Saturday, June 18, 2011

.: A Thank You note for making my special day :.

18th Jun 2011 - A day when we signed our names on love. A commitment we both promise to preserve.

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to everyone who made our special day, very special for us to remember for a lifetime.
With your presence, it's too overwhelming that I could not ever imagined how lucky we are to have you all in my life.

Here the list goes:
Our fun & loving colleagues: Sue, Tina, Abbie, Chun Keat, Yiu San, Frederick & Cynthia with their handsome boys Nicholas & Nathan, (ex) Kean Jin & Caylynn, Shar Hua & Vinz with their pretty niece, Andy, Steven

Our amazing friends: Jeanie & Jeffrey, Soon Ee, Kee Boon, Jenny & her loving boyfriend, Wendy & Wei Ming, Daniel, Dennis, Yat Chin

Our respectful families: My dad & mom, Jit Sing's dad & mom together with grandma & aunty, CK & Sharon, Pei Ru & Rong Ming

Special thanks to Sue, Andy, Steven, Dennis: The artists who made me beautiful (haha!) and capturing all the moments of the event. And to CK, my creative brother who designed our invitation card for the day, who also being asked to be the emcee of the event.

Thank you, once again, just to be there to share.