kong at the back - Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in The Lord Of The Ring. He brings King Kong alive with excellent work of CGI. a WOW grading!

Heading towards the ending of the film I felt like stop watching it because it is a sad story. I even said it's not a good movie because the ending is just sad. A little girl cried with her hand reaching out to the cinema screen when the film is finished made the scene even more dramatic.

To support the movie is one of the reasons I watched it too. All the hard work worth your RM11 or RM 10. Enjoy the movie!

Friday, December 23, 2005

.: Presents ready! :.

Finished wrapping the presents yesterday. Hmm it's happy wrapping presents, isnt it? Hehehe when you imagine the look on the person opening the present, PRICELESS. Hahah so I guess I can make my family happy for this Xmas.

Monday, December 19, 2005


ggrrrrrrrriiirrrrr..... ok here I go.

State who tagged you;
List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
State the gift you wish to get;
Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

I got tagged by Wimal.

My Santa Claus: Santa Claus (who else????!!!!)

The gift I wish to get: Get a ride on his sleigh and fly around the world (including North Pole!!!!) and at the end of the trip let me choose 1 gift from his big bag of presents!!!!!! Ho ho ho !!!


Enjoy the merriest season of the year!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

.: Christmas coming!! :.

As the year is ending everybody seems to think abit more.. What have I done throughout this year?

Alot of things had happened. Both sad and happy. Apart from graduating and jumped into the working world which made me plan what I want to have within my reach, financial management is a knowledge that I must learn. Feels like a grown up now - a real grown up. Studying life is always a protected one like I said. My family has done enough to give me a good life without worry about anything that I need. When you're out there, no one is backing you up and you just have to practise the attitude you've learned to avoid screwing up your boss that directly screwing back yourself.

I've nothing to complain though ... just wanna share something of what I've been seeing so far.

A big twist has happened this year and I'm glad it happened, at least I'll be glad in the future that it happened. I've been having a distance relationship for 9 months with a guy, Anjo who I havent even met but I decided to break it for the sake of myself, my family and my friends. It's not that it wasn't real, it was so real that I gave in and sank deeply into it. But I ended up missing so much of my life. I would be reluctant to go out on weekend because we can chat online and had our time. I would hope to go home fast when I was dining outside with family because he was waiting for me on the other line to spend time with me. I will imagine how nice if he was here when I saw something nice, ate something delicious, watching movie/listening songs and etc. At last I gave in too to give up the relationship we had. I've been very selfish to hurt someone whom I've loved so much like that. But I'm unable to tell myself how long I can go loving like that. Spiritual love is very great, even greater than I can bear. My family wasn't positive about it but they still gave their best blessing to me. Only sometimes my parents will ask "You should be out there with your friends, spend your time, not here.. dear" ..... Sad? It is the saddest for me to have to end it. Very painful. My friends didnt scold me stupid but supported me for as long as I'm happy, they said. When I told them I had to break it, they told me "I'm happy and glad that you're awake". A friend even said to me "No one can live in a fairy tale forever".

It's over... now... After all I've done to hurt him so much that it has become a pain in me. God still loves me so much that He granted me a guy who loves me with his entire heart. He who'd been keeping his feeling for more than 6 months has finally told me how he felt. A very silly guy who messed up his life with things that he shouldn't have touched and at the final cut he stopped and came up front to confess..... I believe in a Chinese phrase that means if you've done something bad, you will get it someday. I thought I will get it when I'm done hurting a guy who could stand having a spiritual relationship with me... But HE still send Edwin to me. In a way I've got all a girl could ever want - he loves unconditionally and I'm pampered to the utmost that I'll be spoiled to the rotten. I'm more afraid to lose him - guess this is the punishment I get. Can you understand the fear of losing something/someone that you never want to imagine the day to come? Yeah... that fear. Whatever it has become, I'm sure I'm happy and everybody around me especially my family and my closest friends are happy for me too. I'm finding back the balance again and I'm glad I didnt lose it far.

Christmas is coming.... Last Christmas's memory is still in my mind, it will forever be a memory. Now I'm more anticipating to celebrate it with my dear because .... you should be with someone you love on Christmas, right? And be loved in return....... :)

Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

4 Dec 2005, my convo at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This pic was taken before the ceremony started. My parents were on time. And hah the bouquet ain't mine! it's Wendy's.... lol.... More pic to come, waiting for my friends to send them to me.

Taken at the main entrance of the hotel with my darling mommy after the ceremony. It was HOT!!!!

Went back home and took a pic with my new Xmas tree. My mom bought it and my bro decorated it. NICE! Finaly we got a tree after talking about it for few years! Phew...

Funny feeling wearing this at home ......

Monday, November 28, 2005

.: Convo day :.

This Sunday is my convo day... At last.. weird that I dont feel so much excited about it but my parents. They have been asking about it since 2 months back. Heheh but it is understood as I'm the first child that go to the convo. Lots of friends that I've not been seeing since the last paper, I'll see you on the day!

Other than that, nothing really much happening except.... work, work and work. I'm not crazy at work dont worry I reach on time and leave on time as my job doesn't require any OT (sometimes, very rare) . But the working time has taken most of the time of the day off me. I only have 1-2 hours to relax and do things I like at night before I go to bed. But well, it's alright. I have extra 1 hour to hang out in the morning to help out chores or do something like this, writing blog. Hehehe. Everything is quite good, not much of complaints. Learning the trick of working and seeing the truth of society everyday. Study world is always a protected space, you know. Working is kinda confusing sometimes because you're hoping for some place better , or to move up, or to move away only because you wanna see the number doubled in your account. We are chasing for something better everyday. But do stay on the ground and be glad that you breathe every single day because there are alot of people who beg for living but not granted. :)
Argh.... long winded :) So I hope you all have a great day today. I miss you all.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

.: A nice song to share :.

"Because Of You" - Kelly Clarkson

I will not make the same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself
Cause my heart so much misery
I will not break the way you did,
You fell so hard
I've learned the hard way
To never let it get that far

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I lose my way
And it's not too long before you point it out
I cannot cry
Because you know that's weakness in your eyes
I'm forced to fake
A smile, a laugh everyday of my life
My heart can't possibly break
When it wasn't even whole to start with

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I watched you die
I heard you cry every night in your sleep
I was so young
You should have known better than to lean on me
You never thought of anyone else
You just saw your pain
And now I cry in the middle of the night
For the same damn thing

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I try my hardest just to forget everything
Because of you
I don't know how to let anyone else in
Because of you
I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty
Because of you
I am afraid

Because of you
Because of you

Love on first sight - I fall in love with this song the moment I heard it. The MTV is talking about Kelly having a sad family background which she never want that to repeat on herself in her latter age. The lyric is painful. I thought it is a typical love song because of the title "Because Of You". Lolz. Those who havent heard of it, give it a try. :)

Mood at the moment : So-so
Song at the moment: Ke You Lun - "Ku Xiao Bu De"

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The man in the middle is my center manager. He was cool, wearing a cape (whoa~~!!) He looked sorta like a Dracula that night. His masquerade is very nice, sorry that I didnt get to capture it. :)

Un-cover the eyes ..... LOL

The Annual Dinner of my company, HDPM. Theme of the night - Masquerade ... Hmm I kinda regret to get the mask like this, but ok-lah hehehee Will get a nicier one from Time Square soon!!! The other 3 Leng Lui are my colleage, (clock wise from top) Lena, Kim, me and Jenny

Monday, October 03, 2005

.: A night to remember :.

