Thursday, March 31, 2005

.: It happens again :.

On the midnight of 29th March 2005 ( I hope i got the date right ), when I was about to go to bed I felt an uneasy feeling about my chair and I felt dizzy after that. Then my bro was back from outside and we chatted a little, I saw a MSN message popped up on his screen and it was from my friend too with the message "Earth quake again!!!". And I got the same message right after that. She's from Penang. Then I realized the reason why I felt the strange move about my chair just not long ago. Was I being sensitive? I posted message to my friend who's in Melacca and he said he felt it too. I sent SMS to my cousin who's in Penang to ask if his family was okay over there, but there ain't any reply, I assumed he was already asleep as he's basically a busy man in the day. I prayed hard I'll get his reply as soon as possible.

The first thought on my mind was "Oh no... where again?" Would it be like the last time? Would the tsunami strike again and affect to Malay Peninsula like last time? I told my friend in Penang to make calls to her friends and relatives who's in Penang to not sleep too deadly, just in case there's another tsunami happens again. And I began to think the homes that are just rebuilt in Indonesia since the last tsunami, and the people who are not yet recovered fully from the last disaster, would they be able to take this strike again?

I went to bed worrying if there's another tsunami which would or would not come to Malay Peninsula.... I worried about my friend and relative in Penang. I woke up in the next morning and I checked the news in . Yes there was an earthquake happened in Sumatera and it's rated 8.5. A scary one. I got my cousin's reply in the morning saying he's alright. And my friend in Penang sent me a SMS to tell me she's there is fine too. When I got home in the afternoon, as I was sitting on my computer chair doing some stuff, I felt the shake again. This time was even worse than the night before. My chair moved forward, backward and forward as if there's a force pushing from behind. Awkward! It has never moved like that before, I thought it was because of strong wind as my fan volume was 4. But I on the fan to volume 4 everytime so it is impossible. I walked out and asked my mom if she felt anything. She said yes, her chair moved too and the glass door beside her shook too. She thought it was because of strong wind as well. Then my only feeling was "Oh no... another time. This time is even worse. How are the people in Banda Aceh..." The feeling was so bad because you know earthquake wont start in Malaysia as we all learned in Geography during secondary school, but if we can feel it here, wouldn't it be serious in the happening place? But we can't do anything except giving donation afterwards. It felt lousy.

Well, I just pray that the people there will be fine. Helps and assists are continuously given to them. As for all of us here, really gotta learn to treasure the people around you because you dont know when you will lose them. And treasure everything that you're having now - comfortable home, undisturbed sleep, full meal, laughters and love. And be happy for what you've got now. PEACE.

Monday, March 28, 2005

.: Life after FYP :.

It's kinda relax...I'm getting lazier already although there are still 3 projects awaiting. I wonder if I can do them well.. all about business and there's one about network design. And I found that it's quite boring lately... Oh ya, I finally have some time to sit down quietly and watch TV without thinking the head-hammering problems which I need to solve regarding of my FYP. A very nice feeling haha.

It's time too for me to earn some money. I've contacted my ex-colleague and got to have some part time job. Not bad, at least can earn some extra pocket money to buy things, and to save for a trip after finishing the course.

Life is still the same, games that I play, people that I know, things around me. I'm getting tired very easily lately I wonder why.. Is this sign of aging? hahahahah I seriously hope not. I know I need a proper rest else I'll really look terrible. Other than this, I can have some fun playing game that I've hooked up to a long time ago. Get to know more people, also get to settle some communication problems, attitude problems etc. And guess what, I have topics to chat with my brother and we discuss things/problems about the people we know in the game too. It's not bad as long as we have something in common. At least I still know my brother's thinking and the way he solves troubles is still a correct one. I just give him some wise thoughts from time to time.

And I got to spend some time with family too. Chat with them -- which I've seldom done it for the past 5 months, at least. It feels nice, really nice.

Monday, March 21, 2005

.: This is the day :.

Today is the day I have to think is there anything else that I haven't do for my project. Because tomorrow is the submission day. I must admit that I'm darn a very clumsy person because I got some minor mistakes in my documentation that I overlooked but I already got them printed. Haha, but they are alright. I hope.

AT LAST!!!!!! Somehow I got lazy when the project period is so long. Like... I'll sometimes feel lazy and think, nah, I can still do it later/tomorrow. Then I'll get all so nervous and panic when find out something which is BIG and needed to be solved IMMEDIATELY! ( else I can't eat and sleep that night ) Though that thing can be solved a bit later, not such a urgent. I'm glad I started developing the system 3 months back. I still have time to debug and do coding for the parts which is not perfect when the due is like 3 days later. Of course my documentation is started about 2 weeks before the submission date. So I spend 1-2 days to finish 1 chapter of the entire report.

