Tuesday, December 27, 2005

.: Narnia vs King Kong :.

Watched Narnia on Sunday with my dear. It has been a few weeks but the tickets are still hot! We actually wanted to watch it on Saturday but ended up we only got to buy the tickets for Sunday show. Bumper!

A little piece of advice for watching Narnia - Do watch it with a heart of a child. Because it is a children story anyway! The action pack is fabulous - minotorous fighting with sword (or axe?) in their hands; half man half horse (what do u call that?) etc and all of them TALK! The most unforttable for me is the unicorn that Peter rides on and the fire arrow that turns into a flaming phoenix! Beautiful! I agree with Wimal in his posting Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia that the actress who plays the witch is playing it so good. I like the scenary. I've got lots of kids watching in the cinema too but hey, they seem to understand what they're talking abt in the movie. I heard no crying which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the movie. A nice family movie to watch with old folks and children.

Just watched King Kong last night with my family and my 2 cousin sisters Carmen and Candy. It is a LONG movie. Do bring jacket if you're afraid of cold and maybe a small pillow because the first half of the movie is abit boring. I dont mean to condemn the billion dollar production. They are doing very well in bringing the audience into the story about how Ann Darrow is found by the director Carl Denham to star in his movie which nobody wanted to produce because he used to film documentaries, so on and so on till they get on the ship and headed to Skull Island. Okie the rest of the story you watch it yourself. I just want to say that the part where King Kong fights with the dinosaurs is ... speechless and jaw-drop. I nearly clapped when King Kong wins. What an egoistic, majestic and strong creature! They don't call him King Kong for nothing, fellas! He beats the hell out of the dinosaurs brilliantly!!! And I admire the acting of Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow) who, despite of having beautiful blue eyes and very beautiful curly blond hair, very good acting and I like the part where she amuses the King Kong, it's funny. Imagine she had to act by imagination during filming. Or you think they do make an ape's head so she can focused on and act? Of course you cannot forget the one who plays King Kong at the back - Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in The Lord Of The Ring. He brings King Kong alive with excellent work of CGI. a WOW grading!

Heading towards the ending of the film I felt like stop watching it because it is a sad story. I even said it's not a good movie because the ending is just sad. A little girl cried with her hand reaching out to the cinema screen when the film is finished made the scene even more dramatic.

To support the movie is one of the reasons I watched it too. All the hard work worth your RM11 or RM 10. Enjoy the movie!

Friday, December 23, 2005

.: Presents ready! :.

Finished wrapping the presents yesterday. Hmm it's happy wrapping presents, isnt it? Hehehe when you imagine the look on the person opening the present, PRICELESS. Hahah so I guess I can make my family happy for this Xmas.

Monday, December 19, 2005


ggrrrrrrrriiirrrrr..... ok here I go.

State who tagged you;
List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
State the gift you wish to get;
Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

I got tagged by Wimal.

My Santa Claus: Santa Claus (who else????!!!!)

The gift I wish to get: Get a ride on his sleigh and fly around the world (including North Pole!!!!) and at the end of the trip let me choose 1 gift from his big bag of presents!!!!!! Ho ho ho !!!


Enjoy the merriest season of the year!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

.: Christmas coming!! :.

As the year is ending everybody seems to think abit more.. What have I done throughout this year?

Alot of things had happened. Both sad and happy. Apart from graduating and jumped into the working world which made me plan what I want to have within my reach, financial management is a knowledge that I must learn. Feels like a grown up now - a real grown up. Studying life is always a protected one like I said. My family has done enough to give me a good life without worry about anything that I need. When you're out there, no one is backing you up and you just have to practise the attitude you've learned to avoid screwing up your boss that directly screwing back yourself.

I've nothing to complain though ... just wanna share something of what I've been seeing so far.

A big twist has happened this year and I'm glad it happened, at least I'll be glad in the future that it happened. I've been having a distance relationship for 9 months with a guy, Anjo who I havent even met but I decided to break it for the sake of myself, my family and my friends. It's not that it wasn't real, it was so real that I gave in and sank deeply into it. But I ended up missing so much of my life. I would be reluctant to go out on weekend because we can chat online and had our time. I would hope to go home fast when I was dining outside with family because he was waiting for me on the other line to spend time with me. I will imagine how nice if he was here when I saw something nice, ate something delicious, watching movie/listening songs and etc. At last I gave in too to give up the relationship we had. I've been very selfish to hurt someone whom I've loved so much like that. But I'm unable to tell myself how long I can go loving like that. Spiritual love is very great, even greater than I can bear. My family wasn't positive about it but they still gave their best blessing to me. Only sometimes my parents will ask "You should be out there with your friends, spend your time, not here.. dear" ..... Sad? It is the saddest for me to have to end it. Very painful. My friends didnt scold me stupid but supported me for as long as I'm happy, they said. When I told them I had to break it, they told me "I'm happy and glad that you're awake". A friend even said to me "No one can live in a fairy tale forever".

It's over... now... After all I've done to hurt him so much that it has become a pain in me. God still loves me so much that He granted me a guy who loves me with his entire heart. He who'd been keeping his feeling for more than 6 months has finally told me how he felt. A very silly guy who messed up his life with things that he shouldn't have touched and at the final cut he stopped and came up front to confess..... I believe in a Chinese phrase that means if you've done something bad, you will get it someday. I thought I will get it when I'm done hurting a guy who could stand having a spiritual relationship with me... But HE still send Edwin to me. In a way I've got all a girl could ever want - he loves unconditionally and I'm pampered to the utmost that I'll be spoiled to the rotten. I'm more afraid to lose him - guess this is the punishment I get. Can you understand the fear of losing something/someone that you never want to imagine the day to come? Yeah... that fear. Whatever it has become, I'm sure I'm happy and everybody around me especially my family and my closest friends are happy for me too. I'm finding back the balance again and I'm glad I didnt lose it far.

Christmas is coming.... Last Christmas's memory is still in my mind, it will forever be a memory. Now I'm more anticipating to celebrate it with my dear because .... you should be with someone you love on Christmas, right? And be loved in return....... :)

Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

4 Dec 2005, my convo at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This pic was taken before the ceremony started. My parents were on time. And hah the bouquet ain't mine! it's Wendy's.... lol.... More pic to come, waiting for my friends to send them to me.

Taken at the main entrance of the hotel with my darling mommy after the ceremony. It was HOT!!!!

Went back home and took a pic with my new Xmas tree. My mom bought it and my bro decorated it. NICE! Finaly we got a tree after talking about it for few years! Phew...

Funny feeling wearing this at home ......