Tuesday, December 26, 2006

.: My Xmas :.

Started on 23rd.. continue on 24th, ended on 25th, or 26th :)
Been having a long Xmas this year, full of blessing and cherishing moments.

An elegant, romantic night I had on 23rd. Sitting at the restaurant with my dearly, nibbling on crusines and found a little space of peace and romance which we could have in the middle of the congested air of KL. I'm glad we made it a night to remember.
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taken @ delta. Lovely :)

Been to Justin Lo concert on 24th. A great way to spend for Christmas eve!! The ambience, the crowd, the song, the perfomance, nothing is left regretful about! He is indeed a very talented singer & writer. Nice voice, BIG voice. There were a few moments which I just melted into his voice.
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before the count down, enjoying the singing
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After the count down, happening !!!

on 25th, had a pot luck party at Yin's house. I was feeling uneasy the whole day, blamed it to the oysters I had on 23rd I guess. Food poisoning? But I only threw up, no bowel. I dont know. My stomach was acting up and I felt like I'd spoiled the night. Took med to stop vomitting and had some food later of the night, and I threw up everything I consumed. What a night.

On 26th Boxing Day, today, forgot to get a friend's Xmas prezzie and we hope it ain't too late :P Well it's all about boxes of prezzie after Christmas aint it?

Okay, now, Bye bye Christmas - such a short but memorable, cherished & full of blessings season; And Welcome 2007! Let the count down begins!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

.: Xmas!!! :.

Here it is !!!! Been waiting since the beginning of the year and now 2006 is saying goodbye in a jolly and merry way! Been going around the blocks to check out the Christmas decoration and I'd collected some pics for my hunt. Using my K750i to snap I guess it wont be better than using a high quality camera but who cares!!!

Midvalley Candy House!!!
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KLCC Xmas Tree!
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Neway at One Utama :)
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Sunway Pyramid & Sunway Resort Hotel tour ! heehehe
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There are a few more places I've yet to visit! Will post more when I'd collected them!
Merry Christmas everyone! My Christmas starts today!!

Acquaintance of Jae to Share

"An acceptance yearned from each other led to the beginning of a brand new meaning of my Journey." A Journey that would lead to a self-proclaim state of serenity, with the path left lingering upon on all imaginations on this acceptance yearned.

My honour to share with readers of this Blog the lifelyhood & likelihood of a new path set upon. Let the opportunity of silence flow through Christmas & a Brand New Year of 2007.

Wishing all of you, a Blessed Christmas and a pleasent New Year to hope, treasure and imagine beyond.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

.: A company along the path of life :.

Introducing ..... a company that I call for my own into my sanctuary.

An acceptance yearned from each other led to the beginning of a brand new meaning of my journey.

Quote from his recent writing --
"A livelihood of men;

An inspiration of love;

A vision to portray upon;

A hope for the years to come."

A great painter of his own, I wonder when he will start his painting on the wall. And I shall be awaiting. :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

.: What card are you? :.

Seen a few of my friends' blogs are having something like this, so I played too and this is who I am from the test. Hmmmm.....

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Go try it out :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

.: Couldn't ask for more than this..... :.

Christmas songs playing all over the mall while I went shopping .. The decorations that are unique in each mall has really brought everybody into the mood for Christmas and New Year. Looking at for a day of celebration it made people to prepare it a month before hand -- a feeling of overwhelm sweep me off my feet. It's that time of the year again. :)

I browsed through my archive and found an entry which I wrote what I've done in year 2005 and the changes I had in that year. Should I do it again for this year. It was a huge change in 2006, which ended rather regretful but, beautifully. Every year I hope I do better, try to impress more people than to disappoint them .. however life isn't such perfect and in a way I want it to be. Things happen, shit happened, and we move on taking it a lesson we learned along the pace. Grew alot in this year, seen alot too. "Life gets better" - when it was my lowest point in life, pissing myself off and questioning the kind of a person I am, someone said that to me. For my theme of "Life is a treasure, live it to the fullest" and "be ALIVE while you're alive", it does make an impact by stopping me to continuously think negatively and take a step forward. Stopping at the same spot does no good to myself. Who doesn't want a life to be remembered and meaningful to ownself, at least? Regretful as it is for things that happened, sorry as it is for people I'd turned down.. I am grateful that I am still valued by many. Utmostly I mean alot to someone, Couldn't ask for more than this..

