Wednesday, September 19, 2007

.: Howdy!! :.

Alright... I know it's been a LONG time. Busy busy during daytime, busy with game at night. Then realize oh my look at the dark rings just below my eyes!!! But yet don't wanna sleep more. Hope my body is taking up well.

I've been invited to 1 wedding dinner in Nov, 3 in Dec ... what the... I mean congratulations to the couple! Sincerely! But..... well the dinners in Dec are so close to each other! Is it a really good year to tie the knot? Hehehehe... You will feel it when you come out and the topics your old friends keep talking about is how they got themselves register, where is the best place for registration, which restaurant offers the lousiest package, which bridal shop is the most expensive, and to the preparation for the wedding, the husband of my friend even non-stop speaking on the phone to work out his guest list. I'm so out. Haha! The only question that relates to me is "When is your turn?" ...

Things have been okay so far. I'm working out a plan to celebrate my darling's birthday nonetheless! :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

.: Reflection of the 1/2 :.

Lived the half year 2007 without realizing it'll be soon reaching to the end, again.
I term my 2007 as a growth of my new form of living. Basically because I now have a different role to play and a different person to become.

What happened to me?

I'd never thought that I'd one day change who I am. How many of you do actually have this idea in the back of your mind that constantly asking yourself if you are good being who you are... would it be not good enough? The question is, enough to yourself? Or to other people?

I've become more patient. Particularly because I need to be or I'll continue living in misery. "Just hold on, it's gonna be alright. You will see it." .. This sentence calms me.

I've learn to become more understanding, particularly putting myself in another one's shoes, and not by just thinking about myself. I am still, learning.

I've become more initiative, particularly in planning and taking action to realize it, which I can see the difference after actions taken.

I've become more ... hardworking in terms of with-holding the relationship which I say I appreciate very much. Words cannot describe and can never tell enough how much I mean, I hope actions do. If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.

I've learned to love. From only receiving and less giving, I learn to give now. Some say giving could feel much bitter than receiving, I felt it. But think about it the other way, I am happy I am able to give. I may never get the chance to feel the way I feel now if he never appeared.

I've learned to look at things in a round way. But it indirectly has brought me the risk of sitting on the fence because it is hard to conclude if you look at things from many angles. Too many possibilities. Find the fairest then. Trust what my heart tells me, should be helpful.

Thankful it has become somewhat a different year to me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

.: Symbol or Show-Off?:.

Heard from a colleague lately about proposing to a girl and he bought a ring for the proposal. Apparently, the ring for proposal is different from the wedding ring.

It needs 1 ring for proposal, and if the girl says the 3 big words "YES I DO!", he will need to buy another ring (2 rings! one for himself!) to be known as THE wedding ring..

My eyes widen when I heard that, not to say I didn't know and I think I've heard it before somewhere... (just admit I dunno-lah!!!), I was like " HUH!! Really?" And I immediately thought of how much should it cost for a wedding, be it a presentable one? Then the girl can have 2 rings! Hmmm think about it, if it's gonna be an engagement, will it be 3 rings in total? If the guy is well-to-do, the girl can have 3 diamond platinum rings for making the vow!

I mean.. I'm not sure about you girls, some of you may curse me from the back of your voice that I am stupid for making this post, but is it necessary? It is ALL BERRY VERY SWEET to have the love one to propose to you with a beautiful ring, and both make the lifelong vow with a different ring. Is this the tradition? Or have the brands misled the public for god knows how many years?

I admit that we all dream to have the perfect & romantic proposal ever, NEVER MIND if the wedding is such a havoc but the proposal MUST BE ROMANTIC!! So next time we can tell our children how their father proposed to us with the cheeks blushing and the eyes glowing with tears of proud. And also tell to our friends how our boyfriend propose to us, paused in the middle to expect "Wowwww!" "Waaaaahhh!" "Oh my goddddd that's soooo sweeeeeeeettt!!" etc response with us having the biggest grin of life on our face!

And during the wedding we thirst for blessings from every single souls we know, recognition from relatives which is gonna make our parents proud, and whenever they talk about our wedding next time, it's gonna be "Wow you know her wedding is such a grand one! Her parents is SOOOOO proud to get this son-in-law!!!"