Somehow I got addicted to The Phantom of The Opera. I dunno why but it seems like it's having a magnetic power or something that drawn me into it and I can never resist not to listen to the music.

My annual dinner event's opening was playing an editted part of the movie, where there are many people dancing of the stairs of the opera house while singing "Masquarade". I was so drawn to it I can recall how I felt the first time I watched the movie. It maybe be nothing to other people - alot of people, but I just think it's a very very nice movie.

It was a grand night. Everyone dressed up very nicely. Handsome, beautiful, funny, cool, sexy..... It's a "WOW!" night. My first time experiencing a grand dinner of 2000 people, of an international company. Just when I thought my dress was abit exaggerating - I realized mine is just nice compared to other people. They DRESSED UP! Evening gown with big hair-do, big make-up...... I had a great time watching beautiful people.. Hahahaha... The food was bad though. Not enough of supply.. I guess everyone wasn't full that night but just gave in as there were just too many people. But I guess if they planned it well, this case wouldn't happen, would it? I think it was the people that brought up the night. Yeah. Really. Masquarades and masks everywhere, even those which you saw in Halloween parties - hollow faces, scary faces... hehehee. I even saw an Ultraman mask! (walao-eh~~~!!)

I will upload some pics once I got them from friends. Take care y'all~

Thursday, September 29, 2005

.: Hu hu hu... Sick :.

As title.......... Weather not good ah... everyone pls remember to drink LOTSA water, sleep early, dont eat too much of spicy stuffs.... ( that's what I didnt do so.. sick now). In the progress of recovering though. hehehhee =)

I cant fall sick!! Not on this Saturday!! I spent to make it up for this Saturday!!! It's my company annual dinner event. The theme of the night is Masquerade - yeah right, bet you can recall any scene from The Phantom Of The Opera. "Masquerade~~~ Paper faces on parade... masquerade... Hide your face so the world can never find you.." La la la ... LOVE this movie!!! I think the night will be grand... Hmm...... Will try to snap a pic of my mask and show it to you all here. Hehhehehe Bought it from I Need shop in Mid Valley ( chicky name, you know what shop is that hahaha ) I cant find it anywhere else ! Maybe I didnt go search hard enough. Anywayz, got what I want, new dress, new stilleto, new choker, mask........ All set!! So, you understand? hahah cant fall sick!!

Okie ! gotta go work. C ya all ciaoz~~

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

.: No Update :.

No update lately.. nothing much to write also except I got a holiday on 19th Sept and I took leave on Tue and today... That means I got a very long weekend hahahaah! Begin to feel lazy! Tomorrow resume working .... But I've got a nice working hour so .. Yeah I can still sleep till 9.30am ahahaha!

Fixed my cousin sis's PC this morning. They claimed that everything is gone but somehow I think it's just that they simply clicked everywhere and lost the shortcuts on the desktop, so they said " Jie... my computer seems to lose everything I want". ANYWAY.... FORMAT LA!!!! And now it's nicely done. I even save many MP3s for them, just copy and paste from CD...

Oh yeah I bought a jeans at PDI.. I bought a 'M' but it feels loose once I wear it for a whole day! I didnt know it is stretchable but ..... this "stretchable"?!?!?! Anywayz I dun think I'll feel comfortable in 'S' so just be it. So.... new belt coming! Hahhahahahaa!

Watched "The Land Of Dead" last Sunday. Not quite a worthy movie to be watched in cinema but there wasn't anything better. I'm anticipating Narnia and Harry Potter 4! Cant wait for December!!!!!

How did you spend your Autumn Festival? I spent it with someone special. Hehe.. And too bad the night was cloudy else I could have seen a very BRIGHT and ROUND ROUND moon!! Wasted... bumper!

Okie, friend's been complaining that I havent update this for a long time. So HERE IT IS ! NAH!!!!! And I'm done! Ciaoz~~!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

.: Busy!! :.

Lately am quite busy with few stuffs. Besides working in the company which I only get home at 10++ pm daily. I also helped out previous company to do some part time at home. Main reason is to earn extra income.. And, I am invited to be part of my company annual dinner event people and my task is to produce a clip, a multimedia clip for the launching of the night. I told you guys that I did once for my department Reward and Recognition Award launching? My friend, Edwin got to get that annual dinner event for us to work on. BUT, I think you guys also can know that this time it is getting much more serious ! I'm gonna die ........ ( Am not a Multimedia expert lor... pls bare with my lousy workpiece...... T.T ) Will try my best !!!!!!

Besides that, I just feel that time passes so damn fast. I basically need to occupy myself during weekend to do things that I cant do on weekdays a.k.a have fun. Yeah, I miss hanging out with friends..... I kinda missed out alot for the past 9 months, which I dont wish to continue like this anymore. I got something and I lost something. And now I'll let go the thing I got for all this while and back to the things I lost.. I want to get them back. About the one that I let go.... I'm selfishly to only look at myself. But it is difficult to continue like that and I'm changing into someone whom I'm afraid and I'm not sure about. I was slowly losing things and people. Only at 1 night, I realized that I cannot do it anymore. It's an ass-pain if it continues to drag longer and longer that it only hurts ..... eventually.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

.: Untitle :.

When something is gone ..it is gone.

Monday, August 29, 2005

.: La la la :.

Another week has gone. Here comes Monday. Sometimes I feel nice that I'm such filled up everyday but the time passes so fast without me even realize I'm like missing things in life. But so far, I still keep close touch with family since I'm really losing time to talk with them especially my parents. So I tried to make it up for them during weekend. Other than that, friends .... I miss them, I should really find a day to catch up with them.

I miss you all much !! *muaks!!!*

Monday, August 22, 2005

.: Nothing much :.

Cut my hair..... It is quite strange that everytime I go to do my hairdo I'll be end up looking very young!! (DUH!!!) If you dont believe you can ask friends around me .... Some even said I look like a student!!!!! Anywayz, great to have hair cut.. feel better now.

Friday, August 19, 2005

.: Another week :.

Time flies in an unbelievable speed. I cant imagine the week soon ends like this, so fast. What have I achieved in this week? Hmm... lesser errors. Hahahahhaaa! Well, I know my "head" is kinda a hard stuff to serve but I can handle it. I wont let her thinks that she's right all the time! But well of course I know the politics around... I'll just do what my best and feel comfortable with the things I do. gam ba teh!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

.: dum dee dum... :.

