Monday, April 11, 2005

.: More and more reading :.

Reading is always not my thing since... well maybe can say it's not a culture in my growing environment as I wasnt taught to have a habit of reading since I was small. And I didnt start this habit when I went schooling. So I ended up a barely read kind of person. Hmm I did read,Megazine.. those trendy megazine that teaches you nothing more than fashion and make up and ... basically how to become an attractive female. (Yeah, I think that's the point of publishing those megazines to keep all the females up-to-date on what to wear, what to say, where to hang out, what to buy, how you behave etc *deep breath*) I'm quite a sucker for those last time becoz the information they provided is really compact! But... I wonder why I dont read them anymore? Spending most of my time in front of the PC should be the MAJOR cause.

As approaching the final semester.. I should say as studying the final year of the degree course, reading has become essential because we need to find information and knowledge in order to do our projects/assignments, which involved alot of reading! *bumper!* Sometimes I feel really lazy to read, but if I make up my mind for that, actually it does give me something I didnt know. It feels kinda nice. Hmm... I guess I would like reading if I start it now? zzZZZzzzzz....

There's something needed to be settled but needs alot of time ... Human and human communication is the hardest thing in the world. Don't you all agree? A slight misunderstanding may cause such a huge change in friendship. And if one of the parties is not into bringing it out and talk about it, it becomes real hard for the other party who wishes to clear the clouds. But maybe I just have to accept the fact that sometimes thing just had to be the way it is, for the sake of both.

OK.. jae off. Have a nice day everyone.


Joo said...

Hi Jae~! I do agree, communication is very very Important between human. Lai...lets communicate...heehee^^ It depends how u treat it & solve long as u do to your best in everythings...Always Remember my slogan, "Don't worry be happy~!" May God bless U, babe.

Wimal said...

Oh, reading...not one of my favourite hobbies either but it highly depends on what I am reading. I guess I can say I know how you feel.

Yes, communication...sigh...sometimes miscommunications really do cause probs doesn't it. So frusfrating. Don't worry, whatever it is, work it out and if it doesn't work out after many many attempts...f*ck it. :P Well, that's just my way anyway. ;)