(As you see I begin to day dream)

My point is.. there are times when we can dream of the best, but also can try to be understanding if it doesn't turn out to be the way we want. If your guy is not well-to-do, is it really important to be assured with the brightest visible diamond that topped the platinum ring? Would you be happy if he spent almost half, maybe all of his savings just to give you a wedding that you're gonna remember and envied by the relatives and friends for the rest of your life? The ceremony is important, the whole meaning behind it is important, but, to be able to build your life together afterwards and be proud of each other for the rest of your life, and be determined of the life partner that you've chosen, for better or worse, through sickness and death, through success and falls, and you're gonna love him/her for the rest of your life, isn't this more important?

Friday, June 15, 2007

.: Warmth :.

Walked alone in the rain yesterday after getting off LRT... A slow walk may seem to be perfect, but having the worry of getting sick, I just put on my earphone, and took light & fast steps instead.

Along the road I saw traffic that were there to pick up children/wife/husband/parents etc... I was glad I didn't call my mom to come pick me up or she'd have stuck there forever..

Was troubled by some thoughts, a walk in the rain perhaps can help me think better. Slowly I realize my face was wet. After crossing a junction I had to stop under the traffic light as it was green, I couldn't possible cross the road without getting honked by maddening drivers..

I was still under the traffic light after few minutes, I wondered what would they think sitting in their vehicles, comfortably.. My mind wandered off with the lyrics "What goes around, comes around .. " I could already imagine the nagging from mom " Why didn't bring umbrella... Why didn't call me.. " bla.. Consciously I looked to the back, no one. I was relief. You gotta be extra cautious living in the society as such nowadays..

Just when I started to wonder when will it turn red, a shadow sheltered me. I looked up and saw a familiar face, couldn't help but gave him a smile - my brother held the umbrella above of my head. He pushed me lightly, with the usual-typical sarcastic tone he said:"Is it so cool to walk under the rain huh?"

We walked home together..

"Wait lar! Dont walk so fast I can't catch up!" He complained.

"Dont bother! It's okay!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

.: Understandable .... not :.

I have this doubt since morning and I just can't figure out why people will behave as such - which I encountered this morning in Star LRT.

It happened like this...

8.05am, the next train arrived at Bukit Jalil Start LRT station. As usual, I stepped into the train when doors opened and found a spot where it fits 1 person. It's the end of the deck so I lean on the wall and face front while people are sitting on my both sides.

Side track: Why I'd say it fits 1 person. Now, the civilization of mankind has come to a stage where "privacy" is something that everybody asks for in any place, including lift, bus, train. The minimum SPACE that everyone seeks for from stranger is as minimum as few inches apart from each other, and it could be as comfortable already. So, the 1 person space is what I prefer as I think it makes me comfortable, and I won't be in anyone's way to get into, or get out of the train. I wouldn't mind standing side holding the hanger as long as the person next to me, or in front of me, of behind of me respects both of us enough to try not making me feel like she/he is trying to molest me.

Okay, story continues.

8.15am, train arrived at Taman Tasik Selatan station, 2 girls came in, aged around 12-13 y/o with a sister(I guess) accompanied them. One of the adolescence came to stand next to me, and she's not skinny, she's quite a plump girl, so I moved 1-2 step to the right giving her space wondering why she still wants to squeeze in. Another 2 girls were in front of me. This girl who's next to me asked her friend, a specky skinny girl to came stand with her, which made 3 persons standing in a place that fits for maximum 2! And having 2 persons already making it strange enough as there's no space in between already! And that friend really stepped in and squeeze in between me and the plump girl. And I had to take 1-2 steps to the right some more, and now my right leg is actually in between of the legs of a sitting guy. I wouldn't know if he's feeling excited or feeling strange, he just looked down and reading his chinese comic book.

Feeling weird enough, this 2 girls didn't seem to feel anything wrong. Specky little girl was holding an article printed from school/home, teaching the plump girl. And she sang, I think. Some islamic story as I peeked. Don't get me wrong I am equally excited and even felt glad that they are very interested into the learning as you don't see many teenagers like that around anymore! However, being as stubborn as I am too I didn't give in and just let this 2 adolescences take my place! I even doubt and took extra cautious on my phone in my pocket - you never know what people are up to nowadays.

For some seconds I thought I am invisible to them.

Their sister asked the specky girl to come out and stand near her when she got a place to sit after few stations. And I thought "oh good! At last!" as I know she must have understood the girls were making me uncomfortable. Though I've got my Justin Timberlake jamming my eardrum I could figure out that the specky little girl said something like :" nah, I'm fine,I can lean on the wall" What? HELLO~~~~?