My dad can resume working! Hehehe I can tell he's so happy about it becoz he is so bored at home. I'm glad he can now do whatever he wants, but need to watch out the diet. Happy :)

Work is alright.... being a subordinate of coz will be "advised" here and there when mistakes are made but I can take it coz am still new. Hehe... colleagues are all very nice, in fact they are all very very funny! I can see being in the international and well known company is an advantage for me to learn, the facilities are of coz better as it needs to serve 2000 people. Cut cost is 1 of the issue though as they also gotta serve 2000 people.. Lolz.... But anywayz it's quite alright. I can spend my time real fast week after week without realizing it..... Hmm bad thing or good thing?

Nothing special... Hope you all take care, drink lots of water, if no important matter dont stay outdoor for so long k... Wish you all healthy. I miss you, for whoever you are~! Hehehee

Sunday, August 07, 2005

.: Attitude :.

I realize my attitude of things had changed in these 2 years. I've become more bold to speak out whenever am not satisfied - I was pretty like a lamb for all the years.

So it happened to be that one night I was sleeping so soundly - the only night that I could sleep without flupill as my nose was not stucked anymore. Then I was awaken by noise around 3++am.... MAN..... and it happened to be that the mother & daughter of next door were quarreling. The daughter always the loudest regardless whether it's her fault or not. It already happened for 10 years, when they quarrelled it feels like they are gonna bring down the house. Okay, so I was awaken, I heard her voice scolding her mom for I dunno what reason. This aint the 1st time they quarrelled during midnight! I already promised myself if this happens again I'm gonna do SOMETHING. So I walked to the window I could hear even clearer... Her voice's amplitute and frequency were VERY VERY high and it irritated me!! So I said "Can lower your volume?" in Cantonese. 1st time I think they heard it but they just didnt give a damn. I heard nothing's changed so I spoke louder with greater dissatisfaction. This time they heard - else they thought who's talking!DUH! And so I back to my bed knowing they lower their volume, and I heard door banging not long after that, I think they stopped and went to bed... Now, It maybe embarassing if I see them.. maybe they are the ones who are embarassed. I dont care - for so many years of education they didnt know quarrelling also must choose time and control the volume?

2nd case, I went to shopping yesterday coz I deparately need a new pair of slacks. And I hope I could get 1-2 shawls becoz they make me look more lady-like while working... (duh~) . So I came to this stall where they sell scarfs and shawls. I saw the ones hanging are RM50 for 2. But I wasnt attracted by them but the ones folded. So I looked at them and thought what color I wanted. The promoter saw me standing there she walked to me, silent. Looked at me looking at the shawls and seemed like preparing to serve a difficult customer while actually I am not. So I picked 1 shawl and see if the color is nice. Mom helped me pick the color too. The promoter is a very particular person I think - for EVERY PIECE of shawl I took she folded and put back with a very annoyed kind of face. I mean if you can imagine the situation. Okay fine I tried to understand if this is something she must do - TO INSTANTLY FOLD BACK EVEN WHEN A CUSTOMER IS PICKING. I already helped her to fold it but she refolded it when I passed back to her. I saw the face of hers so I passed back whichever I took and said " Hmm I think I let you do the folding" with a smile on my face! She not only folded the one I took she even re-folded the one which is below it! So I thought of buying 1, I asked her how much is it coz I know the hanging ones are RM50 for 2 but I am not sure wherether the folded ones are also the same. She pointed at the price card without saying ANYTHING. What the *doot*! For that moment I was pissed and I wanted to ask her if she was having sorethroat, having menstrual pain or she is mute! Forgive me for being mean but I really didnt like that kind of look on her face! I told my bro about it and we joked about it:

Me: For that moment I should have said "sorry, I cant read(uneducated), can you tell me pls?"
cK : YEAH! Or maybe, " Sorry I cant read, can you.... OOps, are you mute?"

Long-winded story... but I enjoyed it hahahahahha Imagine I really said that, I wonder how she would react? Would we quarrel there for everyone to see? If the daughter fought back would we have our own quarrel in the middle of the night..... Lolz.....

Interesting..... ~~

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

.: Ready, Get Set, GO! :.

At last am done with the induction training and process training. A very intensive training was given to me which is supposed to be a 2 weeks but I only had 3 days. So it was very dull, packed, dry classroom lectures. Fortunately the trainers are kinda friendly and fun, so we did have fun too. Or maybe there are 3 ladies in the class so they are abit linean... Hmm.. anywayz, tomorrow is the official start day of my work, on the floor. I hope I can learn well and cope fast. ^^

One thing happened that I kinda need compromisation - I gotta compromise with a different shift which is from 12pm-9pm. I actually dont really like it so much becoz I feel like my whole day is wasted. But as you all know I also tend to think alot of positive things too to cover back such as : I can wake up abit late, enjoy my brunch at home, see my mom and dad longer, iron clothes in the morning, watch MTV abit before I go out; then I'll have my early dinner, so much so people said early dinner helps in losing weight hahah Then I think it's a benefit for me mwahahahhahaa, then I can meet with my fella induction friends who are working from 8pm-5am! This is very exciting becoz I do miss them alot. Nah, and then, when I go back, I think the traffic around Puchong area had already loosen, I can avoid traffic jam and when I reach home it'll be about 10pm. Enjoy some fruits or light snack, shower then can watch a movie before sleep becoz I dont need to wake up so early the next day~ ! Ehem, am I being too idealistic already? hahahha But I believe everything happens for a reason. If am chosen for this shift then so be it, I'll try to find the fun of it and I think I'm gonna meet with other great colleagues.

So far I'm seperated from Wendy but I think she'll do fine. I've spent 3 days with 2 new friends I met and we had fun.

So work has finally get serious. I'll do my best to learn and perform. Lastly, congratz to all GF0461COm fellas coursemates as we've got our result. I believe we did fine and I'm looking forward to see you guys on convocation!

Friday, July 29, 2005

.: That's It :.

Result is out today.

I get a 2nd upper honor for my degree. Kinda disappointed coz I aimed for getting a 1st class. I know my parents are hoping I can get 1st class....... Now I understand why the lecturer asked us to aim high - to avoid feeling like shit if grade drops. I still feel not-so-delightful .... Hmm... But it's a fact. How good I scored for my certificate is gonna affect my impression during job interviews, but the performance of my work is what counts when it comes to work because a paper means your capability to handle and manage new experiences and responsibilities, right? It did mean something - an appreciation and entitlement of all my hardwork for these years... I guess I cant just sit here and moan over it because it isn't so bad right?

