Tuesday, April 03, 2007

.: A Step Forward :.

Two people who grew up in a different background, different education, different surrounding, which brought them up having a different mindset, different perception, different idea, different concept, and they now want to share everything they can with each other. From a mere admiration to a yearning to have and to hold, expecting the one whom they claim for their own to understand while the rest of the world doesn't, sometimes do bring frustration and doubt, especially when the understanding isn't to the level that both expect.

Set sail off the shore they've been traveling for a distance. Hardworking as the sailor always be tends to be quiet and just do his job, silently hoping what he does will bring a better trip for her & for themselves. At the same time, he who works hard for almost everything he does, wants to give the best of himself to the world which makes him work even harder and expecting her to understand while everyone else does not, though words have been less spoken. A Quiet worker he is. This conclusion of hers..

It isn't hard with anyone else, but this soul that She's following is one that makes her helpless at times. She's afraid she can't catch up. He's exchanging heart where words are too shallow to express, while she needs to see it.... Eagerly she follows tightly, trying her every way to try to understand, making up reasons that make sense to her.. And she becomes nostalgic. She gives, for all the time she believes in giving... Yet now she wants to know if he feels the same. IF he does why isn't he doing the same? She began to expect returns. Unbelievably she has become someone she don't adore. So much so of giving true love? Her insecurity has annoyed him and started to think will he gradually destroy a wonderful soul she once had. Nonetheless this is the last thing in the world she could ever think of.

Missing in communication? Is it so difficult to have an understanding between them? What's in the sailor's mind contrast with the mind of an Earth divine?

But what they work towards is just as simple -- a world they live in, withholding each other through ups and downs, happy and sad. The questions she threw drown him more than the feisty wave he encountered, ridiculously. Forceful and making him uncomfortable. What's not there to believe? What's not there to trust?

She's been so silly.

Perhaps what she needs is to simplify what's seem to be complicated.

And now she wants him to know, He shalt never think he would destroy her, for whatever that happened has made her a better person.

"True love begins when nothing is looked for in return." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery