Monday, September 27, 2004

.: Weird Dream :.

I had a "day"mare when I took a nap this afternoon. I could remember that Daniel was in there too. We were studying in the class . And all the students have a PC at their place except us. I don't know why we don't. Then, the weather changed out of a suddent. Wind began to blow, sky became darker, and there were flashes of lighting and thunder. My skin creeped. And suddenly the girl in front of me who slept in the class with her head on her arms, her arm was on fire. "poof!!!" , just like that. I pushed Daniel a bit and he realized that the girl's arm was on fire. Her friend who sat beside her saw that too and she screamed. The girl woke up and looked at her arm, maybe because she wasn't totally awake so she was like not realizing that she was burning. We stood up and I used my bottle of water to put out the fire. She got frightened finally and hugged her friend, sobbing. (weird).
And then, Daniel and I decided to walk out from the class, we were like needed to do something. He told me that he needed to find a friend who stayed nearby and passed something to him. So I went with him. When we reached to his friend's place, I found that the place was dark, windy and ..... my skin crawled again. ( I could really feel the freakiness though I was sleeping). He knocked on his friend's door and he went in, telling me to wait outside. They closed the door. My surrouding got even darker now. And I just felt something was not right. I dared not to look to the right nor to the left, praying hard that he would come out soon. And I sensed there was a flash of light on my right.. I struggled for quite a long time to decide whether to look to the right or not. When I finally wanted to do it and I turned my head............ I woke up. My heart was feeling uneasy. Maybe I didnt want to see what I'd see, so I woke up? I dont know.... Kinda freaky.. I am not good in describing/telling story so I dont know how you guys feel while reading this. But it was kinda scary, and of course, having a dream like that I didnt really get to rest my mind. So, was kinda blur when I woke up.
Watched Malaysian Idol on Sunday. Andrew was voted out in the result show. He left Vic to compete with Dina and Jac?!?!?! Not that I am mean but I think Vic would be beaten down. Both girls are just too strong. I would very much like to see Dina with her album coming out in the future. She can be "structured" to be a star. She got the voice and what she needs is experience and a make over, *wink* Way to go, DINA! And Jac, she is abosolutely amazing when she sings. Really. She has experience and the competition is too easy for her, I think. It is not surprise to finally know that she won. Good luck girls ~~~
Right, gotta stop torturing your eyes. :lolz: My buddy, Derrick's ( aka TZR) birthday is coming up -- 29th Sept. May all your wishes come true and keep your charming side continue to glow *wink*. Enjoy the new year ahead! Ciaoz for now fellas :wacko:
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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Didnt blog for a few days .. seems like nothing much in my life is really exciting. There are a few things though which spiced up my boring life lately.
Firstly, let me think, what has been going on in my life in the past few days... OH YEAH! I gained weight. pif ! Must back to my exercise schedule now. Come to think about it, it's been really like.. 2-3 months I didnt do a constant exercise. No wonder I gained weight. hahahaha! was busy like crazy for completing projects and now I can schedule back to have myself sweating and heart pounding. Nice~ !
And, got to know that Derrick is back to RO. hahahah! So excited to know about that. He claimed that he's bored.. So I tempted him ( did I? ) to play RO with us. And yeah, he bought the CD; installed it; trained a Novice; and I'll be training him to help him turbo level up. It should be fun. lolz. I finally can have real friends playing the same game with me. COOLZ~~~ *wink*
Downloaded a few songs today. And i've got a friend to send me many songs too. Enjoyed them. Thanks for the songs ya, Henzz. Been using Skype to chat with this chad and the other RO friend, Liang, who's from Klang. Both were chatty and fun. Though there was lagging here and there, overall it was okay. I even use Skype to discuss assignment/project with coursemates, ain't that cool? Sometimes talk is way better than type coz talking can express better, in some circumstances; However, can't deny that sometimes, write express feelings better than talk. Agree?
Alright, stopped this for 2 hours or so to gaming with Derrick. Hahahah he's gonna be a leng chai character I'd say. Nice hairstyle and hair color! *wink* wah ~~~ come come couple with my mer lui -- soon to be BS leng lui! hehehehe. We go "tian mi mi" in pron city. hahahha!
Today got a complicated mood. Up and down. Maybe hormone imbalance? hahahhaha! anywayz, been listening to sentimental songs while writing this. Might as well tell you all what I'm listening to. ciaoz ~~ good night.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