As for my work, today is the last day of my induction training. I honestly said that the friends that I know in merely 3 weeks -- we just had so much fun and supports for each other. I really felt like we're a family! Sue Mei, Kim, Jenny, Gowri, Usha, Nadia, Noorul, Yati, Cecelia, Sri, Bradley, Shaun, Praba, Jacob Jr., Sudesh, Ariff, Khairi, Geoffrey, and lastly my babe Wendy are all my fellow colleagues and friends. They are so friendly, "kewl", crazy, helpful, supportive, motivated, artistic, playful, talented, creative.... I'm speechless. From the first few days when there are small cliques of our own during breakfast/lunch breaks till we can sit together in a big long table and chat while eating.... So...... some of them will go under UK and US, even Aus & NZ .. our working time is totally different so it's hard for me to meet them again in the future... I just want to say I've had the most wonderful time with them. I enjoyed the 3 weeks of my working and I'm gonna miss them very very very much.

To all my new friends and colleagues, no regret knowing you all, all the best and we shall come out to have a drink sometime soon!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

.: Still feel like am studying :.

Hi all, sorry for slow update.... I was tired everyday after work because I have to get up at 5am everyday.. But I cant sleep early else I can be more energetic. Thanks for all the blessings, my dad now is fine. He will have to go back for 2nd operation though on the coming Monday. He will be okay coz my mom is basically the best dietician h can get hahahaha! She cooks the food less taste coz need to be less salt less oil but still yummy.

My work is fine -- now is 3 weeks of induction training and I've got into the 2nd week of it. PLenty of activities that make me feel like am still in the college hahaa. We have potluck party on next Thursday. Wendy and I plan to make sandwich while others who are unable to bring food is calling for catering. That's alright coz not everyone has own transport and to bring portion of 8-9 people is really burdening. I'm not taking my own transport but it's alright, sandwiches are not that heavy. Egg and Tuna sandwich are what's on our mind. Hehe. A few girls of my class are performing too, including myself. We're doing a 70's dance "I Will Survive" - simple moves, lots of fun. I take part because it's fun as all girls play and dance on stage. It's not that I'm doing it alone or only a few of us... there are around 7-8 of us so I feel like playing more than performing. Well think about it, induction training is only once in a life time there. Why dont just enjoy it before hectic life begins right? *wink*

Besides this party we're just done with group magazine today. Our topic is Whales of The World. Educating and entertaining ( haha! Of coz must praise ma~~~!!). Lots of cut and paste so my collection of magazines are useful but sob sob there goes my magazines .. lots of holes.. Never mind our magazine is NICE... I enjoy doing it!! For the past few years of my colleage life I was totally cut off from all these sketching, cutting & pasting.. muahahahhahaaa!! And we talk and laugh while doing it and let our ideas go wild and imaginative!!! A big N.I.C.E!

My colleagues are all very crazy. I must say this 3 weeks of induction training will never being washed out from my memory becoz I just have so much fun.Today we're totally out of mind, even in normal days the most quiet ones are so hippie today. Oh yeah, today is my company's 3rd birthday. So everyone gets kinda relax today. They apply work hard play hard theory.

I'm telling you all the good things eh? yeah I do realize it. Never mind when I finally start my job I think I'll have bad things to tell u all. Just wait. So now I need plenty of beauty sleep everyday. I sleep for 1-2 hours when I got back home daily.. today I'm totally losen out. I only woke up 2 hours ++ later jsut now. And frankly I couldnt even shower first before I went to get a nap. Just.... collapse.. hehe.

Ok I guess it's long enough.... Jae's out!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

.: Home :.

My dad is coming home today. :)
Thanks Dr.Kim Tan.

Thanks to the friends who asked about my dad. He is alright. For those who havent know what's happening: My dad is admitted to hospital on 11/7/2005 ( Monday) because he felt the pain at his heart. After checking he's proven to have artieries blocked aka coronary disease. His case can be considered as Heart Attack. Many of arteries are blocked. Doctor cleared the main one, which is 99% blocked on the left heart. If it's 100%, stroke happens. The other on the right heart is 97% blocked.Other smaller arteries can be treated by medication. So left blocked is clear, and the right blocked will be clear in 2 weeks time. At the meantime he's still a bomb.

My dad is coming home today :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

.: My Hero :.

You're always a brave man in my life,
Smile is never lost seen on your most graceful face
Even though there are tough times in our life;

You always beat the challenges by yourself,
This time you're not alone,
we'll fight together with you, dad;
You've beaten the most difficult times,
this is just like a snap of finger. You can do it!

You have the biggest heart and God wont take that away from you,
and from us;
Life is beautiful, dad, and you'll taste the beauty of it again soon.

"Sir, I want to see a brave man walking around the site with commanding power.I miss you alot, come fast. Until that I pray to my God for your good. Ur bro, Rajesh" -- Rajesh, my dad's colleague sent SMS to his phone.

Friday, July 08, 2005

.: Hmm... Work lu :.

To be honest I had a slight disappointment when I didnt get the call from HDPM the day I finished my final interview with them whilst Wendy received their call just a few hours after that. I'm happy for her that she gets the offer ^^. On the other hand, I myself thought maybe I'd done some mistakes during the interview that caused me to miss the offer. However I feel it's a normal process that everyone will go through when looking for jobs. You're choosing also you're being chosen. So, I tidy up my mood and look for another while working on the part time job.

The next day I dragged my butt to work because I still feel uneasy at my stomach. Then I got a call from HDPM. For a moment I thought it's gonna be a reject call. But the person on the line told me I got through and I'm offered a job called Security Processing Data Maintenance (SPDM) -- what the heck it is?!?!?! As far as I'm concerned my job is different from Wendy.. Hmm I dont have any idea how come I'm offered this job ( maybe I'm not good enough but they do need people ... lol). And I dont know what I do being this position... Hahaha! So I decided to give it a try. I get positive response from parents and my ex-supervisor asking me to just go ahead and learn some experience, if really not happy and I dont learn anything then I can leave and seek for another job. The salary is quite low but I can accept that for being a fresh grad. I dont know how much I worth, do you? Hahaha so for being a newbie I'm ready to put aside the money issue and just gain some experience. Moreover it's quite a huge company, maybe I'll taste some salts and sour but it's alright. Society comprises many kinds of people, you wont know when you're gonna get it, so as my God-brother said :"STAY LOW(profile)" . He also told me 2 rules:

Rules no.1 : BOSS is ALWAYS RIGHT.
Rules no2 : If you think you're RIGHT, remember Rule no.1 : BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

I feel like kicking him at his butt....

So, okay. I'll start on Monday. I went for a medical check-up yesterday with Wendy and YES I'm totally healthy. I felt like I'm a total idiot when doing the medical check-up because I've never had one!!! But it was quite a fun experience for me hahahahhaa. Luckily I had Wendy with me or else I really looked like an idiot.

I get to know that Wendy and Daniel are sick too. Take care ya both of you. Dan, how's the feeling of going bowel the entire day? Hahaha dont eat oily food.

OK will stop here. Tell you guys more next time.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

.: A Sudden Strike :.

I'm just recovered from illness that striked me suddenly 2 nights ago. I guess it had to do with the place I was seated in the office that day - It was horribly cold, it was freezing! My nails were purple in color!!!! And I think I must have got the cold air into my stomach that made me poo-ing the entire day yesterday! What went in, came out right after that. Terrible. I even puked in the morning but as my stomach was empty for the entire night, I ended up puking air. SOB.....

