Monday, April 18, 2005

.: Finally, life for FYP is over :.

Finally, I went for the presentation this morning at 9am. It didnt turn out to be a good news for me at first when I knew I am scheduled for today's morning. But think twice, it's actually a good thing, as I will have more time to set up my PC before presentation.

It was quite tension for me because the most worried is if the program doesn't work when you present it. And it happened!! WTH! Luckily both of my advisor and supervisor didnt sentence me a dead sentence when it couldnt work out perfectly. My advisor had alot of things to say.... mostly are saying my system is not very good.. and my supervisor didnt back me up. I wonder why... for all the friends who presented, their supervisor backed them up. But mine ..... haizz..... Never mind, I argued it myself ! Pif ! So just when I thought I'm just gonna be graded a so-so grade, at last my advisor said everything is good. Analysis is good, documentation of provess development is good. Hmm... really hope that I will do well.... =.= "" ...

OK, one main thing is done. Another 3 projects are awaiting..... help~~~~... Getting lazy @.@ hahahaha OK am out. Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, April 11, 2005

.: More and more reading :.

Reading is always not my thing since... well maybe can say it's not a culture in my growing environment as I wasnt taught to have a habit of reading since I was small. And I didnt start this habit when I went schooling. So I ended up a barely read kind of person. Hmm I did read,Megazine.. those trendy megazine that teaches you nothing more than fashion and make up and ... basically how to become an attractive female. (Yeah, I think that's the point of publishing those megazines to keep all the females up-to-date on what to wear, what to say, where to hang out, what to buy, how you behave etc *deep breath*) I'm quite a sucker for those last time becoz the information they provided is really compact! But... I wonder why I dont read them anymore? Spending most of my time in front of the PC should be the MAJOR cause.

As approaching the final semester.. I should say as studying the final year of the degree course, reading has become essential because we need to find information and knowledge in order to do our projects/assignments, which involved alot of reading! *bumper!* Sometimes I feel really lazy to read, but if I make up my mind for that, actually it does give me something I didnt know. It feels kinda nice. Hmm... I guess I would like reading if I start it now? zzZZZzzzzz....

There's something needed to be settled but needs alot of time ... Human and human communication is the hardest thing in the world. Don't you all agree? A slight misunderstanding may cause such a huge change in friendship. And if one of the parties is not into bringing it out and talk about it, it becomes real hard for the other party who wishes to clear the clouds. But maybe I just have to accept the fact that sometimes thing just had to be the way it is, for the sake of both.

OK.. jae off. Have a nice day everyone.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

.: SING~~~~ till your lung drop :.

I'd been to Red Box with couple of friends on Thursday: Daniel, Wendy, Louise, Kingko, Yin Chew and Chao Learn came abit later. We basically started singing from 3-8pm..... 5 hours?!?!?! Wow now only that I realized. People say shop till you drop, I would say we sang till our lungs dropped. Really hard to imagine. Kingko has a good voice, and he knows alot of songs! Bravo. I sang till I almost lost my voice and the last thing I wanted to do when it was time to go home is to talk. It got better when I reached home.

I rarely went to karaoke last time, but once I joined Wendy once, I guess I've had interest in abusing people's ears hahahahaa. And guess what, I learn most of the new Cantonese/mandarin songs from karaoke. Thanks to Wendy and Zoe who chose songs that I dont know, and they had a great time there singing and me .... what could I do? Being a background supporter. NEVER MIND! I learn! And before they knew it, I could grab the mic over, open my mouth and sing (To keep the mic with ya, you gotta know the song sista!).... nyek nyek nyek. This is how I learn. And they will swing around the mic and say "Jae, go learn this song! Next time we sing together!" SO SWEET!!! Hahahahaha!!

It's pretty tiring to sing karaoke. I wonder why, merely singing. And it can work out your abs muscle, BELIEVE ME. Hehehe I think those who do sing in the karaoke know about this? Or just me being strange? Weirdo. Erm...Ya, it's tiring. But it feels nice hehehe a form of pressure release hahahaaha. And I found that singing Cantonese/Mandarin songs is way better and easier than singing English songs. I dont know why. It's like the Cantonese/Mandarin songs are created specially for karaoke. haha.

OK. Me off for now. Anyone wanna join us in the next karaoke session? Leave name. Ciaoz~

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

.: The day is coming :.

Got to know that my FYP presentation is schedule on the next Friday, 15/4/2005. Anxious, nervous -- which I'm not supposed to feel as I'd finished the work. But I need to bring my baby unit to present as all the software is installed into my uni already. Wish me luck *wink*

Lately I got to know that my coursemate Wimal has made a blog for himself. Quite an interesting one. I have a good time reading in his blog as his posting is funny hahaha. Good job Wimal.

Oh ya, about my hair cut. I cant really change any hair style I think. I got big round face so too short is not the best for me; Too long will make me look old. I have to keep them at a certain length above my shoulder -- but all the time a new hair cut makes me look like a teenanger.. Hahhaa which means YOUNGER. Muahahahaha! Not bad eh? nyek nyek.

I love and hate the class on Tuesday. Love it is because it finishes up early and I have the whole day ahead for myself; Hate it is ..... certainly is because I have to get up early that I missed the best time to sleep. Ish! Mom needed to go to the market so I gotta wait for her to come back and drive me to college......and that is why am typing away HERE!!!

OK, stop here. Will write more soon. Happy Tuesday everyone.