No title

Writing this in a sleepy mood. Dont know why, feeling kinda tired today. There is a good news of the semester this morning -- my OT project gets a "A". And each member got "A" grade too. Congratz Frankie, Tommy, Kek Voon and Kar Wai. Good job everyone ! Let's study hard for the coming OT exam so we can score a distinction ! Lolz. *yeah dreaming*
Went back home after the first class coz found that I might waste time staying at the college until the next class which is gonna be 3.30pm. Took my lunch at home. And I fell asleep on the table while listening to "Careless Whispers". It felt so nice to put your head onto your arms and just indulge into the song. The song brings you out from the reality.... Very nice. And Welcome Back to the world when it ended.
Then, dragged myself to attend the last class of the day. Boring as usual, but got a good laugh when Daniel and Chao Learn were challenging the origin of Hokkien. Chao Learn kept on saying he is the ORIGINAL Hokkien'ese and Daniel's is a "pirated product" lolz. And so they gave each other weird vocabs that are gonna crack each other's head to pronounce in Hokkien, such as lizard, lighting, giraffe etc. Hahaha! Well, anyone who's Hokkien'ese out there, wanna play this with Daniel sometimes? But you must be the ORIGIN Hokkien'ese !!! lolz !!!
And, ta-da~~ it was 5.00pm, time to go home. Dropped Daniel near to my house, as usual, and slowly drove back home. Took shower and chatted with a few friends. Played Bejeweled for a VERY LONG TIME coz i wanna break record to have 30k of score ! PIF ! But still, couldnt make it. lolz.
How's everyone's Wednesday? Time really flies, it's already the mid of the week. Tml gonna have intensive study schedule ! Good luck everyone !!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Hmmm for once I feel that Monday is actually okay. haha! I always dont like Monday. Losta excuses. The main point is: It is hard to accept the cruel reality of having to wait 4 more days before I can have my fav day of a week ( Fri ). Wahahaha ! Such lazy bones.
How's everyone's Monday? Doom day? I actually kinda enjoyed it today, coz crapped alotz with friends, and ya know what, I was SO noob when playing Gun Bound with Daniel, Yin Chew and Chao Learn. They invited me to play along coz lack of players to form 2 teams. I asked questions like "how do I shoot?", " how to adjust direction?", "press what for ...." etc. And I laughed till my eyes were teary while looking at myself bombing back my own team coz I just didnt know how to shoot brilliant! Laughed at my own stupidity. Wakakakakaa! Had a good time though :P Hey wait for me to brush up my skills then we challenge again!! pif !
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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Song Bird

Do you remember the last time you sang? I do. It was like a few months back. And today I went to karaoke with my friends -- TZR, my mui Jenn, my babe Wendy, and jenn's friend, Xiao Li. It was supposed to be 7 person but ended up only 5 of us. It was okay though ( coz no people will wait for their turn to hold the mic :hehe:). I cough, and I coughed badly last night. Was worrying how am I gonna enjoy myself today ( besides that also make ppl enjoy listening to my sore voice, not that they ever enjoyed listening to my singing anywayz.. lolz ) . But it actually turned out to be okay. With my a bit of sore voice, I still could sing and it sounded a bit sensual hahahhaha!
We had a good time. Sang all sort of chinese songs. And shamelessly saying , I actually practised 1- 2 songs to sing *blush*. I seldom listen to chinese songs so I really need to first hear the songs before I could sing. Well it works that way, doesn't it? Hehe. Duet with TZR for a song and it turned out well. BRAVO ~~ haha! Kinda happy that I could sing that song. Hey derrick we sing that song again next time ya?
Last time I was a bit "pai seh" to sing coz I know i dont sing well, scared if i lose the tune and ppl laugh at me. Haha silly eh? Somehow I got bolder when I grew elder. So what if I lost the tune? Am not a "professional singer" anywayz ( er... do I remind you of Mr.William Hung ? ) !! I would have platinum records if I sing perfectly !!! pif ! haha. Anywayz, karaoke is meant for us to sing and just have fun whether or not you sing well or just.... torture ppl's ears. =P
How's ur Sunday? I enjoyed mine, hope you've had a good weekend too. Time flies, another week has come. Wish you all to have a wonderful week ahead. :)
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Happy ~~ Happy