Tend to think back alot during this time of the year.. I'm glad I still will take a break and think about it. Reviewing myself. Have I given enough? Have I contributed enough? Have I showed the people who are valuable to me how much I value them? Have I done the things I should to achieve something in life?

Things been changing since I started to open up and show my feelings to the people I care about. The most odvious are my family members and meeting with new faces. Dad has been softer and open up to chats and caring. Mom has been talking to me, even I came home late, a little chat does help to understand each other better and thus the love for each other gains. I try to take out time and really listen, be attentive to them while I still have the chance. Brother has been sharing his stuff to me too. I realize by taking the 1st step is really nothing to lose BUT to feel even greater. I sure hope I am dear to them in anyway. The same attitude I carry onto meeting new friends, and I feel so good having the smiles in return. The same attitude I carry onto my own friends, just to let them know I do care about them and love them much. Giving, not in a form of cash/presents, is something even harder to do because people don't open up... but why not?

I dont even know if the things I wrote making any sense to you :) Just some thoughts that crop up during working hr and yes I am writing away while working. LOL. And thought of expressing it while still in the mood :P Been valued much by a particular individual lately and yes I feel like.... Couldn't ask for anything more than this.. He gives me courage and support to think further in life of how I want it to be - achievement in career, achievement in family, achievement in r'ship. He gives me courage & boldness to even hope that he'll be there in my future --- this, I've never ever have a feeling like this before -- the feeling of wanted & treasured, and feel like giving the same in return. How promising and touching it is when the someone you really love and hope to have for life includes you into his future plans, can you see how much he values and loves you?

Used to think it's silly when talking about future in a relationship... perhaps it is the insecurity I felt last time. Didnt even think how future will be with the person I was being with. "Dont even know if we could still be together for another year...." I used to have a feeling like this.

And now, he who is certain touched my heart when he visualized his plans and how we can do it together hand in hand. It is a feeling of certainty. A feeling of togetherness. A feeling of acceptance. A feeling of belonging. A feeling of no matter what happens we will pass it if not gracefully, at least not alone. Looking into his eyes while he was talking about it, I can't help but doubting do I deserve this. Wanted to just slap myself to make sure it isn't a dream.

I just hope it lasts me for a life time..

I guess I'd found my constant wishes for Christmas this year and many years of it to come :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

.: After a while :.

Been nagged by people for some updates as the one that is topping now isn't quite a good one.. So alright I'm doing it now.

Lazing on Wednesday night after a fun time gaming at the PC, guess it feels good to write something for my own.

Life's changed since then, been going out quite often and enjoying it. Life gets better, right? I'm glad that I have a new company who's been there thru ups and downs. Couldn't complain anymore :) Especially during the holiday season where everywhere is overwhelmed with joy and blessings. To the right you see couple walking by hand in hand; to the left you see kids running around begging mommy for some presents; turn again you see friends hanging out around the Christmas decorations at the malls.... It makes you think life couldn't get better than any of these. :) And it makes you feel like just wanna dip your head into your love one and feel the pamper coming from him. I'm thinking what to buy for my love ones this year. My brother has already got the presents and now hiding them under my desk because he's scared my parents will find out what he bought for them. I"m asking him to bring those upstairs to his room.. lol. Our Christmas tree is set up -- half way. LOL! Lacking some lights and deco stuffs. Will get more in the coming days and make it the niciest one!

Work doesnt get better.. I can foresee the pressure coming, most probably next year as everybody is in holiday mood now, even my managers. So alright I'll get what's on my hands done and celebrate Christmas & New Year, and come back work like a cow, and anticipating the holidays for CNY.. .. And work again, and wait for the next holiday.. Life eh?

Of course it isn't just about that ! Gain and treasure the fruits after all the hard work! So I'm planning to have oversea holiday next year. What I have in mind is Bali. Family is planning to go to Beijing around Sept of 2007 so I hope we can make it :) gotta work hard and save well to fulfill my interest of life :) Can't get enuff from travelling as there's always something exciting that you never know ;)

Will post some pics here.. Been to Shogun at 1 Utama last weekend and my bro and I treated my parents a buffet dinner there.. Self portrait some pics with my silly bro hahaha!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Ok.. guess it's quite an updated post? See ya guyzz.. take very good care of yourself !

