Saturday, September 25, 2004


Didnt blog for a few days .. seems like nothing much in my life is really exciting. There are a few things though which spiced up my boring life lately.
Firstly, let me think, what has been going on in my life in the past few days... OH YEAH! I gained weight. pif ! Must back to my exercise schedule now. Come to think about it, it's been really like.. 2-3 months I didnt do a constant exercise. No wonder I gained weight. hahahaha! was busy like crazy for completing projects and now I can schedule back to have myself sweating and heart pounding. Nice~ !
And, got to know that Derrick is back to RO. hahahah! So excited to know about that. He claimed that he's bored.. So I tempted him ( did I? ) to play RO with us. And yeah, he bought the CD; installed it; trained a Novice; and I'll be training him to help him turbo level up. It should be fun. lolz. I finally can have real friends playing the same game with me. COOLZ~~~ *wink*
Downloaded a few songs today. And i've got a friend to send me many songs too. Enjoyed them. Thanks for the songs ya, Henzz. Been using Skype to chat with this chad and the other RO friend, Liang, who's from Klang. Both were chatty and fun. Though there was lagging here and there, overall it was okay. I even use Skype to discuss assignment/project with coursemates, ain't that cool? Sometimes talk is way better than type coz talking can express better, in some circumstances; However, can't deny that sometimes, write express feelings better than talk. Agree?
Alright, stopped this for 2 hours or so to gaming with Derrick. Hahahah he's gonna be a leng chai character I'd say. Nice hairstyle and hair color! *wink* wah ~~~ come come couple with my mer lui -- soon to be BS leng lui! hehehehe. We go "tian mi mi" in pron city. hahahha!
Today got a complicated mood. Up and down. Maybe hormone imbalance? hahahhaha! anywayz, been listening to sentimental songs while writing this. Might as well tell you all what I'm listening to. ciaoz ~~ good night.
Current mood : undescribably weird
Current music : Timeless - Justin Guarini & Kelly Clarkson ( such a co-incidence it's this song again)


Anonymous said...

TZR: muahahaha sure sure but i hafto change to BS first..lemme bot more muahahaha eh dont forget ur 'Angugu'. what a nick :P

Jae said...

cute eh? lolz.