Thursday, June 23, 2005

.: Sien :.

I wanna grow mushroom liao....... maybe become spidergirl coz I got all webbed up and perhaps will be biten by any strange kind of spider......zzZZZzzzz. Any suggestion how to spend free time?

Monday, June 20, 2005

.: You'll miss my "Stepping" alryte~~~ :.

Out today for a movie with pals -- Wendy, Zoe, Daniel, YinChew, SoonFeei, KingKo...We watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I have to say it's WHOA!! WHOAAAAA!! WHOOOOAAAA!!!! I mean, despite the fact that you drool over Mr.Brad for his charms and sexuality( so appealing!!!), I drooled over Ms.Angelina for her beauty, provocative , lustious and sexy appeal too. She's just so stunning, ya know. I always like her.... a bit of evilish here and there.. NICE!

Anywayz we had fun watching the movie. Laughed alot. It was terribly cold though. I was freezing as I sat at the other end of the row, I could feel the wind was blowing right to my body. My fingers felt numb when it finally finished. And god knows how many times I shiver because of goose bumps. Whoa.. it was killing.

After that, planned to go sing Karaoke but they wanted to get home earlier to pack things for a trip to Redang tonight. Nice one. So okay we suggested to go another time, certainly it's after they're back from the trip. So to everyone who joins in the trip, have a great time there, enjoy the sun shine enjoy the crystal clear ocean. Breathe the air for me ya. haha! Becareful also. To Zoe babe I wish you'll get well soon. *Love yaz*

And oh.. erm.. Daniel always seems to be the one who's been bullied all the time. By whom? By ..... afew of us hahahahaha. But hey, not everyone has the chance oo and look at you, You ENJOY it! I know it got sour and painful at times, but WE DO LOVE YOU. You'll miss all our teasings. I can tell, as I will miss urs too. So, yeah keep the charm, stay cool, stay handsome. *wink*

I' continue my Kill Bill2. Kick ass!

Friday, June 17, 2005

.: An End, A Beginning :.

Yoohooo~~~ Allow me to cheer for a while. I'm graduated! Final exam is over and I'm free like a bird~~~~~ (nah, dont remind me of looking for a job now, as I just emailed to a friend and my interview date will be arranged soon!) NOW, MY MOVIES!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the last 3 papers have come to an end... Life for studying has ended. Gonna have a short break before another journey of life. I really wonder how would it be. No matter how, I'll do my best. It's how I wanna make my life right now.

Happy. happy. happy.

Oh yeah, met Eugene aka Jetyr in APIIT today. Nice meeting ya. Take care. And enjoy the cruelty of APIIT mwahahahhahahahaha!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Another tag..... grrriirrr.. and this time is even more fun (ya ryte~). I got tagged by two friends : Dan and Eugene

OK here it goes:

1. The last blog I read was: Joo's "Don't Worry Be Happy"

2. I think my blog is way better than the blog above because: ...... I dont think so. Hmm if wanna compare.... OK my blog is more to my life e.g. what's up with my life right now, for everyone who's close or not close with me i.e. those in oversea studying and working and those who havent seen me for quite a long time. My blog is to keep them aware and know what's happening in my life right now.

3. In my honest opinion the best entry I have every blogged is: .: Sh*t Luck Go Away :. hahahha because look at my comments!!! It hits over 30 a night!! Hahahaa. And well I've got flames sparking around on that night and I can see the biggest flamers were having much fun -- I think it did help release some real life pressure there. Just scold whoever you dont really know. And the scolding and insults went "cheaper" and "cheaper". LOLZ.

4. 5 Blogs I read that may be better than mine:
Daniel -- Loaded with funny stuffs and pics. Nice layout. Compact.
Jetyr -- Simple, straight forward, nice.
Wimal -- Funny, fun to read.
Jenny (my mui mui) -- Always a heart-touched whenever I read her blog. Real.

5. I know my readers are addicted to my blog because: I dont ACTUALLY think so coz I dont update it quite often.And... I'm not funny enough...I'm not bitchy enough .. I'm not opened enough to quite alot of things. Because.... maybe I still think this is a public place so.. something is still better to be kept private. Haha. That is why I said the above mentioned blogger's blogs are way better than mine.

OK... finished. MY TURN!!!! nyet nyet.. see who I can pass the baton to:
.............. I;'ve been tagged by two persons, so lucky I was, which made me cannot pass to either one of them now..... NVM. I guess that's it. Sorry gals and guys, gotta do this >.<"" !!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

.: *RIP* Love Always -- Fishy :.