Alright... alright.. giving up the thoughts to feel hesitated yet want to make them feel they shouldn't have done that, I continued standing on my spot until my stop. I got out at Masjid Jamek station carrying the thought of .. strangeness. Perhaps when they're older they will understand the need for some privacy and the respect to keep a minimum distance, even at public place.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

.: It's a small small world :.

Have you been to tourist spots where they consolidated the world's famous spots and made a park full of them? And you "tour around the world" in 1 1/2 hrs and making sure your cybershot never miss the 7 wonders of the world?

What is it like when you're in a park like that but instead of places you see, it's the people you meet?

Never thought that playing a virtual game, make it Online can somehow bring people together, greet each other, or hate each other unknowing how they even look like! Does this eliminate the discrimination by race/appearance? It doesn't matter how beautiful/handsome you are, once you behave like a bitch or a jerk you are recognized as that.

Eirinn:"I can't resurrect. They are camping me!"

Gundisalv:"Just hang on. Now this adds on to our vengeance ain't it :)"

It's a virtual world, people might say. BUT yet the virtual person in the game reflects the personality of the player directly, they can be any of these:

Knowledgeable and wise,
funny and comedic,
passive and introvert,
petty and hateful,
self-centered and greedy,
strategic and skillful,
un-responsive and selfish,
control-freak and dictatorship,
leader and follower,
And the list go on and on .......

Player 1:"I die one after another resurrection! There are just too many around in a sudden. Can somebody help me!"

Player 2: "Lol.. face problem"

Player 1: "Hey! I ask for a hand and I got **** response?"

Player 3: "Chill mate, he was just kidding, don't be so emotional!"

Now, words as simple and you can never hear a person saying it can actually make you happy or provoke your anger. Ridiculous you might say. But that's how powerful wording is.

Game as such attracts the attention of parents. Mine nagged plenty when we first got hooked up to the trend and now compromised, even stood behind me watching me pawn mobs, or got pawned. Guess they understand this is one of the ways to know people and see more personalities that we don't normally see, be it in the family or work place.

"Oh man!! I took the wrong route!" I sighed. "Now I have to run from the top of the map till the end!"

"Haha, why? you didn't understand the map?" Mom asked.

"You see, here is where I'm supposed to go, and here is the shortest way. But why didn't I see the whole map is surrounded by mounts and I can't get through it" I explained.

"Awwwww, pity u...." Bro added sarcastically.

"Shut" I said.

She giggled and walked away.

I can't agree more that somehow it teaches, it is not merely playing. You learn when you play and you can find out there are people like yourself, or the total opposite. It's like a mirror to yourself when you see people behaving like you. Don't be surprised when you actually dislike that person. Take a thought to it and realize some ugly sides of yours are discovered by yourself through the mirror.

Game like this is not meant to play alone, if you don't like interaction, or can't take the insults positively thrown by the enemies, play offline game instead.

Karlx: "Old Mc'Donald have a farm.. Eee Aaa Eee Aaar Yo!!"

Gundisalv: "There he is."

Eirinn: "Hey I thought you still need some Yeti Fur." A heartily reminder while summoning Pinto.

Karlx: "Yup!"

"Okay! Alterac Mountain it is .Hey you shorty don't get pawn when you get down here!". Gundisalv mount to his war stallion.

Karlx petting his panther:"Eee Aa Eee Aar O!!!Shorty ain't me! Clemex! Get out from the Ogre's tummy! We gotta go."


Friday, June 01, 2007

.: Publishing the Talent :.

Congratulations on KeeYin making his own blog just yesterday 31st May 2007--

"Within My Vision of Just Another Blink" pinned the title. :)

Talent born un-wasted, I'm sure he will share with you all a more informative & thoughts storming, exotic & mind-teasing, comedic & heart touching entries which will leave you a space to ponder.

Go on, leaving comments to his site as he will making more entries in the days to come. Criticisms are welcome. Debate if you disagree .. this hunk likes stuff to be hot. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Essence of Blogging & VMY2007

Writing for a passion, anger management, seeking views, exposing your thoughts to the infinite public, bitching about your boss, traveling tips, food, life, etc etc, blogging?

Today was an exceptional frill free morning, its 11.52am and I am enjoying my coffee on a gloomy morning. Side tracking my superiors, I am browsing through pages of information and tons of research on my coming project, while viewing The Star website.
I stumble upon the following, worth trying?

The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project

The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) is an undertaking of the folks behind the website, all of whom believe strongly in the freedom of speech. The objective of this little project is to gather ALL Malaysian blogs under one umbrella site from which (potential) readers can find the various blogs by theme. – Quoted from

Please surf the site for more information, I don’t want to get sued for Plagiarism!

