Wednesday, September 19, 2007

.: Howdy!! :.

Alright... I know it's been a LONG time. Busy busy during daytime, busy with game at night. Then realize oh my look at the dark rings just below my eyes!!! But yet don't wanna sleep more. Hope my body is taking up well.

I've been invited to 1 wedding dinner in Nov, 3 in Dec ... what the... I mean congratulations to the couple! Sincerely! But..... well the dinners in Dec are so close to each other! Is it a really good year to tie the knot? Hehehehe... You will feel it when you come out and the topics your old friends keep talking about is how they got themselves register, where is the best place for registration, which restaurant offers the lousiest package, which bridal shop is the most expensive, and to the preparation for the wedding, the husband of my friend even non-stop speaking on the phone to work out his guest list. I'm so out. Haha! The only question that relates to me is "When is your turn?" ...

Things have been okay so far. I'm working out a plan to celebrate my darling's birthday nonetheless! :)