And because I've got a final interview this morning I got to take medicine so I could wake up, smile, energetic and walk! And so I did, popped few pills - pain killer as I was having terrible migraine and the one that stopped me from poo-ing.... Hehehehehe. I even drank Ho Yan Ho herbal tea. And I went to sleep. It worked. This morning I feel good again! And few minutes later I've gotta drive out to pick up Wendy and head to HDPM for a final interview. I think I'll accept this job if I could get it and work for the time being, and I will be looking out for opportunities too if I find this job is not what I want. :) So, if I quit this in the future and look for a new job, I still got some pennies to spend so it's not like I have nothing, compare to now. Hehehehe, wish me luck *wink*

To the friends who're employed, happy working; to those who havent and even havent started to look for one, take some rest, spend some free time to do the things you enjoy doing and all the best!

Fingers crossed ....... It's either I go to IGB building(Midvalley) tomorrow and for the week after until I find a permanent job, or I ask parents for car next week onwards, to drive to Cyberjaya... hahaa!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

.: Decision to make :.

Writing this post at the office during lunch hour--I was seated at the corner so I have the least attention. QUite a nice place to sit as no one cares what am doing, except that I have to report to my head end of the day... Even my ex-supervisor JEnnifer forgot to call me out for lunch since I was seated in different place today. Anywayz, work has been OKAY.. quite boring. What I did is just charting, checking report, recruting and filter respondents... so far that is all.

I've been offered a job as Global Support Executive (NICE NAME!!) in HDPM (a HSBC group) at Cyberjaya -- as back-end data processing officer I think. If I'm through for the final interview, I'll be working for Taiwan continent who yeah, processes data for Taiwan HSBC customers, deals with Taiwan HSBC bankers though. As I said, a back-end. So I'll never need to speak with the customer I presume. Salary is 1.5-1.8k .. Working hours is perfectly normal (9-6pm) as others who work for UK or US would have to stay up while people are going to bed. I've been troubled by the salary and job scope, I wonder would it be interesting and well-paid. My parents and Jennifer, even Dan babe said go ahead and do it as I'm fresh grad, being with HSBC gives me a better background. But I have another job offer as a Java Programmer which is still pending now and I got a decision to make on next Wednesday! I hope I can have an answer from the other job before next Wed, so it'll be easier for me to make decision. It's quite troubling as human always hope for better. But would I regret for what I missed -- this is the most terrifying feeling. I certainly dont wish to be 1 of the unemployed in Malaysia, but looking at offers I feel that I deserve better? Greedy? Or maybe..... just fit into this job in HDPM, spend 6months-1 year to collect experience, and aim for transferring to different department in HDPM after that, or head outside for a better place. You guys please gimme suggestions and advices. Thanks a million!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

.: Sien :.

I wanna grow mushroom liao....... maybe become spidergirl coz I got all webbed up and perhaps will be biten by any strange kind of spider......zzZZZzzzz. Any suggestion how to spend free time?

Monday, June 20, 2005

.: You'll miss my "Stepping" alryte~~~ :.

Out today for a movie with pals -- Wendy, Zoe, Daniel, YinChew, SoonFeei, KingKo...We watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I have to say it's WHOA!! WHOAAAAA!! WHOOOOAAAA!!!! I mean, despite the fact that you drool over Mr.Brad for his charms and sexuality( so appealing!!!), I drooled over Ms.Angelina for her beauty, provocative , lustious and sexy appeal too. She's just so stunning, ya know. I always like her.... a bit of evilish here and there.. NICE!

Anywayz we had fun watching the movie. Laughed alot. It was terribly cold though. I was freezing as I sat at the other end of the row, I could feel the wind was blowing right to my body. My fingers felt numb when it finally finished. And god knows how many times I shiver because of goose bumps. Whoa.. it was killing.

After that, planned to go sing Karaoke but they wanted to get home earlier to pack things for a trip to Redang tonight. Nice one. So okay we suggested to go another time, certainly it's after they're back from the trip. So to everyone who joins in the trip, have a great time there, enjoy the sun shine enjoy the crystal clear ocean. Breathe the air for me ya. haha! Becareful also. To Zoe babe I wish you'll get well soon. *Love yaz*

And oh.. erm.. Daniel always seems to be the one who's been bullied all the time. By whom? By ..... afew of us hahahahaha. But hey, not everyone has the chance oo and look at you, You ENJOY it! I know it got sour and painful at times, but WE DO LOVE YOU. You'll miss all our teasings. I can tell, as I will miss urs too. So, yeah keep the charm, stay cool, stay handsome. *wink*

I' continue my Kill Bill2. Kick ass!

Friday, June 17, 2005

.: An End, A Beginning :.

Yoohooo~~~ Allow me to cheer for a while. I'm graduated! Final exam is over and I'm free like a bird~~~~~ (nah, dont remind me of looking for a job now, as I just emailed to a friend and my interview date will be arranged soon!) NOW, MY MOVIES!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the last 3 papers have come to an end... Life for studying has ended. Gonna have a short break before another journey of life. I really wonder how would it be. No matter how, I'll do my best. It's how I wanna make my life right now.

Happy. happy. happy.

Oh yeah, met Eugene aka Jetyr in APIIT today. Nice meeting ya. Take care. And enjoy the cruelty of APIIT mwahahahhahahahaha!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Another tag..... grrriirrr.. and this time is even more fun (ya ryte~). I got tagged by two friends : Dan and Eugene

OK here it goes:

1. The last blog I read was: Joo's "Don't Worry Be Happy"

2. I think my blog is way better than the blog above because: ...... I dont think so. Hmm if wanna compare.... OK my blog is more to my life e.g. what's up with my life right now, for everyone who's close or not close with me i.e. those in oversea studying and working and those who havent seen me for quite a long time. My blog is to keep them aware and know what's happening in my life right now.

3. In my honest opinion the best entry I have every blogged is: .: Sh*t Luck Go Away :. hahahha because look at my comments!!! It hits over 30 a night!! Hahahaa. And well I've got flames sparking around on that night and I can see the biggest flamers were having much fun -- I think it did help release some real life pressure there. Just scold whoever you dont really know. And the scolding and insults went "cheaper" and "cheaper". LOLZ.

4. 5 Blogs I read that may be better than mine:
Daniel -- Loaded with funny stuffs and pics. Nice layout. Compact.
Jetyr -- Simple, straight forward, nice.
Wimal -- Funny, fun to read.
Jenny (my mui mui) -- Always a heart-touched whenever I read her blog. Real.

5. I know my readers are addicted to my blog because: I dont ACTUALLY think so coz I dont update it quite often.And... I'm not funny enough...I'm not bitchy enough .. I'm not opened enough to quite alot of things. Because.... maybe I still think this is a public place so.. something is still better to be kept private. Haha. That is why I said the above mentioned blogger's blogs are way better than mine.