For YOUR information, this is Visit Malaysia Year 2007, so stop your plans on Bali, Krabi, London, LA, Goldcoast and seek alternatives in Redang, Perhentian, Sipadan, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and perhaps Malacca.

Most of us would always think how many countries we have not visited in our life, but how many of you all would safely say that you have been to all of Malaysia’s Best, and I think its safe to tell you places I have been to, cause myself have not been to a lot in M’sia, but heck, why are people coming to see and live beautiful Malaysia and even seek as a second home and us not living the beauty? The following are usual M’sian excuses of Holiday:-

“I am so busy at work, I don’t even have time for Spiderman 3”

“No Money laa, you think I got money tree arr..”

“I planning to go overseas”

and I can go on and on, the list follows…

“You go ahead and plan it, than let me know the time”

“duut….duut…duut… no answer wan”

I think you all are catching up with my point of view on the 101 reasons we can provide. Don’t have time and fund to go Sipadan, go Port Dickson lorr… Don’t have time and fund to go Mount Kinabalu, go to a rock climbing gym lor..

Reasons/excuses are mere sad reality we hide behind, when we are too engrossed into our daily life. Link your blog and go Holiday now!

Dawn of Froustmourne

Chapter unfolded, destined realm of Froustmorne.

Beyond the silent town of Northshire, deep into thee woods of Elywnn Forest

“The vineyard has been take over by the defies brotherhood”

Eirinn: Ding! (Blizzard and Fireblast)

Gundisalv: Congratz! Lets move to Westfall.(Holy Light, Devotion Aura)

Eirinn: Contested territory, for horde we shall meet.

Westfall is underattck!

Year 2007, the sentiments of ancient war craft, blood of fictional tribe, and the continuous battle of among the Alliance and Horde pro-longs. None other than death one shall meet when meet upon thou tribes. The culture, belief and tradition follows, no Horde shall leave Alliance in peace, and no Alliance will permit Horde to grow.

Should Blizzard hire me to do their opening trailer write-up?

Yes, I guess most of you would have known by now, we are currently indulge in the post-Ragnarok era and pursuing our voyage in the World of Warcraft. A whole new experience I must term this exceptionally well-refine MMORG title.

The induction

Gameplay was exceptional as you have more quest which comes with rewards, rather than boring grinding (a word for hardcore experience gaining). Items are soulbound, thus no one would be able to get rich just by playing and hunting more, unless you are talking about mobs-drop gold. Now the headache, 100 Bronze = 1 Silver, 100 Silver = 1 Gold. Tell me bout the value for WoW Gold there. My say is, if you enjoy gameplay and value artwork, and of course you are looking for a MMORG title, than this should not be missed!

The Tribe

Excellent! Everyone is ready to help Anyone in need, all you need to do is A S K!

The Gold

USD13.99 for a month if you subscribe for 6 months, not bad of a fee if you find it interesting, and of course if your partner doesn’t make a fuss out of you glued to the monitor for 48 hours without sleep.

The Dawn
Many say that this game is already at its end-game whereby Epic armour are widely used, and starting the game would be a suicide. I would say 50/50. Mature gameplay yes, suicide? Depends on how well you play.


I shalt stop here now, or my Mount would need to wait.

Gundisalv: Where shalt we head.

Eirinn: I need bloodscalp ears.

Gundisalv: To Strangthon Vale we move before dawn, and proceed to the refuge camp.

Eirinn: My mount awaits me.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

.: Never alone again :.

It's been a while since my last update --- well it's quite a long while :) Been thinking back about the past few months and realized life is never an empty shell again. I feel fulfilled with a living is like this, knowing where I am heading to and enjoying the present while planning for the future.

New job - from a cozy lazy chair moved to a bigger place surrounded with noises and terms that I'm half familiar with. Learned the skill that acquired me with requirement of the world - well not the top of the list but it's got me to this new place. Will continue the learning as it fills one's soul and mind. Enjoying the learning, certainly enjoying new faces/friends. Miss the time with ex-colleagues though and very glad that I've sincerely kept them as friends, and most certainly will always keep in touch with them.

Quit a 3 years domestic relationship and hop into an international ever popular "friendlier" hottie :D Lolz.. I'm talking about my new toy World of Warcraft (WoW). Playing in Frostmourne realm, a human mage together with Kee Yin, who's a human pally. Anyone interested to join us? Rock on!