Sunday, November 19, 2006

.: Some updates :.

I know that this is gonna be a very long entry.. As there is something I need to tell my friends who's been frequently visiting to my blog..

Ended with my relationship 2-3 weeks ago. I know now opening it up seems to be obscene even maybe offensive to somebody but I guess it's the phase of life I've gotta face. And this is phase of life that I've gone through. And so I would like you, my friend, to know about it.

It's not easy. I'm not gonna bitch about how hard I felt though yeah I lost a few kgs through a weekend becoz of gastric reacting as I lost appetite to eat. I gave up the relationship becoz I found out there're things which we cant see eye to eye at. There is something I cant find the bonding with. there is something we dont have in common.... Age is.. something.. Always there is something to me. I'd bluffed myself that we can get over it as time goes by. And so as time goes by, finally I found out I just cant get over it. And thus I hurt him directly unintentionally. I'd also hurt myself through out. Relationship is not something you can take to experience with (but if you never try, you never know, so does devil speak.) I'm so selfishly taking it for myself and this guilt has never subside because I am guilty in experiencing it. I made up my mind and my heart to break it knowing it causes more pain in the future than now. I am now gradually hoping what I'm learning now helps to fade the guilt I'm having...

I thought I should have accepted all the punishments that God thinks I should for hurting another soul. Yet God sends me another angel. I am not gonna deny that there is a new hope in my life now. And this time as I learned my lesson very well, I eagerly dont want to step into any relationship in a rush. The angel that God sends has taught me very well about patience and understanding. He has taught me very well what I should be looking for in a relationship. The bonding, the admiration, the respect, the understanding, the maturity... all these are essential in a relationship. Love alone, is not sufficient.

I know relationships is something I find it for myself for the rest of my life. It is the decision I'm gonna make for myself. I've been advised for I wonder how many times from my close ones, I've been scolded... But, I still think there is hope for me. I'm not wrong in choosing whom I wanna be with for my entire life. Shall I be with somebody just because I will feel utterly guilty for leaving him? Shall I be with somebody just because I'm used to having him? Or shall I be with somebody whom I love with my entire heart and for him alone for the rest of my life?

I'm a devil as I hurt people's heart. I'm not good. I dont know if I'll ever deserve someone better. But there he is standing there with open arms. I know I should cherish.. And how I'm doing it is just to hold on and not bump my head blindly again to it. Because I value too much of this angel that God sent.

As for my health.. except losing few kgs, food poisoning added up to it that causes me to lose another few kgs that I'm now at my lowest weight level ever. I now weight 48 kg. Happy it is but it also causes people to worry. :) For a food lover as me, I'm sure I'll gain back.

To my babe Daniel, Zoe and Wendy. I miss you all very much. When things happen I just wish I can hold you all and cry over it. Pls do update me how are you now. I can always know how's Dan is doing by vising to his blog. Zoe and Wendy, Wendy especially, I worry to the utmost about you. I'm sorry I didnt find time to catch up with you. But I always have you in my mind and heart.

Zoe and Eric, thank you for accompanying me through my hardest moment. Your comments are much appreciated and considerable :) Thank you for supporting me no matter what shit and how bad is the shit that I've got myself into.

Havent I shared with you my lovely cousin sister pics? Her name is Crystal and she's just a heartthrob. She's 2 years old now. Learning to speak. A very naughty girl but she's irresistable :) I'm sure you'll love her when you meet her :) Here are some pics to share with you all.

taken a day at her house, I have no idea what's the animal hat she's wearing :)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Then, here are some pics taken on her 2 year old birthday :)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here is a pic that is taken much earlier ... I think she's 1 year plus at that time. Isn't she a beauty :)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Now these 2 are taken lately.. naughty as she always is !
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

That's it for now guys.

Friday, October 27, 2006

.: Holidays end :.

Argh... at last it came to an end.. 5 days of rest, how much have you done? I must admit I got to spend sometime having fun.. Been to movie at night on Monday night; and sing karaoke on Tuesday; and I went to pick up my mom on Wed.. Hmm so I guess I didnt waste any days of it hehe.

