Friday, September 22, 2006

.: Come & Go :.

People come, people go ... when you hope they stay long enough.. they tell you it's the time to say goodbye..

It's sad knowing 2 of my colleagues are leaving. I thought they found the current one is good for them.. But, as one is having a better option in life, one shall not stop Him from moving on..It wasn't the best company I've been under, I guess I still have more to learn before I leave. I'm glad I've known them, in fact the colleagues whom I'm having, I can't complain anything further.. They're jsut great. I like them!

The anime that I'm so into it, One Piece, is slowly coming out with each of the latest episode. My brother is crazy over it as well so I'll always have the latest episode downloaded. It's a great story to watch, and to learn......

Every single character in the anime has something special : they maybe lousy in many ways, but there's one thing that they are so handy with -- they teach me to appreciate who I am and what I am.

Every one of them back each other's up : the friendship and the bonding among them is nothing in words that can described -- they teach me the correct way to treat friend and to people ( the ones that I dislike excluded, I'm still having stinky attitude towards them.=P)

Every one of them laughs from the heart, even for a small matter / for a silly thing that one's done -- they teach me to laugh when the situation is stressful and bad, for no matter how worry I am it wont loosen just because I'm worried. It will loosen when I face it with a light & open heart, and take appropriate action.

Every one of them need each other to go on in life : for one will never leaves another behind.. -- they teach me to be caring, for the society nowadays that people are too busy to even ask " how have you been?"

And many more ...

I just love the story. And love everyone of them. Luffy's character has taught me much. I've become more cheerful and open hearted, and open minded.

I will follow the story until the end :)

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