Notice some changes in myself which I'm quite satisfied and keep me firmly on the ground. Feeling more confident although new job that requires some impression does gimme some butterflies in the stomach. Used to think perhaps some people have some luck in their life that things they want, they can always have them easily. But now I'll believe for everything that you hope for, if you just sit there hell yeah they ain't gonna come to you automatically. Most importantly never take things for granted especially people whom you thought they will always be there. And when you finally treat someone whole-heartedly without hoping for returns, you'll realize the returns will find you and overwhelm you without you ever expected. =)

Full of philosophy, bet you know them without me even mentioned about them. 2007 is soon come to the half ...spend it well :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

.: A Step Forward :.

Two people who grew up in a different background, different education, different surrounding, which brought them up having a different mindset, different perception, different idea, different concept, and they now want to share everything they can with each other. From a mere admiration to a yearning to have and to hold, expecting the one whom they claim for their own to understand while the rest of the world doesn't, sometimes do bring frustration and doubt, especially when the understanding isn't to the level that both expect.

Set sail off the shore they've been traveling for a distance. Hardworking as the sailor always be tends to be quiet and just do his job, silently hoping what he does will bring a better trip for her & for themselves. At the same time, he who works hard for almost everything he does, wants to give the best of himself to the world which makes him work even harder and expecting her to understand while everyone else does not, though words have been less spoken. A Quiet worker he is. This conclusion of hers..

It isn't hard with anyone else, but this soul that She's following is one that makes her helpless at times. She's afraid she can't catch up. He's exchanging heart where words are too shallow to express, while she needs to see it.... Eagerly she follows tightly, trying her every way to try to understand, making up reasons that make sense to her.. And she becomes nostalgic. She gives, for all the time she believes in giving... Yet now she wants to know if he feels the same. IF he does why isn't he doing the same? She began to expect returns. Unbelievably she has become someone she don't adore. So much so of giving true love? Her insecurity has annoyed him and started to think will he gradually destroy a wonderful soul she once had. Nonetheless this is the last thing in the world she could ever think of.

Missing in communication? Is it so difficult to have an understanding between them? What's in the sailor's mind contrast with the mind of an Earth divine?

But what they work towards is just as simple -- a world they live in, withholding each other through ups and downs, happy and sad. The questions she threw drown him more than the feisty wave he encountered, ridiculously. Forceful and making him uncomfortable. What's not there to believe? What's not there to trust?

She's been so silly.

Perhaps what she needs is to simplify what's seem to be complicated.

And now she wants him to know, He shalt never think he would destroy her, for whatever that happened has made her a better person.

"True love begins when nothing is looked for in return." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Innocent, Naïve Souls Processed.

“7.35am to 1.00pm , 1.35pm to 6.35pm” Rinnnnnnggggggggg!

Cries of 7 years old, eyes of watchful parents, lunchbox, school money 50 cents? 80 cents?, canteen aunty uncles with fierce looks, school buses, junk food, haunted toilets, canes, physical education, Vitagen & Milk ordering are merely thoughts we could recall during our days of primary education. Fears, anxiety exerts the feeling we have rather than joyful moments as most of the pupils of Malaysian Education are bulk with torrential bags filled with text books, homework which are measured in Tons! But these are the things that we ponder most from our childhood education where all we do is “Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi, Minum Susu….”. All we need to do is make sure we attend class and do exams, apa susah!

“You Monsters, Keep Quiet!”, “Good Morning Class”, “Can I have your homework handed to the front of the line”, “Take out your hand!”, are merely quotes that we are frequently bombarded with. Those whom have failed to adhere to any of the above quotes are subject to severe punishment. Kids let me introduce to you the torture to you for the next 6 years, The Rottan (High quality, durable, environmental friendly product and comes in assorted sizes, usually found in Pasar Malam, best used on thick skin lazy students “hand and buttocks are usual favourite spots but not restricted to!”) 9/10 of us and have taste the feel of this incredible creation of mankind, and the 1/10 is either a drop out, or has highly sensitive skin and prescribe by the doctor that is not fit to be cane “impossible laaa”! So let me see, my record of canes was 20 hits on the buttocks for not passing up ANY of my Art Work for the whole Standard 4. Yes it was in September that than, so I had to go home subsequently and made Chinese New Year Cards, Draw topics related to Merdeka Celebration, Hari Raya and Things of the past, How irrelevant is that! Kena Cane already still have to do, thus lesson is “Thick Skin So what”!