Hi hi all, so how's everyone's Saturday? Mine is not bad. My relatives from Penang came visit us and would spend a night at my house, so I guess they are gonna sleep in my room tonight, and dear mom and dad, please dont lock the door if I dont go to bed at the same time as you two. bwahaha!
And about the books that I borrowed, one of them is useful, at least i can use for revision for my coming exam; the other one Palm OS Programming, well not to say not useful. Because I got some ideas of how i can write application using form in PDA by going thru it, but the sample codes are in C++.. and I am proposing using J2ME. Well, need BOOK !!!! lolz.
Listened to a friend's problem juz now -- yupe relationship problem. I would say, to this friend, world may seems rough to you, but you'll always have my support. So dont feel you're alone and helpless. I may be far apart from you, but you know I will always try my best to be there when you need or dont need me. *wink* will miss you while you're not around, so must take good care k.
Phew.. left this idle for about 5 hours coz went out for dinner and juz now was playing game. OK Continue now... Feeling kinda demotivated lately. Mind keeping telling I shouldn't be this lazy, but still.... haizzzz .. Everyone who's in the same class with me already started to feel abit panic because of FYP? Hmm me too. Yikes .... gotta work it !!! GOOD LUCK~~~

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Emotion roller coaster

Some people look okay during day time... cool, happy, cheerful; When night falls, the person whom you used to know suddenly just becomes emotionally weak, so weak that your heart aches how come he/she will become like that, you want to help so much, but not able to.
There are nights when I feel terribly lousy -- lonely. Want someone close to be around but knowing it is impossible considering the time and distance. And I feel so demotivated and helpless. My mind keeps telling me what I should and should not do; but my heart just acts like the devil pulling every piece of constructive and wise suggestion away from me. Pointing at me and laugh at my weak mind. Ended up I chose to drown myself into the pool of MP3s, and went to bed when I've had enough, and usually it is the repeat of the same song, again and again. Do I feel excellent again in the morning? Most of the time, yes. A little bit sleepy still, maybe because I dreamt at night thus I lack of quality sleep. But I couldn't recall the sweet dreams, only the nightmares....
Who knows a lil' bit of psychology? What is this illness called?
To those who experience the same thing, don't worry you're not the only one. Perhaps mine is not as bad as yours, but at least you're not the only one.
I finally read the books I borrowed. It is always the case where I borrow but never get to read. Lolz. Befriended the books coz you will never know how much you can get from them. Wakakakaka. Well I learned more about Relational Algebra, what do the Predicate, Cartesian Product, Join, Set Different and etc etc mean . Er... the question of whether or not what I know is enough for me to sit for the exam, it is too early to tell hahahaha ! Good luck everyone *wink*
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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A boring day

Woke up around 10am.. did house chores coz parents went back to Seremban this morning, then got my breakfast, then sat on my chair, doing nothing. And suddenly hate myself for being so lazy, yet i dont have the motivation to do the things i'm supposed to do.. haizz... LAZY!!!
Then, went to college at about 1++pm. Crapping with girlfriends, talked about anything, everything ! Went to DBMS class at 3.30pm..... trying to concentrate to what the lecture was trying to teach.. but my fellow babes were talking happily beside me .. lolz. Nah, am not complaining, dont hit me, love me plzzz hahahaha !!!!
And I got to meet with my fella, Derrick. ( we call him TZR ). So happy to see him, it's been a long time since we last met. TZR, you still look charming, but try to get more sleep k? I can see the exhaustion from your face. Let's sing our lungs out this coming Sunday k !
Am coughing.. hmph... shouldn't have eaten fruits juz now, but I miss them very muchie ~~~ lolz... cough till my lungs drop ar dont care liao !!! hahahaha (perhaps dont cough so long lor, I wanna sing on Sunday..... =P)
Borrowed 2 books from Library today -- DATABASE SYSTEMS and Palm OS Programming Bible. I wanna use the times now and over the weekend to read thru them and do some revision and catching up for my DBMS lectures. SO, lazy bug, go away from me now ! (lolz)
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I'm Blessed

Looking at the comments that my friends gave, I really felt like hugging them one by one. Sometimes I feel so alone and helpless when I'm troubled, perhaps I should learn to tell and share out with the people who love me coz you never know how much you're loved if you dont reach out. And perhaps you'll be hugged tightly by all the people around you if you just ask "Hug me?" *wink*
I'm blessed.
Didnt blog last night -- I forgot to. Hahahaaa :swt: Didnt do much yesterday -- a very boring day. Ended up I slept, and told myself u know, "I need more rest coz I've not been having any in the past 2 weeks". But the more I slept the more tired I felt.. So I went to bed kinda early last night too. But before that I've got some friends to chat with, just crapping around and share some thoughts, which was nice.
Hmmm .. To all the friends I know, you know who you are, thank you for everything. I love you all. mwahs mwahs ~~~ =P

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tell the ppl you love that you love them