OK... finished. MY TURN!!!! nyet nyet.. see who I can pass the baton to:
.............. I;'ve been tagged by two persons, so lucky I was, which made me cannot pass to either one of them now..... NVM. I guess that's it. Sorry gals and guys, gotta do this >.<"" !!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

.: *RIP* Love Always -- Fishy :.

My dad found out that his MOST beloved goldfish died in the aquarium this morning (08.06.2005 morning). He told mom about it.. Both of them were sad and heartache. He's been with us for 1 year. He was so huge now....... and tamed.

My dad told me in the afternoon when we were heading to bank. "1 year already, Wei." He sounded sad. He sighed. I've never seen my dad felt that sad -- well he was totally sad when my grandma passed away 7 years ago. Nothing else had really got him into so low. I felt sad seeing my dad sad. And I know how much he loved his pet.

It happened to be he was killed by his own species - a young, untamed, naughty, new family. He was hurt. He was in pain that he couldnt eat. And my mom said he died because of few days didnt eat. She's regret that they didnt separate him and medicate him.

I helped my dad finding a good container ... I suggested to bury him in the garden but my dad was clear-headed, he said he may got rotten and the worms may damage the plants we have in the garden. So we found a plastic container and put him inside. I didnt see where my dad put him...... Well, dad said he's gotta buy a new one this weekend. He maybe sad, but he isn't discouraged. That's my dad --- always a brave, loving, warm-hearted and cheerful man.

I think I'll follow him to the petshop this weekend. :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

.: Music Baton :.

I..... have been tagged by Daniel (ggrrrrrr.... it's quite fun though) Here I go.

Total volume of music files in my computer: 3.8GB of MP3s and 1.08GB of MTVs

The last CD I bought: I... cant remember. I think it's LP's [Reanimation] (whoa that's darn long time ago!!!!)

Song playing right now: None. Not quite in the mood yet.

Five songs that I listen alot and mean alot:
1. Evenenscence - My Immortal: the 1st song that made me cry over it without any reason. JUST SAD.

2. Linkin Park & Jay Z - Numb/Encore: COOL, COOL, COOL!

3. Leo Ku - Midley ( Geng Ko Kam Kuk): Simply marvelous but long winded. A collection of nice songs in one.

4. Ah Sang - Ye Zi (Leaf): the other song that made me cry... A very quiet song. Nice.

5. Akon - Lonely: I like the "chipmunks" voice. Very cute.

Okay time to be evil....
Five people to whom I pass the baton to:



Friday, June 03, 2005

.: Finally...... :.

Everybody, everyone, finally, I AM GRADUATING SOON!!!! Wow.. can't believe this day is arriving. Nice feeling, just abit not used to it as there will be no more assignment!! (DUH!!!!!) Well I know, more society academic assignments, I can sense it (Started to play Star Wars JEDI Knight lately so... Hehe) . Anywayz, byebye study in institute, hello to the institute of society.

I still remember the 1st day I stepped into APIIT KL. I didnt know anyone, the first person I approached were a few Indian girls, befriended them..... then, I knew Jenny, who's my beloved sis now... and I eventually got more and more friends. Wendy, Shay Ker, Jenn and I were the noisiest girls in the class, I guess. I still can remember Ker's laughter. Wendy... now only I realized this small girl got a large voice!!!! And man.. she can REALLY talk!! Then I got to know Daniel, Eric, Derrick, Chang Chew... these few guys been hanging out with us so we were like 8-10 ppl in a gang most of the time. Imagine the noise. But it was fun.

A year passed by... Some left to a better place to continue their study or work. But still we had fun during higher dip.. and remember those who played game overnight and slept in the class.. lolz. But still, last-minute-enterprise still worked.

Now, the closest we got are Daniel, Wendy and I. And we got to know some new friends - Zoe, Chew, Chao Learn, KingKO, Soon Feei, etc. Yoong and Min Yin are with us too. Then this time as there are few more jokers around, we really had a fun time laughing. And of course, we struggled alot for FYP.. All shared the worries and encouraged each other. Especially during MidPoint meeting, and FYP Final Presentation. We even got mental support haha. Nice moments. And I believe in the working world there wont be any pure hearts as what I'm having now. So... :) Cheerz. And be brave to the challenges outside.

Today is my daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday DAD. My aunt and family is here. SO her lil' baby girl Crystal is here... cute, lovely, spoiled baby. Hehe. Cant wait for her to grow up.
And as for my dad, I wish for you to be healthy always, happy, cheerful, charming as you always are. Love you. *hugz*

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

.: New month new Beginning :.

May is gone, at last. Lots of things happened in May. Just hope this month is slowly turning everyone's luck to be better. Happy ones continue to be happy; Sad ones throw away the sadness and become happy again; Angry one be forgiven and move on with life; Wrong ones learn from mistakes and forgive ownself and also, move on with life. Life is aint just about these my buddies. Life with this add-on to some spice though.

Friday, May 27, 2005

.: Sh*t Luck Go Away :.

Nothing really special happening in my life right now, at least, happy ones are not happening. Perhaps last week I stepped onto dog sh*t or cat sh*t or crow sh*t or whatever sh*t it is, luck wasnt been good and God wasnt been kind to people that I care.

Conflict happened a week ago between me and my friend. Over what you'd ask. Over a game. Yes, silly eh? But maybe we devoted too much onto a game that sometimes things that we do hurt the other party. I'm so sorry if I did anything that hurt all my virtual friend( Some have become real life friends now). But I truly hold on to a principle that is you think before you speak/act. And I try to work it in my life. This is what adults do, right? Words that are spoken out of anger cant be taken seriously, BUT how much hurt it brought to the listener, you can't tell when you're angry. Would it be too late when you finally reliaze? You can't tell either. That is why I'd rather keep quiet and think and not say anything when I'm angry because I dont want to hurt anyone when I dont mean it. I speak out, but not using the anger words. Now that it is settled, is it totally settled? I dont know. We talked. Somehow now we dont talk like how we used to. Of course I miss those times. And sadly it involved my love one who cares and wanted to do something for me, ended up he got the sh*t on himself. I hate being in this difficult situation where both sides are people whom you really care. Things got complicated when your friends know about it. And people who dont know what the heck is really going on started to guess and think it is the way they think it is. Another lesson: Listen to both side's story before you make any judgement. Anything that is not clear and you want to know about it, stand up front and ASK. Gain a friend or a foe, you choose.

If I dont give a damn to anyone I wouldn't post this here. Why should I if I dont care? I learned something extended though. Words are really this powerful that it can either make you feel like in could 9 or make you feel so sh*tty as if you're worthless. Just, to everyone that I know, and knows me, take this to your heart: Think before you speak/act.

p/s: Just a piece of thought.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

.: Happy Birthday To Me :.

~* Happy 25th Birthday *~
I kinda got a confused feeling about my birthday. Can't believe that I'm 25 y/o. I remembered I had once imagined what I'd be doing at 25 --- working. But now am still doing my last semester, well soon graduate though. Hehehe. And... I can't help it, the word "old" is slowly crawling towards me (hopefully it's not obvious on my face, YET) ... but Age is Just a # eh?

Thanks to all my babes and buddies who wished me on the day, and days before today. LOL. Somehow got a few of them remember my birthday wrongly. haha. But, early wishes are still GREAT!

Thanks to Daniel, Wendy, Zoe, Chew, KingKo, Kwong, MinYin, Dennis, Derrick, my lovely sweet sis Jenn and her sweetheart Ted and all the friends (in case I forgot to name them here) for wishing me "Happy Birthday". I'm really happy that some I dont even expect them to know but I got their wishes, thanks alot!

Thanks to RO buddies - Henzz who called me right after 12am midnight; He indeed gave me a surprise. Thanks Stitch for your SMS. And all the pals who left message on my MSN, I saw them this morning and wow, it felt great and it's certainly a terrific way to start my day.

Thanks to dear Anjo for your card and presents. They are sweet and valuable, and meaningful to me. I'll keep them well, I promise. *smooch* *smooch*

And lastly, thank you dad and mom for making my day a GREAT day. I got my dad's SMS this morning "Happy Birthday Dear" ..... very touching *sob*. And my mom bought me a cake without even letting me know! *kizz and huggiez*

~** Birthday Wishes **~
I wish for peace, safe, happy and healthy life for everyone I know. And I'm gonna start my working life soon, so LIFE IS JUST ABOUT TO BEGIN. I wish my love one will always be happy, for me will treasure and cherish you for as long as I live. Simple --- as it should be.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

.: Should I or should not? :.

Dear all,
Sorry for the late late late update. Been quite lazy lately and been tied up by another project, again. Somehow it gets all lazy again when the most important thing is over. Yeah I'm talking about FYP being the most important thing. So the 1st modular project is handed up. Settled. Now there are another 2 projects. Documentation again - words, words and more words. *bumper*

About the headline - I was thinking to get a braise for my teeth. Though for all the times I take it as my trademark - you know, the two vampire teeth on the top row. Wendy said :"Dont! You'll be regret."; Daniel said :"But you'll look prettier after you are over it!"; Wendy said :" You cant french kiss for 2 years, babe." ...ggrrriiirrrr... It aint about the french kiss that holds my mind. But well it's about the charges and my working days are soon to be started. How well can I speak with a braise..... I am not sure but Wendy said it's kinda hard..Hard to sleep at night at first.. hard to eat...And will I be smiling "CHEEZE" with a braise? But quite alot of people do say I dont need it. So.... what do u all think?

Monday, April 18, 2005

.: Finally, life for FYP is over :.

Finally, I went for the presentation this morning at 9am. It didnt turn out to be a good news for me at first when I knew I am scheduled for today's morning. But think twice, it's actually a good thing, as I will have more time to set up my PC before presentation.

It was quite tension for me because the most worried is if the program doesn't work when you present it. And it happened!! WTH! Luckily both of my advisor and supervisor didnt sentence me a dead sentence when it couldnt work out perfectly. My advisor had alot of things to say.... mostly are saying my system is not very good.. and my supervisor didnt back me up. I wonder why... for all the friends who presented, their supervisor backed them up. But mine ..... haizz..... Never mind, I argued it myself ! Pif ! So just when I thought I'm just gonna be graded a so-so grade, at last my advisor said everything is good. Analysis is good, documentation of provess development is good. Hmm... really hope that I will do well.... =.= "" ...

OK, one main thing is done. Another 3 projects are awaiting..... help~~~~... Getting lazy @.@ hahahaha OK am out. Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, April 11, 2005

.: More and more reading :.

Reading is always not my thing since... well maybe can say it's not a culture in my growing environment as I wasnt taught to have a habit of reading since I was small. And I didnt start this habit when I went schooling. So I ended up a barely read kind of person. Hmm I did read,Megazine.. those trendy megazine that teaches you nothing more than fashion and make up and ... basically how to become an attractive female. (Yeah, I think that's the point of publishing those megazines to keep all the females up-to-date on what to wear, what to say, where to hang out, what to buy, how you behave etc *deep breath*) I'm quite a sucker for those last time becoz the information they provided is really compact! But... I wonder why I dont read them anymore? Spending most of my time in front of the PC should be the MAJOR cause.

As approaching the final semester.. I should say as studying the final year of the degree course, reading has become essential because we need to find information and knowledge in order to do our projects/assignments, which involved alot of reading! *bumper!* Sometimes I feel really lazy to read, but if I make up my mind for that, actually it does give me something I didnt know. It feels kinda nice. Hmm... I guess I would like reading if I start it now? zzZZZzzzzz....

There's something needed to be settled but needs alot of time ... Human and human communication is the hardest thing in the world. Don't you all agree? A slight misunderstanding may cause such a huge change in friendship. And if one of the parties is not into bringing it out and talk about it, it becomes real hard for the other party who wishes to clear the clouds. But maybe I just have to accept the fact that sometimes thing just had to be the way it is, for the sake of both.

OK.. jae off. Have a nice day everyone.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

.: SING~~~~ till your lung drop :.

I'd been to Red Box with couple of friends on Thursday: Daniel, Wendy, Louise, Kingko, Yin Chew and Chao Learn came abit later. We basically started singing from 3-8pm..... 5 hours?!?!?! Wow now only that I realized. People say shop till you drop, I would say we sang till our lungs dropped. Really hard to imagine. Kingko has a good voice, and he knows alot of songs! Bravo. I sang till I almost lost my voice and the last thing I wanted to do when it was time to go home is to talk. It got better when I reached home.

I rarely went to karaoke last time, but once I joined Wendy once, I guess I've had interest in abusing people's ears hahahahaa. And guess what, I learn most of the new Cantonese/mandarin songs from karaoke. Thanks to Wendy and Zoe who chose songs that I dont know, and they had a great time there singing and me .... what could I do? Being a background supporter. NEVER MIND! I learn! And before they knew it, I could grab the mic over, open my mouth and sing (To keep the mic with ya, you gotta know the song sista!).... nyek nyek nyek. This is how I learn. And they will swing around the mic and say "Jae, go learn this song! Next time we sing together!" SO SWEET!!! Hahahahaha!!

It's pretty tiring to sing karaoke. I wonder why, merely singing. And it can work out your abs muscle, BELIEVE ME. Hehehe I think those who do sing in the karaoke know about this? Or just me being strange? Weirdo. Erm...Ya, it's tiring. But it feels nice hehehe a form of pressure release hahahaaha. And I found that singing Cantonese/Mandarin songs is way better and easier than singing English songs. I dont know why. It's like the Cantonese/Mandarin songs are created specially for karaoke. haha.

OK. Me off for now. Anyone wanna join us in the next karaoke session? Leave name. Ciaoz~

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

.: The day is coming :.