Social competition such as Cleanest Class Competition, Dirtiest Class Announcement was than introduced to our senseless mind, Cooommmon how many of you all actually mop the floor when you are 7-9 years old. When mopping means flooding the class, arranging tables represents building of fortress “Pssst.. anyone experience Accidentally pulling up a girls skirt while turning the chair upside down”, the Blackboard wiping sprint, and Most Horribly the Window Pane Wiping, this are chores done DAILY. I only wipe my window once a year, and I don’t put my chair upside down at home! Imagine turning the Sofa Upside down on your Glass Coffee Table and break it. Singing Competition, Story Telling Competition, have you represented your class before? Where is our Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey? Hey common, we are watching American Idol and it was a talent search, we also have talent search watttt!! during our Primary Days! But how many of those Gold Winners ended up producing albums and acted in Blockbuster movie.

Than we are introduced with the Days, Teacher Day, Children Day, Sports Day, and most importantly Schoooool Holidays! Those days than always have Nothing to do with books & 35 minutes of boring teachings, we used to love those days don’t we. Don’t get me wrong, I Still love those days and still hoping….praying… that the Government of Malaysia appreciate our Gifted Teacher, Future Malaysian Idol, Akademi Fantasia and Olympic Players and declare a public holiday over it! My reason you might ask, simple…. I am a Malaysian!

How about games, missing the game of 1-2 zoom (Still widely use as a tiebreaker these days), Guli (That speaks of how we got Gold for Lawn Bowl at the Commonwealth), Police & Thief (Potential industrial players), Galah Panjang (Snatch thief problem), Chopping (Violent!), Pepsi-Cola (Ankle breaking contest & Used widely in soccer games), are only some I could thought of those innocent days, and NOW you all tell me who say we are CHILDISH!. Free things we get during our days like dental, badminton and basketball court are a thing of the past which many did not appreciate than. Shame on You! Now go to a dental, they charge you! Go Book a badminton court, they charge you! Did I tell enough to make you miss the fun days?

Favorites of all, the Canteen! 50 cent a bowl of Mee Curry or Soup? 10 cent to a buck for an ice cream? How about Mamees that taste better in those days! 20 minutes, we manage to gallop down a hot bowl of mee, have a keropok, and eat an ice cream? Wow, we are definitely in for another Malaysia Guniness Book Of Records. The question is, than why do we need 1 hour to eat now? People tell you 20 minutes eat and go back to work, we tell him, You Crazy, This Soup is Hot You Know! Did our heat resistant drop? Or are we gonna give them the reason of indigestion, and recommend the government to extend the recess time of the kids at school? We used to run to canteen to line up for food, but why don’t you all run to the hawker stalls now? No wonder Malaysian are getting obese! Remember the last time you met a primary mate, and you gave him/her the look and say “Wow, good life la you! Prosper so much already!” and when we turn back, we tell our mates/boy/girlfriends, He damn Fat Already, last time he is very skinny you know! Argh Malaysian!

Nothing seems an obstacle to 12 years old and below, till primary 6. The ultimate test UPSR where still send a chill up the spines of many 12 years old (Do they still have that thing now? And How Many of You all still remember, what does UPSR Stand for?). That is when the term “Burning Midnight Oil” came relevant, but nahh I didn’t study hard. 2A 2B 2Cs was the grades, I liked them mixed.

“The Aunty Smart Daughter got Straight As! You know, So Smart la her!” says your mom. Boring Boring Boring, but did she excel in computer games! I did!

“I know how to Operate a computer, mummy you don’t know, so I smarter than you is it!” Of course I didn’t say that!

The moment I walk off my last day of Primary School (SRJK © Puay Chai) I am sure I was heavy hearted, best friends (How Many of Us Still Hold It Together, I do.. Ray till today we are still good friends), farewell day, emotional pupils merely made we walk faster out of the building I accommodate for the past 2190 days (including weekends and school holidays).

So how many of you have read and felt the sentiments of our childhood?

“Slap!!!” get to work la!! Think so much, you think I pay you to direct “Back to the Future is it”

Friday, March 09, 2007

.: Nothing Much :.

Kind of tired of everyday's life lately... Live like a programmed human basically everyday. Doing the same thing on weekdays, something to look forward to on the weekend though. However, it just feels kind of demotivating and feeling like finding some excitement that possibly could ignite the fire again.. I used to look forward to a new day..

I... what else can I complain about? Just feel like something's missing and I don't know what it is..

And I don't know how should I tell..

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

.: Festive Hurricane :.