"Frost bite" is the movie I watched on Monday night. It's a swedish film and it's about vampire. I would say being an horror movie it made me laughed watching.. So, it wasn't scary.. Hahahhaa I got the tickets free that's why I went to watch it.. Else.. I dont think I'll buy the tickets on purpose.. Hehehe

Tuesday karaoke session is the best time during the holiday. It was about 8 of us.. And we really sang our lungs out. So tired after it. But no regret calling these fellas going. I laughed alot during singing because they are just sooo happening and funny!! I can see they enjoyed themselves much too! Hahah next time I'm gonna call them out again for karaoke!!!

How many of you will tell the truth when blogging? I believe something still need to be reserved in myself while blogging.. because.. it's not my private own blog. Everyone of you can view it. I guess my little reservation is not so bad anywayz.. I don't know.. I've seen a friend who's just saying everything out. I admire his braveness. :) maybe someday I can be like one too

Thursday, October 12, 2006

.: A trip to recharge :.

Been away to Cherating for the past weekend. Went to Club Med with colleagues. The trip was organized by my company so I don't see any reason not to go. Another reason is, I was excited because this is my return after 13 years. Nothing's changed. Only more things are extra charged now. Lolz... well, gotta keep up with the world I guess. I missed the special necklace where it's the exchange of cash. And you dont have to carry the cash around in there. Now it's changed to "Easy Card" where from my understanding, it works something like a credit card and they'll need your credit card for a RM1.5k of verification. Souvenir shop, spa treatment, and bar needs to pay. Fair enough.. The spa treatment isn't so worthy because I think you can find anywhere cheaper than there. It costs you RM200 for a 50 mins of Bali Massage :P Hehe..

I'll share some photos with y'all.. Hope they'll make you to feel interested to visit there. When you go, dont forget to invite me too! I didnt get to play much in there. My skin condition was acting up. Just before I took off to the highway my left arm was having rashes caused by unknown reason. So I brought a cream which I don't even know if it's working to ease the itch. The journey took us about 3.5 hours using the new highway, all the way from Genting highway to Kuantan - Kuala Terengganu. The rashes was worse on the 2nd day and I didnt even have the mood to play! >.<

Pantai Beach - the beach Club Med. Nice, clean, comfy, "wavy", windy... It's just so relax to sit there and listen to the ocean wave.. :)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Relaxing in this tomb beside the swimming pool also not bad.. How I wish my dear was there.. Kinda romantic to just fold ourselves inside.. hehehe
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I cant complain much about the food there. Cant get a chance to be starving hahahaha. 13 years back I didnt get to enjoy much on the food because all I ate was lots of sausages (for my memory). Now, NEVA BABE!! hahahaa! The taste bud seducing cousine is in a variety from Chinese to Italian to Japan to Korean, to Malay to French, and some sweet sensations of ice creams and desserts. One more thing that's gonna make some people slurpping over is FREE FLOW BEER! Yeah right.. Enjoyed myself with a glass of beer and some wine.. Couldn't ask for more ;) Here are some of my food to share LOL..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Played basketball, archery, swimming, ping pong... I missed the trapaze, bungy bounce, aqua exercise, yoga exercise, Power walk, kayak, and ETC... ALL SORTS OF FUN GAMES!! geeezzz I'm gonna go again next year and making sure I'm in a perfect shape and condition! And I'm gonna get a pair of bikini!! Gosh looking at my 1-piece there really felt so out! hahahaha!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Nice post! Bull's Eye, not....

Beware of the monkeys there though.. Kinda big size and they're not afraid of human! Lots of them!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

That's it for now guys... I'm sure you're getting a hard time loading the pics. :) ciaoz..

Friday, September 22, 2006

.: Come & Go :.

People come, people go ... when you hope they stay long enough.. they tell you it's the time to say goodbye..

It's sad knowing 2 of my colleagues are leaving. I thought they found the current one is good for them.. But, as one is having a better option in life, one shall not stop Him from moving on..It wasn't the best company I've been under, I guess I still have more to learn before I leave. I'm glad I've known them, in fact the colleagues whom I'm having, I can't complain anything further.. They're jsut great. I like them!

The anime that I'm so into it, One Piece, is slowly coming out with each of the latest episode. My brother is crazy over it as well so I'll always have the latest episode downloaded. It's a great story to watch, and to learn......