She left without saying goodbye.
I nvr get to ask "aunty, u feel better lately?"
She was a very optimistic person. She always laughs, though life nvr seems to be any easier day by day for her. Everytime my mom calls her, she still speaks with a smile in her tone "dai sou, I'm ok, feel better, can eat, can sleep." And then we know she wont get to stand long when she finally told my mom "dai sou, I'm not fine...." in the last call my mom made. My heart ached everytime I heard that her condition went worse; and I'd say to myself "yes, keep fighting aunty" when I hear that she got better..... but I never show it, you know what I mean... bring into action..
I thought i wouldn't shed a tear because our relationship isn't so close, though I know she loves me and my bro dearly. When I looked at her picture, my heart ached so much and I whispered to her, so hoped that she could still hear me "aunty, I"m sorry I didnt spend time to care about you. And now it is too late".
I am regret.
Life is fragile; and it is very short indeed. We will never get to see what happens next which will change the rest of our life, or the rest of the lives of the ppl around us. Everytime you hear ppl saying "cherish the ppl around you, you wouldn't know when you will lose them" It bang me on the head real hard juz now.
Aunty, I'll miss you.
The presentations today were fine. We didnt get to be "bombed" real bad by both the lecturers. They were satisfied and SO WERE WE. Bravo to all the group members: HCI - Dan, Wendy,Ted, Leela and Ahmed ; OT - Frankie, Tommy, Kar Wai and Kek Voon. Nice working with you all and Good Luck in the coming exam and FYP.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

lazy Sunday

Woke up kinda late this morning. Been screwed by mom last nite coz she "happened" to find out that I was still hammering my keyboard around 2++am ? I wonder what made her so mad? It is not that I wasn' gonna sleep ? What didn't she say anything about my bro? >.< *well maybe I should really get myself some "proper" rest*
Well, time flies and before you know it, tomorrow is gonna be Monday again and YES, a start of a week; YES worse, doom day; YES worst, 2 presentations awaiting me. I've got a presentation scheduled at 12noon, and another at 4pm. What a LONG BREAK~~. hmm wonder what am I gonna do in between the hours. See, well I shall go find something helpful for my FYP, or exam.
Downloaded couple of songs juz now: -
"Kau tahu betapa ku sayang pada mu,
hanya bidadari sebagai ganti,
Hanya takdir menentukan ia,
Oh, belaian jiwa"
Sound familiar ? yeah, heard it from an advertisement juz now while watching Malaysian Idol. And I straight rushed back to my chair and start searching. Miss it. And then I downloaded more and more lolz. Abt the show, I would have to say that everyone is getting better and better:-
was incredible, I think she can handle ANY type of song so well;
has the talent, she needs to choose songs well though, I 'see' the shadow of Beyonce Knowles on her, she likes her much I guess;
, wow she ROCKED indeed !!! I wouldn't suspect that she is actually a competitor if I never know this is Malaysian Idol!
--- er... when I look at him, I see tree trunk. LOLZ !!! Maybe he needs to lose himself on the stage and let it all out.
-- he can sing R&B quite well, and eh, he kinda likes Craig David huh? But his performance of "Numb" ain't bad at all.
-- er.. I dont know why but I think he is sissy?!?!?!
Did I miss out anyone? I had a great time watching the show. At least everyone can sing. And the performance by VE was great : "Party Like This". Not bad at all. And I really hope Dina's votes are gonna sky rocket for this time !
Hmmm... a long post. Sorry for making your eyes sore, fellas. I'm having sore throat. Scared me for a sec when this morning I kinda lost my voice. I hope it'll get better soon. WAter Water Water !!

Hello, my blog

"Jae, come, make yourself a blog too!"
"Nah... It looks fun, but I dont think I have time to maintain it?"


And here I am, typing away on my computer chair writing my own blog. Yupz I am new. Yupz I've not been having anything like this. It's been a long time since I last wrote anything. I wonder if I can do this well? tee hee. Anywayz, welcome to my blog.

Maybe I started with something brief about myself? I'm a student and currently a 3rd year student of APIIT studying Computing. Juz got over 3 projects and now I am a lil's bit more free to do something for myself. I think doing this is something nice. I have a few friends whose blogs are awesome -- well at least theirs are up-to-date ! Erm... I like hanging out with friends, crapping, cracking (jokes), movies & music never bore me ( depend on the quality of course), shop till I drop once in a blue moon and heck it feels SO nice ( juz did it lately) !! Simple phylosophy of life of mine --- "Life is beautiful, so live to the fullest" and "Work hard, Play hard". Been trying to hold up to that for as long as I'm still breathing. *wink*

For the fellas, support my blog a bit eh? lolz... and to new friends, nice meeting you and you're free to post any comments. Ciaoz for now.