Friday, July 29, 2005

.: That's It :.

Result is out today.

I get a 2nd upper honor for my degree. Kinda disappointed coz I aimed for getting a 1st class. I know my parents are hoping I can get 1st class....... Now I understand why the lecturer asked us to aim high - to avoid feeling like shit if grade drops. I still feel not-so-delightful .... Hmm... But it's a fact. How good I scored for my certificate is gonna affect my impression during job interviews, but the performance of my work is what counts when it comes to work because a paper means your capability to handle and manage new experiences and responsibilities, right? It did mean something - an appreciation and entitlement of all my hardwork for these years... I guess I cant just sit here and moan over it because it isn't so bad right?

As for my work, today is the last day of my induction training. I honestly said that the friends that I know in merely 3 weeks -- we just had so much fun and supports for each other. I really felt like we're a family! Sue Mei, Kim, Jenny, Gowri, Usha, Nadia, Noorul, Yati, Cecelia, Sri, Bradley, Shaun, Praba, Jacob Jr., Sudesh, Ariff, Khairi, Geoffrey, and lastly my babe Wendy are all my fellow colleagues and friends. They are so friendly, "kewl", crazy, helpful, supportive, motivated, artistic, playful, talented, creative.... I'm speechless. From the first few days when there are small cliques of our own during breakfast/lunch breaks till we can sit together in a big long table and chat while eating.... So...... some of them will go under UK and US, even Aus & NZ .. our working time is totally different so it's hard for me to meet them again in the future... I just want to say I've had the most wonderful time with them. I enjoyed the 3 weeks of my working and I'm gonna miss them very very very much.

To all my new friends and colleagues, no regret knowing you all, all the best and we shall come out to have a drink sometime soon!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

.: Still feel like am studying :.

Hi all, sorry for slow update.... I was tired everyday after work because I have to get up at 5am everyday.. But I cant sleep early else I can be more energetic. Thanks for all the blessings, my dad now is fine. He will have to go back for 2nd operation though on the coming Monday. He will be okay coz my mom is basically the best dietician h can get hahahaha! She cooks the food less taste coz need to be less salt less oil but still yummy.

My work is fine -- now is 3 weeks of induction training and I've got into the 2nd week of it. PLenty of activities that make me feel like am still in the college hahaa. We have potluck party on next Thursday. Wendy and I plan to make sandwich while others who are unable to bring food is calling for catering. That's alright coz not everyone has own transport and to bring portion of 8-9 people is really burdening. I'm not taking my own transport but it's alright, sandwiches are not that heavy. Egg and Tuna sandwich are what's on our mind. Hehe. A few girls of my class are performing too, including myself. We're doing a 70's dance "I Will Survive" - simple moves, lots of fun. I take part because it's fun as all girls play and dance on stage. It's not that I'm doing it alone or only a few of us... there are around 7-8 of us so I feel like playing more than performing. Well think about it, induction training is only once in a life time there. Why dont just enjoy it before hectic life begins right? *wink*

Besides this party we're just done with group magazine today. Our topic is Whales of The World. Educating and entertaining ( haha! Of coz must praise ma~~~!!). Lots of cut and paste so my collection of magazines are useful but sob sob there goes my magazines .. lots of holes.. Never mind our magazine is NICE... I enjoy doing it!! For the past few years of my colleage life I was totally cut off from all these sketching, cutting & pasting.. muahahahhahaaa!! And we talk and laugh while doing it and let our ideas go wild and imaginative!!! A big N.I.C.E!

My colleagues are all very crazy. I must say this 3 weeks of induction training will never being washed out from my memory becoz I just have so much fun.Today we're totally out of mind, even in normal days the most quiet ones are so hippie today. Oh yeah, today is my company's 3rd birthday. So everyone gets kinda relax today. They apply work hard play hard theory.

I'm telling you all the good things eh? yeah I do realize it. Never mind when I finally start my job I think I'll have bad things to tell u all. Just wait. So now I need plenty of beauty sleep everyday. I sleep for 1-2 hours when I got back home daily.. today I'm totally losen out. I only woke up 2 hours ++ later jsut now. And frankly I couldnt even shower first before I went to get a nap. Just.... collapse.. hehe.

Ok I guess it's long enough.... Jae's out!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

.: Home :.

My dad is coming home today. :)
Thanks Dr.Kim Tan.

Thanks to the friends who asked about my dad. He is alright. For those who havent know what's happening: My dad is admitted to hospital on 11/7/2005 ( Monday) because he felt the pain at his heart. After checking he's proven to have artieries blocked aka coronary disease. His case can be considered as Heart Attack. Many of arteries are blocked. Doctor cleared the main one, which is 99% blocked on the left heart. If it's 100%, stroke happens. The other on the right heart is 97% blocked.Other smaller arteries can be treated by medication. So left blocked is clear, and the right blocked will be clear in 2 weeks time. At the meantime he's still a bomb.

My dad is coming home today :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

.: My Hero :.

You're always a brave man in my life,
Smile is never lost seen on your most graceful face
Even though there are tough times in our life;

You always beat the challenges by yourself,
This time you're not alone,
we'll fight together with you, dad;
You've beaten the most difficult times,
this is just like a snap of finger. You can do it!

You have the biggest heart and God wont take that away from you,
and from us;
Life is beautiful, dad, and you'll taste the beauty of it again soon.

"Sir, I want to see a brave man walking around the site with commanding power.I miss you alot, come fast. Until that I pray to my God for your good. Ur bro, Rajesh" -- Rajesh, my dad's colleague sent SMS to his phone.