Every single character in the anime has something special : they maybe lousy in many ways, but there's one thing that they are so handy with -- they teach me to appreciate who I am and what I am.

Every one of them back each other's up : the friendship and the bonding among them is nothing in words that can described -- they teach me the correct way to treat friend and to people ( the ones that I dislike excluded, I'm still having stinky attitude towards them.=P)

Every one of them laughs from the heart, even for a small matter / for a silly thing that one's done -- they teach me to laugh when the situation is stressful and bad, for no matter how worry I am it wont loosen just because I'm worried. It will loosen when I face it with a light & open heart, and take appropriate action.

Every one of them need each other to go on in life : for one will never leaves another behind.. -- they teach me to be caring, for the society nowadays that people are too busy to even ask " how have you been?"

And many more ...

I just love the story. And love everyone of them. Luffy's character has taught me much. I've become more cheerful and open hearted, and open minded.

I will follow the story until the end :)

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

.: Happy Birthday Mom :.

Not today... last Sunday.. late to post it here.. Anywayz, 1 year older lar..wish my mom to continuously be a happy and a healthy bird! I love ya muaks muaks muaks!!! Dad was back to celebrate her birthday hehehe So we went to a place called Cosmic to have dinner. It's at Maple Suite, Jalan Changkat Raja Chulan.. I managed to take a pic of my food, others were too hungry they didnt wait for me to take pic T.T ...

Banana Chicken - really is 2 fried banana on top of the chicken.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And myself hahahaha
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Saturday, August 19, 2006

.: Finally.... or not... :.

Been having dinner at 11++pm lately.. not today, not yersterday though, at least the work is there already. IT IS THERE~~~~!!!! I can eat and sleep more peacefully.. I surely hope it's gonna be a bugless system but hahahahahah I'm gonna laugh out loud if anyone of us said that becoz it hasnt come to the stage where we can tell ourselves that it's bugless... Coz designer is us, developer is us, and testers is also us.. What on earth are we doing?!?!?!? Did I purposely insert the correct data to be tested and hope that I dont see an error page comes out next? YES! I DID! It's the nature because I really felt tired to go through tons and tons of testing just to make sure that my work is accurate and can avoid the bug to happened! Anywayz, today is Saturday and I still arrived home at 9pm because I was stucked in the office, right after I finished my training in SOA Bootcamp at Sunway Resort & Spa ... gosh...

Life is not so tough afterall if you have adapted to it. SO true! For the first few times when I had to stay back late to do the work, I really felt sad and tired, and angry (looking out from 12th floor of Menara TM off Federal Highway, I really wanted to curse the people who're heading home at 6.30pm...)... Then, 2nd day, 3rd day, 1 week... ... It happened to be a norm for me. It's like .. "Oh? 9pm already?! wow so fast ...." and feel nothing wrong abt that. LOL..... Luckily the hardwork paid off, I could finish up my work just before the due and performed the UAT test without much hammer-falls on my head and my colleagues. It was pretty smooth. :P

And got the chance to attend to a training bootcamp at Sunway Resort & Spa. NICE eh? hehehe! I call it a run away because it's 2 days of training. Meals provided, 3 times a day - morning tea time, lunch, and afternoon tea time. So the stomach is always full, and so... the want of falling asleep is always there! Take a look around you can see at least 5 people are "resting their eyes".. and the one beside me is already snoring~! hahahahaha! It was quite fun because you can get your hands on the lab exercise and try out something new. Bad thing is just that the lecturing session is really hypnotizing... god.... I finally surrendered to my Sleeping Devil and gave in and let him taken me away... Maybe I've not been resting well lately so I found it really sleepy during the lecture session.. But of course I just closed my eyes for 1-2 minutes.. hahaha Cant really fall asleep in front of so many people eh? Saw a handsome and so eager wanted to know his name. Finally I did with the help of my friend hahahaha! But didnt get to talk to him... ish... pai seh lar!! So that's something interesting in the bootcamp, so to speak :P

Saturday, August 05, 2006

.: Frustration, Exhaustion :.

Been working late recently because of a project that is supposed to due next week, or few weeks back? Not sure... the management people always telling you that the due is supposed to be yesterday, always yesterday...

