Tuesday, December 27, 2005

.: Narnia vs King Kong :.

Watched Narnia on Sunday with my dear. It has been a few weeks but the tickets are still hot! We actually wanted to watch it on Saturday but ended up we only got to buy the tickets for Sunday show. Bumper!

A little piece of advice for watching Narnia - Do watch it with a heart of a child. Because it is a children story anyway! The action pack is fabulous - minotorous fighting with sword (or axe?) in their hands; half man half horse (what do u call that?) etc and all of them TALK! The most unforttable for me is the unicorn that Peter rides on and the fire arrow that turns into a flaming phoenix! Beautiful! I agree with Wimal in his posting Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia that the actress who plays the witch is playing it so good. I like the scenary. I've got lots of kids watching in the cinema too but hey, they seem to understand what they're talking abt in the movie. I heard no crying which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the movie. A nice family movie to watch with old folks and children.

Just watched King Kong last night with my family and my 2 cousin sisters Carmen and Candy. It is a LONG movie. Do bring jacket if you're afraid of cold and maybe a small pillow because the first half of the movie is abit boring. I dont mean to condemn the billion dollar production. They are doing very well in bringing the audience into the story about how Ann Darrow is found by the director Carl Denham to star in his movie which nobody wanted to produce because he used to film documentaries, so on and so on till they get on the ship and headed to Skull Island. Okie the rest of the story you watch it yourself. I just want to say that the part where King Kong fights with the dinosaurs is ... speechless and jaw-drop. I nearly clapped when King Kong wins. What an egoistic, majestic and strong creature! They don't call him King Kong for nothing, fellas! He beats the hell out of the dinosaurs brilliantly!!! And I admire the acting of Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow) who, despite of having beautiful blue eyes and very beautiful curly blond hair, very good acting and I like the part where she amuses the King Kong, it's funny. Imagine she had to act by imagination during filming. Or you think they do make an ape's head so she can focused on and act? Of course you cannot forget the one who plays King Kong at the back - Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in The Lord Of The Ring. He brings King Kong alive with excellent work of CGI. a WOW grading!

Heading towards the ending of the film I felt like stop watching it because it is a sad story. I even said it's not a good movie because the ending is just sad. A little girl cried with her hand reaching out to the cinema screen when the film is finished made the scene even more dramatic.

To support the movie is one of the reasons I watched it too. All the hard work worth your RM11 or RM 10. Enjoy the movie!


Wimal said...

It's called a Centaur.

The scenery, like u mentioned, is indeed nice. I was like, "hey, nice scenery". :)

Andy Serkis...just brilliant in LOTR. Haven't watch King Kong yet tho. :P

Jae said...

because of Andy Serkis, I think King Kong should be nominated The Best Actor for this year's Oscar!!

s7even said...

Hi, anakin here.. sure. u can link my blog :p

Btw i watched both the movies and i like King Kong better. U shud see Kong's face when he saw the fake Ann Darlow lolz- best movie expression of the year.

Jae said...

linked!!! Thx Thx!