The greatest festival of the year for every Chinese is getting to its end, finally. No don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining. Nonetheless it has acting like a hurricane yearly for me and my family. We prepared (TRY to be fully prepared) awaiting for its arrival & we bend and curl, adjusting ourselves when it's attacking, and tidy up the mess after the storm. . . .

I'm just saying it's always a busy period of time for us during CNY. =P

Visited respective folks of my family in Seremban for the 1st day, chatted and catching up mostly in areas like "How are you?" "Where are you working?" "Where have you been?", "Wow you are so grown up already!", exchanging/update phone numbers and so on.

Up we go to the North on the 2nd day, Teluk Intan, my mom's. Again the same thing repeated but just in a different dialect :) However I'm happy to see my cousins Angie and Nick again.

Journey's split on the 3rd day - Parents went further up to Penang and brother & I were back to KL because I was going to Cameron Highland with KeeYin and friends on the 4th day.

The trip to Cameron Highland was a pleasant one. Put aside the gas from vehicles and the flies which I most believe they are clinging to the fertilizer and got us all so busy chasing them away while eating, it was pretty OK. It wasn't cold like I expected, but the clear sky has got me brighten up. Very nice indeed especially when we were at the Boh Tea Farm. The night market is nothing I can complain about, crowded but offering enough. I guess the vege and fruits aren't so much cheaper than KL, or 2 to 3 times fresher but you just can't help buying some to bring back home. :) Thx to a friend of a friend who brought us to flower farm and vege farm. Quite an experience to ride on a Land Rover (Rather a jeep) to go the farms, trying to grab hold of it while getting bumpy along the road with 10++ friends -- some standing, some sitting & some squatting at the back of it. Hehe... Some pics to share.. :
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Taken at a flower farm, orchids all around :)
Image Hosted by
Plugging capsicum hehehehe

Back to KL on the 6th day of CNY(Friday), only at night. Tired but fulfilled I greeted my parents and updated each other what we'd missed. Mom has become the representative to collect red packets for me Muahahahah!

The weekend was spent visiting and got visited. Luckily there's still time for me to rest and charged for the new week to come, yeah, back to work. Still in the mood of CNY though. =P

And argh gained few pounds during the process ... :P So gotta shake the extra inches and pounds off now.....

Friday, February 02, 2007

.: Dark at first, Bright at last :.

Sharing with her are his thoughts after years of sailing vulnerably in the sea. Rusty the skin has become whilst grinding his teeth over waves and storms that took no mercy on a young heart. Survived through it he leaves no selfish space in between them after meeting this soul, this voice, this body and this mind. Holding her close to him, words whispered is harsh to her ears. Nonetheless his heart by its nature only wants the best protection for her, to know what he's been through that words from his mouth could be so detached with his age. There is so much he wants her to see!

She was doubtful of his intention. A different love he's pouring is none that she's used to seeing. Making herself to step out from her glass house to chase after this sailor now she stoned on the same spot. Behind her are words that constructed her all these years; Words ahead of her are provocative enough to provoke her cocoon. She doubts if he ever wanted is for her to be like him, or any shadow that he hungers in the dark. Heart trembles, tears are shed, questions going around about in her mind confusing her isn't she the package he treasures?

Yet all he ever wanted is to share and locking her close to his heart. Purely he gives, unselfishly he shares. All he wished is for her to unwind the defensive and look beyond what's inline. A blunt mind reserves no room for the sky that is wider, for the ocean that is deeper and bluer, and for the breeze that is soother. Foreseeing the storms will be vicious as it always be, the journey of one is seemingly lonely. Hearts bind, she is willing for a renovation that breaks none of her beliefs but reducing the friction of edges formed over years. What's encouraging her is merely the hope he has in them, and she wants to change for better. Not as easy as it seems, she knows she'll always be reminded.

Friday, January 19, 2007

.: Time to get busy :.

Was assigned a new project to work on lately and heck the time line is tight! What's lucky is we've got a technical consultant to seek advices from. His sample codes have really helped a lot. Pressure comes from understanding the codes and use them on my own, which is quite a challenge because basically I just cant do it without understanding what's the code doing! Working on it and hopefully I can meet the time line.

Was quite stressful yesterday as was stuck in the middle and don't know what was I doing -- that's the most stressful when you don't know what you should do to solve the problem. So went home late and sweated it out, ended up only had dinner at 9pm. But it felt better.

He's back tomorrow. =) That's enough to bring a big grin on my face.

Monday, January 15, 2007

.: A life after it :.