Got to know that my FYP presentation is schedule on the next Friday, 15/4/2005. Anxious, nervous -- which I'm not supposed to feel as I'd finished the work. But I need to bring my baby unit to present as all the software is installed into my uni already. Wish me luck *wink*

Lately I got to know that my coursemate Wimal has made a blog for himself. Quite an interesting one. I have a good time reading in his blog as his posting is funny hahaha. Good job Wimal.

Oh ya, about my hair cut. I cant really change any hair style I think. I got big round face so too short is not the best for me; Too long will make me look old. I have to keep them at a certain length above my shoulder -- but all the time a new hair cut makes me look like a teenanger.. Hahhaa which means YOUNGER. Muahahahaha! Not bad eh? nyek nyek.

I love and hate the class on Tuesday. Love it is because it finishes up early and I have the whole day ahead for myself; Hate it is ..... certainly is because I have to get up early that I missed the best time to sleep. Ish! Mom needed to go to the market so I gotta wait for her to come back and drive me to college......and that is why am typing away HERE!!!

OK, stop here. Will write more soon. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

.: It happens again :.

On the midnight of 29th March 2005 ( I hope i got the date right ), when I was about to go to bed I felt an uneasy feeling about my chair and I felt dizzy after that. Then my bro was back from outside and we chatted a little, I saw a MSN message popped up on his screen and it was from my friend too with the message "Earth quake again!!!". And I got the same message right after that. She's from Penang. Then I realized the reason why I felt the strange move about my chair just not long ago. Was I being sensitive? I posted message to my friend who's in Melacca and he said he felt it too. I sent SMS to my cousin who's in Penang to ask if his family was okay over there, but there ain't any reply, I assumed he was already asleep as he's basically a busy man in the day. I prayed hard I'll get his reply as soon as possible.

The first thought on my mind was "Oh no... where again?" Would it be like the last time? Would the tsunami strike again and affect to Malay Peninsula like last time? I told my friend in Penang to make calls to her friends and relatives who's in Penang to not sleep too deadly, just in case there's another tsunami happens again. And I began to think the homes that are just rebuilt in Indonesia since the last tsunami, and the people who are not yet recovered fully from the last disaster, would they be able to take this strike again?

I went to bed worrying if there's another tsunami which would or would not come to Malay Peninsula.... I worried about my friend and relative in Penang. I woke up in the next morning and I checked the news in cnn.com . Yes there was an earthquake happened in Sumatera and it's rated 8.5. A scary one. I got my cousin's reply in the morning saying he's alright. And my friend in Penang sent me a SMS to tell me she's there is fine too. When I got home in the afternoon, as I was sitting on my computer chair doing some stuff, I felt the shake again. This time was even worse than the night before. My chair moved forward, backward and forward as if there's a force pushing from behind. Awkward! It has never moved like that before, I thought it was because of strong wind as my fan volume was 4. But I on the fan to volume 4 everytime so it is impossible. I walked out and asked my mom if she felt anything. She said yes, her chair moved too and the glass door beside her shook too. She thought it was because of strong wind as well. Then my only feeling was "Oh no... another time. This time is even worse. How are the people in Banda Aceh..." The feeling was so bad because you know earthquake wont start in Malaysia as we all learned in Geography during secondary school, but if we can feel it here, wouldn't it be serious in the happening place? But we can't do anything except giving donation afterwards. It felt lousy.

Well, I just pray that the people there will be fine. Helps and assists are continuously given to them. As for all of us here, really gotta learn to treasure the people around you because you dont know when you will lose them. And treasure everything that you're having now - comfortable home, undisturbed sleep, full meal, laughters and love. And be happy for what you've got now. PEACE.

Monday, March 28, 2005

.: Life after FYP :.

It's kinda relax...I'm getting lazier already although there are still 3 projects awaiting. I wonder if I can do them well.. all about business and there's one about network design. And I found that it's quite boring lately... Oh ya, I finally have some time to sit down quietly and watch TV without thinking the head-hammering problems which I need to solve regarding of my FYP. A very nice feeling haha.

It's time too for me to earn some money. I've contacted my ex-colleague and got to have some part time job. Not bad, at least can earn some extra pocket money to buy things, and to save for a trip after finishing the course.

Life is still the same, games that I play, people that I know, things around me. I'm getting tired very easily lately I wonder why.. Is this sign of aging? hahahahah I seriously hope not. I know I need a proper rest else I'll really look terrible. Other than this, I can have some fun playing game that I've hooked up to a long time ago. Get to know more people, also get to settle some communication problems, attitude problems etc. And guess what, I have topics to chat with my brother and we discuss things/problems about the people we know in the game too. It's not bad as long as we have something in common. At least I still know my brother's thinking and the way he solves troubles is still a correct one. I just give him some wise thoughts from time to time.

And I got to spend some time with family too. Chat with them -- which I've seldom done it for the past 5 months, at least. It feels nice, really nice.

Monday, March 21, 2005

.: This is the day :.

Today is the day I have to think is there anything else that I haven't do for my project. Because tomorrow is the submission day. I must admit that I'm darn a very clumsy person because I got some minor mistakes in my documentation that I overlooked but I already got them printed. Haha, but they are alright. I hope.

AT LAST!!!!!! Somehow I got lazy when the project period is so long. Like... I'll sometimes feel lazy and think, nah, I can still do it later/tomorrow. Then I'll get all so nervous and panic when find out something which is BIG and needed to be solved IMMEDIATELY! ( else I can't eat and sleep that night ) Though that thing can be solved a bit later, not such a urgent. I'm glad I started developing the system 3 months back. I still have time to debug and do coding for the parts which is not perfect when the due is like 3 days later. Of course my documentation is started about 2 weeks before the submission date. So I spend 1-2 days to finish 1 chapter of the entire report.

Overall I think I'd done it okay. I cant say perfect because I know there're flaws in the system. But that's all I can do with my ability. And before you can think of something else, hey, I know how to program into a Palm OS. Hahahaa, I can say that proudly. And, hey, I know how to make my Palm OS to coomunicate with my desktop.... hahaha though that's where the flaws are but.. Well I'd done my best so I have nothing to regret at all ( Mr.WIlliam Hung said that, it's very true indeed)

Other than that, maybe I dont know how to separate work and entertainment. I'd lost quite a lot of quality time I should have with family and friends. I'd lost touch with some fun/important happenings around the world. I even didnt know there's nice eating place around my area. I really need to do something about it.

Apart frm the final year project, I certainly need to do other subjects well in order me to score in the final year, as FYP is not the main thing to decide whether you'll get a first class or not( I seriously hope that ahahahah). It's been long since my last update. I always post pics as you all can see. I hope this pieace can tell you all how I am lately.... I feel extremely tired today. Maybe this is the after-tension-release-syndrome. Hehehehe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hehe our honeymoon after the wedding... the place is called Jawaii, only for couples oo ! Let's explore..