Sunday, September 12, 2004

lazy Sunday

Woke up kinda late this morning. Been screwed by mom last nite coz she "happened" to find out that I was still hammering my keyboard around 2++am ? I wonder what made her so mad? It is not that I wasn' gonna sleep ? What didn't she say anything about my bro? >.< *well maybe I should really get myself some "proper" rest*
Well, time flies and before you know it, tomorrow is gonna be Monday again and YES, a start of a week; YES worse, doom day; YES worst, 2 presentations awaiting me. I've got a presentation scheduled at 12noon, and another at 4pm. What a LONG BREAK~~. hmm wonder what am I gonna do in between the hours. See, well I shall go find something helpful for my FYP, or exam.
Downloaded couple of songs juz now: -
"Kau tahu betapa ku sayang pada mu,
hanya bidadari sebagai ganti,
Hanya takdir menentukan ia,
Oh, belaian jiwa"
Sound familiar ? yeah, heard it from an advertisement juz now while watching Malaysian Idol. And I straight rushed back to my chair and start searching. Miss it. And then I downloaded more and more lolz. Abt the show, I would have to say that everyone is getting better and better:-
was incredible, I think she can handle ANY type of song so well;
has the talent, she needs to choose songs well though, I 'see' the shadow of Beyonce Knowles on her, she likes her much I guess;
, wow she ROCKED indeed !!! I wouldn't suspect that she is actually a competitor if I never know this is Malaysian Idol!
--- er... when I look at him, I see tree trunk. LOLZ !!! Maybe he needs to lose himself on the stage and let it all out.
-- he can sing R&B quite well, and eh, he kinda likes Craig David huh? But his performance of "Numb" ain't bad at all.
-- er.. I dont know why but I think he is sissy?!?!?!
Did I miss out anyone? I had a great time watching the show. At least everyone can sing. And the performance by VE was great : "Party Like This". Not bad at all. And I really hope Dina's votes are gonna sky rocket for this time !
Hmmm... a long post. Sorry for making your eyes sore, fellas. I'm having sore throat. Scared me for a sec when this morning I kinda lost my voice. I hope it'll get better soon. WAter Water Water !!


elljay said...

aiks..take good care!! take good care.!! drink more water!! drink more water!! eat more fruits!! eat more fruits!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will feel better later..
Seems like everyone is blogging & I'm still lazy to get my site up & running.. lol
Damn.. I miss those idols. American Idol.. now Malaysia Idol. I dun even get to watch Australian Idol.. :sigh:

Jae said...

lolz.. thanks mui. Will do all that.
And hey Kid, next time put name oo lolz.. malaysian idol is not bad at all. I didnt expect quite a lot of GREAT talents to emerge too. Malaysia BOLEH!!!

Anonymous said...

Ted: hey, congrats on the launch of ure site... Good entry... keep it up now alrite :>

Anonymous said...

yo yo..guess whois in da hous? it's me..TZR! Make way! haha yeah yeah everyone is blogging..CUN! keep it up Sui Lui! :P

Jae said...

Lolz, thanks TaiZi. Your visit is really an honor for me wahahahhahaa. Your SLJ is not bad geh... :wicked smiley:

Thanks for everyone's support.