Overall I think I'd done it okay. I cant say perfect because I know there're flaws in the system. But that's all I can do with my ability. And before you can think of something else, hey, I know how to program into a Palm OS. Hahahaa, I can say that proudly. And, hey, I know how to make my Palm OS to coomunicate with my desktop.... hahaha though that's where the flaws are but.. Well I'd done my best so I have nothing to regret at all ( Mr.WIlliam Hung said that, it's very true indeed)

Other than that, maybe I dont know how to separate work and entertainment. I'd lost quite a lot of quality time I should have with family and friends. I'd lost touch with some fun/important happenings around the world. I even didnt know there's nice eating place around my area. I really need to do something about it.

Apart frm the final year project, I certainly need to do other subjects well in order me to score in the final year, as FYP is not the main thing to decide whether you'll get a first class or not( I seriously hope that ahahahah). It's been long since my last update. I always post pics as you all can see. I hope this pieace can tell you all how I am lately.... I feel extremely tired today. Maybe this is the after-tension-release-syndrome. Hehehehe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hehe our honeymoon after the wedding... the place is called Jawaii, only for couples oo ! Let's explore..

Nice place eh?? hehehe so I quickly snap one too.. aren't we lovely? nyek nyek..

Anjo: aiyo Romantic eh... lai sek sek sin...
Jae: hehe, romantic oo, love shape island ..

Jae: darl i heard there's honeymoon suite here...
Anjo: oh? lai, we go see see...

Anjo: hee hee... honeymoon suite eh... what couples do in honeymoon leh? *grin*
Jae: ohhh.. i know what u thinking

( The following content is 18SX.We apologise for any incovenience, thank you.)

Anjo: loupo ar.. this bed is more comfortable than the previous one .... *yawn*
Jae: heehee, yeah this bed is bigger.. OF COZ LA !!! dis room is more expensive!!

Jae: a pub ...let's try something ...
Anjo: ya ... let's see....hmm...

Jae: hahahaha ... drink la.. drink somemore..
Anjo: ey ?? awwwww this is fun, lai i want another time ...

Anjo:woohooo ... high ... lai ress me.I wanna order again...
Jae: lougung.. u see la, becoz of u, my wedding dress no more liao..

Anjo: yeah baby! come I want to try again.......
Jae: pif ... so like to drink !

Jae: Dont drink lor, see your face, so red already...
Anjo: oh~~~~~I ..feel... happy....

Jae: see.... 3rd time....
Anjo: hehehe.. ok la... loupo dont cry liao..

Jae: Time to go back lor...
Anjo: wait, kill this first...

So that ends our honeymoon trip to Jawaii.. A fighter will forever be a fighter eh? Never let go a monster... lolzzz

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

~**This day marks the destiny of ours. Our hands are held tightly and our hearts are one. Thank you for loving me for who I am. With you by my side, I shall never be alone in the adventure of Rune Midgarts**~

this is what I call "after wedding rave party" ... cccoooooooooooolllllllllll...!!!!

Everyone : gggriiiirrr, lucky we're brought to here, else it's so boring following the newly weds. LET'S KILL!!!!!

jae : Oh !! help! Heal my lougung plz Joo...

[=Angugu=]: er.. I guess we just stay up here darl?

jae: er.. Jump or not jump???

Nice place again, in Amatsu. This pic is really nice, i like it. ^^

I guess everyone is having a good time .. Look at ODA, he kept cracking berserk potion and awakening potion, man he's feeling "higher" than the newly weds! hahaha

Joo and her hubby also dressed sweetly. Hehe. I like this pic. Erm guys at the back, tepi sikit!!

Darl, with you, everywhere is a heaven.

Joo brought us to alot of places to take pics. Here it is a map in geffen. It's like a heaven eh?Everyone's nice to follow us to here. OH is that a mermaid?

My RO wedding day on 14/3/2005, 9pm. I'm very happy that my closes friend in the game, Joo came to the wedding ceremony. [=Angugu=] is my hubby in the game ^^ His char is a White Smith. We've been knowing each other for long. sweet ^^

Thursday, March 10, 2005

.: No Life :.

I think.... I have no life. Not that I am complaining everything that I own now while some people wish for but just couldnt get. I have good living environment that I can't complain any further. But just, I think I miss out something in life. I tend to forget about my surrounding when I'm too focus onto something. A very simple example is that, I cant remember what my mom asked me to do when I'm thinking of a solution of a logical problem in project, but I answered her "yeah.". And it happens many times that I forgot to do what she asked me to, so of course, kena marah-lah lolz.

What happens after I submit my final year project? My entire life focus is in the project now, though I know there are 2 more projects awaiting in line. I guess I gotta balance back my life after I submit it. Know what? I have 2 boxes of puzzles that I'd left abandon, and I think I'm gonna complete them after I submit the project. I know I'm losing patience in everything I do and the people I meet. I need that back. I dont wanna be mean or cruel or..... cold. And I think I missed out the time I could spend with my parents. Lately I notice that my dad and mom are looking .... older and tired. My brother , well he's losing his patience from working pressure. And I think he's gonna learn to handle that after seeing the change in me(I hope). Besides, I think I'm losing something fun around my circle of friends.

Gotta do something about it. Wish me luck *blink*