I dont actually feel tired or I'm too tired until I dont feel anything. Imagine 12 hours of brain squeezing, body is okay but mind is totally exhausted. My colleagues and I cant actually stand till 10pm at night because a person's persistance and motivation cant last that long. Eric and I tried to at least enjoy the extra hours of working by singing and creating stupid jokes over some other colleagues. Then it doesnt feel so bad. Our PM is a person that .... I dont know, I dont know him much to judge him but from what he did to us yesterday, I really starting to disrespect ( or I already do) him until I dont really want to have any topics of discussion or chit-chat him, just want to get my work done. Imagined, yes the company didnt say they force us to stay late at client's site office, but moving to here and having to listen to the clients saying " You guys coming on Sunday right? Today work till 12 o'clock right? ", what can we do? Nothing. But to hope that at least our senior managers would do something / say something to motivate us. But none. Furthermore, our PM went out for dinner at 6++pm yesterday (as the day before he stayed and ended up having dinner with us at 9++pm, I guess he can't stand it), and we havent seen him come back after 2 hours. When one of my colleague called him up and told him that we gotta leave, he still asked us to stay. Where was him? Having dinner. Where were we? Staying in the office with exhausted mind and hungry stomach.Yes, we can actually go out and eat at 6++pm / 7++pm and come back, but dont you think it's a waste of time. So we agreed to work till 8++pm, then off work and go have dinner, then go home. At least there's no break in between and we can do some work. . . .. I dont know what's your perception towards this situation, if you think he's okay being like that. Then maybe I'll have to change my point of view.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

.: Imbalance mentality:.

Previous job, I complained that I dont get to use my brain much.....

Current job, I complained.. and I suspect that I begin to have mentality imbalance problem.. I'll tend to think or say things that are extraordinarily stupid, or imagine things that are impossible or unreachable, yet can have a fun time laughing over it with colleagues. I guess everybody is the same then. I"m glad I have one of the best colleagues in the world. They not only easy going, very funny too. With them, thing is not so tough. :)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

.: Yippie!!!:.

I'm going to watch Eason!! wahahahahah!!!!
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

.: Quote ..... :.

"There's gotta be more to life
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me" -- Stacie Orrico "There's Gotta be More to Life"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

.: Father's Day :.

Anyone of you celebrated Father's Day with daddy? I cant stand all the massage chair advertisements, it seems like to express love to parents is only by buying massage chairs for them? SWT! Well..... shame to speak, I'm unaffordable (at the moment) to buy such chair for them... But they already have one ... ggrrrriiirrr...

We went to dine out at a Thai restaurant - named Thai Sabye Sabye at Lucky Plaza, Bandar Park (Off Jln Klang Lama). It's the restaurant we'll tend to go for whatever function it is - mostly is for birthday celebration. The food there is nice, for people who like spicy food, this is the perfect place for you. I've got some pics to share, yes, food again! hahahaha

Songkai Chicken (Thai style curry chicken - very "lemak" (gravy)!) & Mayonneise Prawn - not spicy, very rich in taste (one of my favourites :P)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

4 Dai Tin Wong (4 types of vege/beans fried in famous sambal sauce) & Crab Omelette (light, very good starter)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lastly ... the Thai Style Fried Rice. We always order this accompanied with other dishes, however, the dishes are just nice to have with white rice alone!!! And there's Hot Plate Sambal Sotong(squid)... the sambal chili is the best!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

As you notice there are a few shaky pictures. .. coz my hand was shaking when taking the pics because of too hungry ahhahahaha! Kidding! :P It's just that my shand shoke when taking the pics, sorry for the bad quality!

Monday, June 12, 2006

.: Weekend with X-Men 3:.

I'm sure most of you all have watched X-Men III so I believe I wont be a spoiler here talking about it. So what do you guys think about it? Some said disappointing, some said ok-ok lah, for me I think it's cool (maybe because I dont moan over Cyclops's death that's why it's acceptable for me). I like Jean very very much I think she's so much more powerful than anybody else in the movie! I feel it's cruel the way she killed people, esp. Professor Clark. But I like her, I like her hair! Hehehehee. Did you guys watch until the end? If you didnt then you missed the important part of the movie! Nyek nyek...

I got some photos to show, yeap it's about food again! Hahaha We went to Wong Kok Char Chan Ting to have lunch so I didnt miss any chance to snap snap! Heheheh here they are...