Friday, July 08, 2005

.: Hmm... Work lu :.

To be honest I had a slight disappointment when I didnt get the call from HDPM the day I finished my final interview with them whilst Wendy received their call just a few hours after that. I'm happy for her that she gets the offer ^^. On the other hand, I myself thought maybe I'd done some mistakes during the interview that caused me to miss the offer. However I feel it's a normal process that everyone will go through when looking for jobs. You're choosing also you're being chosen. So, I tidy up my mood and look for another while working on the part time job.

The next day I dragged my butt to work because I still feel uneasy at my stomach. Then I got a call from HDPM. For a moment I thought it's gonna be a reject call. But the person on the line told me I got through and I'm offered a job called Security Processing Data Maintenance (SPDM) -- what the heck it is?!?!?! As far as I'm concerned my job is different from Wendy.. Hmm I dont have any idea how come I'm offered this job ( maybe I'm not good enough but they do need people ... lol). And I dont know what I do being this position... Hahaha! So I decided to give it a try. I get positive response from parents and my ex-supervisor asking me to just go ahead and learn some experience, if really not happy and I dont learn anything then I can leave and seek for another job. The salary is quite low but I can accept that for being a fresh grad. I dont know how much I worth, do you? Hahaha so for being a newbie I'm ready to put aside the money issue and just gain some experience. Moreover it's quite a huge company, maybe I'll taste some salts and sour but it's alright. Society comprises many kinds of people, you wont know when you're gonna get it, so as my God-brother said :"STAY LOW(profile)" . He also told me 2 rules:

Rules no.1 : BOSS is ALWAYS RIGHT.
Rules no2 : If you think you're RIGHT, remember Rule no.1 : BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

I feel like kicking him at his butt....

So, okay. I'll start on Monday. I went for a medical check-up yesterday with Wendy and YES I'm totally healthy. I felt like I'm a total idiot when doing the medical check-up because I've never had one!!! But it was quite a fun experience for me hahahahhaa. Luckily I had Wendy with me or else I really looked like an idiot.

I get to know that Wendy and Daniel are sick too. Take care ya both of you. Dan, how's the feeling of going bowel the entire day? Hahaha dont eat oily food.

OK will stop here. Tell you guys more next time.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

.: A Sudden Strike :.

I'm just recovered from illness that striked me suddenly 2 nights ago. I guess it had to do with the place I was seated in the office that day - It was horribly cold, it was freezing! My nails were purple in color!!!! And I think I must have got the cold air into my stomach that made me poo-ing the entire day yesterday! What went in, came out right after that. Terrible. I even puked in the morning but as my stomach was empty for the entire night, I ended up puking air. SOB.....

And because I've got a final interview this morning I got to take medicine so I could wake up, smile, energetic and walk! And so I did, popped few pills - pain killer as I was having terrible migraine and the one that stopped me from poo-ing.... Hehehehehe. I even drank Ho Yan Ho herbal tea. And I went to sleep. It worked. This morning I feel good again! And few minutes later I've gotta drive out to pick up Wendy and head to HDPM for a final interview. I think I'll accept this job if I could get it and work for the time being, and I will be looking out for opportunities too if I find this job is not what I want. :) So, if I quit this in the future and look for a new job, I still got some pennies to spend so it's not like I have nothing, compare to now. Hehehehe, wish me luck *wink*

To the friends who're employed, happy working; to those who havent and even havent started to look for one, take some rest, spend some free time to do the things you enjoy doing and all the best!

Fingers crossed ....... It's either I go to IGB building(Midvalley) tomorrow and for the week after until I find a permanent job, or I ask parents for car next week onwards, to drive to Cyberjaya... hahaa!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

.: Decision to make :.

Writing this post at the office during lunch hour--I was seated at the corner so I have the least attention. QUite a nice place to sit as no one cares what am doing, except that I have to report to my head end of the day... Even my ex-supervisor JEnnifer forgot to call me out for lunch since I was seated in different place today. Anywayz, work has been OKAY.. quite boring. What I did is just charting, checking report, recruting and filter respondents... so far that is all.

I've been offered a job as Global Support Executive (NICE NAME!!) in HDPM (a HSBC group) at Cyberjaya -- as back-end data processing officer I think. If I'm through for the final interview, I'll be working for Taiwan continent who yeah, processes data for Taiwan HSBC customers, deals with Taiwan HSBC bankers though. As I said, a back-end. So I'll never need to speak with the customer I presume. Salary is 1.5-1.8k .. Working hours is perfectly normal (9-6pm) as others who work for UK or US would have to stay up while people are going to bed. I've been troubled by the salary and job scope, I wonder would it be interesting and well-paid. My parents and Jennifer, even Dan babe said go ahead and do it as I'm fresh grad, being with HSBC gives me a better background. But I have another job offer as a Java Programmer which is still pending now and I got a decision to make on next Wednesday! I hope I can have an answer from the other job before next Wed, so it'll be easier for me to make decision. It's quite troubling as human always hope for better. But would I regret for what I missed -- this is the most terrifying feeling. I certainly dont wish to be 1 of the unemployed in Malaysia, but looking at offers I feel that I deserve better? Greedy? Or maybe..... just fit into this job in HDPM, spend 6months-1 year to collect experience, and aim for transferring to different department in HDPM after that, or head outside for a better place. You guys please gimme suggestions and advices. Thanks a million!!