Monday, June 12, 2006

.: Weekend with X-Men 3:.

I'm sure most of you all have watched X-Men III so I believe I wont be a spoiler here talking about it. So what do you guys think about it? Some said disappointing, some said ok-ok lah, for me I think it's cool (maybe because I dont moan over Cyclops's death that's why it's acceptable for me). I like Jean very very much I think she's so much more powerful than anybody else in the movie! I feel it's cruel the way she killed people, esp. Professor Clark. But I like her, I like her hair! Hehehehee. Did you guys watch until the end? If you didnt then you missed the important part of the movie! Nyek nyek...

I got some photos to show, yeap it's about food again! Hahaha We went to Wong Kok Char Chan Ting to have lunch so I didnt miss any chance to snap snap! Heheheh here they are...

Double sauce chicken baked rice & XO sauce egg rolled with chicken floss.
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"Hui Guo Rou" fried noodle & ice lemon green tea , further up is Pineapple ice blended with jelly chunks
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Didnt miss the chance to snap it with myself haahahahha!
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s7even said...

uhm.. it's professor charles xaxier, not clark (btw so wanna watch superman lol) :P