Double sauce chicken baked rice & XO sauce egg rolled with chicken floss.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
"Hui Guo Rou" fried noodle & ice lemon green tea , further up is Pineapple ice blended with jelly chunks
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Didnt miss the chance to snap it with myself haahahahha!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Friday, June 09, 2006

.: New job :.

New job .... Well I dont know what to tell about it except it's .... about .. programming, and programming. I entered at the wrong time, Eric said. Because I didnt get to attend any training before involving in the current project which is very big, but very rush, yet our number of resources are drying out.... Guess why...? I guess it's the pressure that people cannot take it.. and it's ridiculous to implement new framework into such a huge & rush project. It was torturing at first, it is still tortoring now because my brain juice is basically dried out everyday. I wasn't a perfect programmer, I dont know will I ever be, but I'll try my best to learn and catch up to my best ability. It's interesting and challenging that I wanted to say vulgar words everytime my silly mistakes were found and corrected by Eric. I learned a lot more faster as I have reference done by him. I cant imagine my life there without him... THX ALOT PAL!!!

New colleagues are fine, easy-going. The number of people I have now is so much different compare to my previous company. But I'm glad that it goes well for me. The funny thing about human is that, there are people whom you just cant get along with and you don't know why. Maybe I'm silly and clumsy so it's easy for me to approach new faces hahahaa!

Been outing with colleagues at 1 Utama yesterday, we went to play Bowling and dine at Shogun afterwards. To my surprise I didnt expect that my boss was gonna treat us at Shogun. IT"S MY HEAVEN!!! I once imagined how nice it'll be if there're unlimited Japanese cruisine for me to eat, eat and eat. Hahahahaa! The place is nice, food is NICE. So I took a few photos with my phone.

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Nice eh? wakakakakaka

This afternoon we went to SS2 to have lunch, at a place called "Tai Zi" (prince in Chinese). Nice place to hang out. Eric and I were eyeing on the plasma TV on the wall --- good for watching football match! The food they serve there is similar to Kim Gary. Only the cheese is much more than Kim Gary's cheese baked rice. I feel like the cheese is more than the rice! Of course the price .... well quite expensive if compare to Kim Gary. But they have something cute....
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Hahahah! cute or not !!!!

Been a long time nvr update my blog so I'll just write whatever here in 1 go.... Hope you all dont mind hehehehe.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

.: Big day...... my Big day...:.

26th...... hmm... seems like I'm pretty old... When I was 18y/o, I imagined what I'm like when I am 25y/o. So the time has come, and now am way after 25, that really tells that .... time doesnt wait for people. When you're so young, do treasure that one and only youth and make it the best memory you have for the rest of your life because when you grow older, you'll never have that time ever again. Even you think you can, practically, it's not the same anymore. I've not achieved plenty but not bad of myself. Can't compare else I'm gonna feel tough all the time. So this day I just stretch loose and have some fun. It's my day afterall, can't I just play with it a little bit? I went out on Saturday to celebrate a day earlier with my love on so I can leave the time for Mother's Day on Sunday. So I did. We went for movie- MI3 (it's cool!) and dine out. Spent lunch & dinner in Mid Valley so here I let you all see what we had on that day.... hehehe

Pineapple ice - at Kim gary
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A set lunch with Cheezy baked rice + drink + dessert + soup ( obviously the rice has not arrived yet)
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Cheezy baked pineapple curry Pork chop Spaghetti .... it smells NNIIICCEEEEE~!
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The Cheese baked Fillet Fish rice is here. Cheesy Cheesy~~~
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Then, after watching MI3 ... around 7pm ++ we went to Oh!Sushi for dinner. Hehehee.. I made him to treat me Japanese food nyek nyek nyek....
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Yummie YUmmie
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more ......

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Ho ho.... nice ? was given a present in the morning but Had to keep it wrapped until 12am!! So after heading home, the rest of the night I was excitedly waiting for the moment to come.. Keep looking at the clock and asked "Can I open it now pls?" But the answer I got, although I know it's gonna be a "No" I still wanted to ask.... And at last, at 12am, I opened my first present and ta-da!!! I'm very touched after seeing it because that's exactly what I wanted to get as my current one is finished.....

Oh yes .. I love the box....

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And inside is .....
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Now ..... Ain't I the lucky girl?