My dad found out that his MOST beloved goldfish died in the aquarium this morning (08.06.2005 morning). He told mom about it.. Both of them were sad and heartache. He's been with us for 1 year. He was so huge now....... and tamed.

My dad told me in the afternoon when we were heading to bank. "1 year already, Wei." He sounded sad. He sighed. I've never seen my dad felt that sad -- well he was totally sad when my grandma passed away 7 years ago. Nothing else had really got him into so low. I felt sad seeing my dad sad. And I know how much he loved his pet.

It happened to be he was killed by his own species - a young, untamed, naughty, new family. He was hurt. He was in pain that he couldnt eat. And my mom said he died because of few days didnt eat. She's regret that they didnt separate him and medicate him.

I helped my dad finding a good container ... I suggested to bury him in the garden but my dad was clear-headed, he said he may got rotten and the worms may damage the plants we have in the garden. So we found a plastic container and put him inside. I didnt see where my dad put him...... Well, dad said he's gotta buy a new one this weekend. He maybe sad, but he isn't discouraged. That's my dad --- always a brave, loving, warm-hearted and cheerful man.

I think I'll follow him to the petshop this weekend. :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

.: Music Baton :.

I..... have been tagged by Daniel (ggrrrrrr.... it's quite fun though) Here I go.

Total volume of music files in my computer: 3.8GB of MP3s and 1.08GB of MTVs

The last CD I bought: I... cant remember. I think it's LP's [Reanimation] (whoa that's darn long time ago!!!!)

Song playing right now: None. Not quite in the mood yet.

Five songs that I listen alot and mean alot:
1. Evenenscence - My Immortal: the 1st song that made me cry over it without any reason. JUST SAD.

2. Linkin Park & Jay Z - Numb/Encore: COOL, COOL, COOL!

3. Leo Ku - Midley ( Geng Ko Kam Kuk): Simply marvelous but long winded. A collection of nice songs in one.

4. Ah Sang - Ye Zi (Leaf): the other song that made me cry... A very quiet song. Nice.

5. Akon - Lonely: I like the "chipmunks" voice. Very cute.

Okay time to be evil....
Five people to whom I pass the baton to:



Friday, June 03, 2005

.: Finally...... :.

Everybody, everyone, finally, I AM GRADUATING SOON!!!! Wow.. can't believe this day is arriving. Nice feeling, just abit not used to it as there will be no more assignment!! (DUH!!!!!) Well I know, more society academic assignments, I can sense it (Started to play Star Wars JEDI Knight lately so... Hehe) . Anywayz, byebye study in institute, hello to the institute of society.

I still remember the 1st day I stepped into APIIT KL. I didnt know anyone, the first person I approached were a few Indian girls, befriended them..... then, I knew Jenny, who's my beloved sis now... and I eventually got more and more friends. Wendy, Shay Ker, Jenn and I were the noisiest girls in the class, I guess. I still can remember Ker's laughter. Wendy... now only I realized this small girl got a large voice!!!! And man.. she can REALLY talk!! Then I got to know Daniel, Eric, Derrick, Chang Chew... these few guys been hanging out with us so we were like 8-10 ppl in a gang most of the time. Imagine the noise. But it was fun.

A year passed by... Some left to a better place to continue their study or work. But still we had fun during higher dip.. and remember those who played game overnight and slept in the class.. lolz. But still, last-minute-enterprise still worked.

Now, the closest we got are Daniel, Wendy and I. And we got to know some new friends - Zoe, Chew, Chao Learn, KingKO, Soon Feei, etc. Yoong and Min Yin are with us too. Then this time as there are few more jokers around, we really had a fun time laughing. And of course, we struggled alot for FYP.. All shared the worries and encouraged each other. Especially during MidPoint meeting, and FYP Final Presentation. We even got mental support haha. Nice moments. And I believe in the working world there wont be any pure hearts as what I'm having now. So... :) Cheerz. And be brave to the challenges outside.

Today is my daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday DAD. My aunt and family is here. SO her lil' baby girl Crystal is here... cute, lovely, spoiled baby. Hehe. Cant wait for her to grow up.
And as for my dad, I wish for you to be healthy always, happy, cheerful, charming as you always are. Love you. *hugz*

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

.: New month new Beginning :.

May is gone, at last. Lots of things happened in May. Just hope this month is slowly turning everyone's luck to be better. Happy ones continue to be happy; Sad ones throw away the sadness and become happy again; Angry one be forgiven and move on with life; Wrong ones learn from mistakes and forgive ownself and also, move on with life. Life is aint just about these my buddies. Life with this add-on to some spice though.