After the clouds are clear, the sun seems shinier than any other days. Hope is reinstalled upon a realization after much of a pondering over time. Smiles are found again on the faces, Love is seen again in the eyes of the beholder and Passion is flamed upon anticipation unleashed from the confiner.

It just feels so great to come out from it. She sees herself in the mist of the past, the shadow she has no intention for abolishment but allow it to become a warning for herself to never turn back to be.

On the other side of it stands the reception of a warm & loving heart. Trust herself it is the heart she shall be chasing after. A self she's now carries a different view on the valuable kinship, not because of all the unashamed show offs; But how the heart makes her see themselves in a path that is unpredictable yet planned in a name of future. Companionship & togetherness she now feels are the inspiration the heart instills onto her. A desirous hope for eternity which she never thought is realistic in the pacing cruelty world somehow lurking in her mind.

Beautiful & Inspirational, that is.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

.: All My Life :.

Dedicated to someone special.. Words in the song says how I feel, hoping it to be All My Life.

A great love song, isn't it? :)

Artist: K-C & Jojo
Song: All My Life
Album: Love Always

Baby (x11)

I'm So Glad...

I Will Never Find Another Lover
Sweeter Than You
Sweeter Than You
And I Will Never Find Another Lover
More Precious Than You
More Precious Than You
Girl You Are..
Close To Me You're Like My Mother,
Close To Me You're Like My Father,
Close To Me You're Like My Sister,
Close To Me You're Like My Brother
And You Are The Only One My Everything
And For You This Song I Sing....

All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
And I Thank God
That I..That I Finally Found You
All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
And I Hope That You Feel The Same Way Too
Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

I'd Send You All That I'm Thinking Of........Baby

Said I Promise To Never Fall In Love With A Stranger
You're All I'm Thinking Of
I Praise The Lord Above
For Sending Me Your Love
I Cherish Every Hug
I Really Love You

All My Life (Ohhhh..Baby, Baby)
I Prayed For Someone Like You
And I Thank God
That I...That I Finally Found You
All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
And I Hope That You Feel The Same Way Too
Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

You're All That I Ever Know,
When You Smile All My Face Always Seems To Glow,
You Turned My Life Around,
You Picked Me Up When I Was Down,
You're All That I've Ever Known,
When You Smile My Face Glows
You Picked Me Up When I Was Down
Say...You're All That I've Ever Known
When You Smile My Face Glows
You Picked Me Up When I Was Down
And I Hope That You
Feel The Same Way Too
Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

And All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
And I Thank God
That I..That I Finally Found You
All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
And I Thank God
That I ..That I Finally Found You
All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
Yes, I Pray That You Do Love Me Too

And All My Life
I Prayed For Someone Like You
And I Thank God That I...That I Finally Found You.....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

.: Happy 2007!! :.

So it came! Finally.

How was your new year's eve? I was away from KL, away from the noisy, congested, filthy city and hopped myself into a small, cozy, warm, jolly town of Malacca. I can say after so many years, I be on a trip to somewhere for a special occassion as such. :) Good feeling! Rejuvenate myself before beginning another year of hassles. It was a fun and soul fulfilling trip! And of course spending it with my love one means much more! Wishfully we'll have more trips in the coming years. :) Can't forget to mention we've got good companies along the trip -- a lovely couple who're easy going. Hope they too had a great time!

Uploaded are some photos of my trip after getting them from my friends. Happy new year everyone! And all the best in everything you do and wanna do!

@ Puri hotel, playing with the old-fashioned phone, it's working by the way ;)
Image Hosted by

@ the ice blend shop with KeeYin, he was having the durian ice kacang. It was too rich in taste, didnt quite like it. Ended up we couldn't finish it. Lol.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Standing with the aboriginal model @ the Jonker Street. "He" is indeed very dirty :P
Image Hosted by

Standing on the stairs walking up to a museum of which I'd forgotten about the name =.="
Image Hosted by

Now look, canon! hahahaha! Historical tourist spot of Malacca.
Image Hosted by

Back from the walking, took this at hotel garden. A very nice hotel indeed!
Image Hosted by

At night, we went to have this satay lok-lok, and we had to queue nearly for an hour for a table! Gosh.. but worth it. We spent nearly an hour to enjoy our dinner too muahahahha!
Image Hosted by

Back to the hotel before going out for the count down, as I said the hotel is nice, I like the chairs and the deco of the building. It's really ancient and gothic, classy ;)
Image Hosted by

A very nice trip I've had :) Must admit I played till getting lazy to work :P