Thursday, March 22, 2007

Innocent, Naïve Souls Processed.

“7.35am to 1.00pm , 1.35pm to 6.35pm” Rinnnnnnggggggggg!

Cries of 7 years old, eyes of watchful parents, lunchbox, school money 50 cents? 80 cents?, canteen aunty uncles with fierce looks, school buses, junk food, haunted toilets, canes, physical education, Vitagen & Milk ordering are merely thoughts we could recall during our days of primary education. Fears, anxiety exerts the feeling we have rather than joyful moments as most of the pupils of Malaysian Education are bulk with torrential bags filled with text books, homework which are measured in Tons! But these are the things that we ponder most from our childhood education where all we do is “Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi, Minum Susu….”. All we need to do is make sure we attend class and do exams, apa susah!

“You Monsters, Keep Quiet!”, “Good Morning Class”, “Can I have your homework handed to the front of the line”, “Take out your hand!”, are merely quotes that we are frequently bombarded with. Those whom have failed to adhere to any of the above quotes are subject to severe punishment. Kids let me introduce to you the torture to you for the next 6 years, The Rottan (High quality, durable, environmental friendly product and comes in assorted sizes, usually found in Pasar Malam, best used on thick skin lazy students “hand and buttocks are usual favourite spots but not restricted to!”) 9/10 of us and have taste the feel of this incredible creation of mankind, and the 1/10 is either a drop out, or has highly sensitive skin and prescribe by the doctor that is not fit to be cane “impossible laaa”! So let me see, my record of canes was 20 hits on the buttocks for not passing up ANY of my Art Work for the whole Standard 4. Yes it was in September that than, so I had to go home subsequently and made Chinese New Year Cards, Draw topics related to Merdeka Celebration, Hari Raya and Things of the past, How irrelevant is that! Kena Cane already still have to do, thus lesson is “Thick Skin So what”!

Social competition such as Cleanest Class Competition, Dirtiest Class Announcement was than introduced to our senseless mind, Cooommmon how many of you all actually mop the floor when you are 7-9 years old. When mopping means flooding the class, arranging tables represents building of fortress “Pssst.. anyone experience Accidentally pulling up a girls skirt while turning the chair upside down”, the Blackboard wiping sprint, and Most Horribly the Window Pane Wiping, this are chores done DAILY. I only wipe my window once a year, and I don’t put my chair upside down at home! Imagine turning the Sofa Upside down on your Glass Coffee Table and break it. Singing Competition, Story Telling Competition, have you represented your class before? Where is our Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey? Hey common, we are watching American Idol and it was a talent search, we also have talent search watttt!! during our Primary Days! But how many of those Gold Winners ended up producing albums and acted in Blockbuster movie.

Than we are introduced with the Days, Teacher Day, Children Day, Sports Day, and most importantly Schoooool Holidays! Those days than always have Nothing to do with books & 35 minutes of boring teachings, we used to love those days don’t we. Don’t get me wrong, I Still love those days and still hoping….praying… that the Government of Malaysia appreciate our Gifted Teacher, Future Malaysian Idol, Akademi Fantasia and Olympic Players and declare a public holiday over it! My reason you might ask, simple…. I am a Malaysian!

How about games, missing the game of 1-2 zoom (Still widely use as a tiebreaker these days), Guli (That speaks of how we got Gold for Lawn Bowl at the Commonwealth), Police & Thief (Potential industrial players), Galah Panjang (Snatch thief problem), Chopping (Violent!), Pepsi-Cola (Ankle breaking contest & Used widely in soccer games), are only some I could thought of those innocent days, and NOW you all tell me who say we are CHILDISH!. Free things we get during our days like dental, badminton and basketball court are a thing of the past which many did not appreciate than. Shame on You! Now go to a dental, they charge you! Go Book a badminton court, they charge you! Did I tell enough to make you miss the fun days?

Favorites of all, the Canteen! 50 cent a bowl of Mee Curry or Soup? 10 cent to a buck for an ice cream? How about Mamees that taste better in those days! 20 minutes, we manage to gallop down a hot bowl of mee, have a keropok, and eat an ice cream? Wow, we are definitely in for another Malaysia Guniness Book Of Records. The question is, than why do we need 1 hour to eat now? People tell you 20 minutes eat and go back to work, we tell him, You Crazy, This Soup is Hot You Know! Did our heat resistant drop? Or are we gonna give them the reason of indigestion, and recommend the government to extend the recess time of the kids at school? We used to run to canteen to line up for food, but why don’t you all run to the hawker stalls now? No wonder Malaysian are getting obese! Remember the last time you met a primary mate, and you gave him/her the look and say “Wow, good life la you! Prosper so much already!” and when we turn back, we tell our mates/boy/girlfriends, He damn Fat Already, last time he is very skinny you know! Argh Malaysian!

Nothing seems an obstacle to 12 years old and below, till primary 6. The ultimate test UPSR where still send a chill up the spines of many 12 years old (Do they still have that thing now? And How Many of You all still remember, what does UPSR Stand for?). That is when the term “Burning Midnight Oil” came relevant, but nahh I didn’t study hard. 2A 2B 2Cs was the grades, I liked them mixed.

“The Aunty Smart Daughter got Straight As! You know, So Smart la her!” says your mom. Boring Boring Boring, but did she excel in computer games! I did!

“I know how to Operate a computer, mummy you don’t know, so I smarter than you is it!” Of course I didn’t say that!

The moment I walk off my last day of Primary School (SRJK © Puay Chai) I am sure I was heavy hearted, best friends (How Many of Us Still Hold It Together, I do.. Ray till today we are still good friends), farewell day, emotional pupils merely made we walk faster out of the building I accommodate for the past 2190 days (including weekends and school holidays).

So how many of you have read and felt the sentiments of our childhood?

“Slap!!!” get to work la!! Think so much, you think I pay you to direct “Back to the Future is it”

Friday, March 09, 2007

.: Nothing Much :.

Kind of tired of everyday's life lately... Live like a programmed human basically everyday. Doing the same thing on weekdays, something to look forward to on the weekend though. However, it just feels kind of demotivating and feeling like finding some excitement that possibly could ignite the fire again.. I used to look forward to a new day..

I... what else can I complain about? Just feel like something's missing and I don't know what it is..

And I don't know how should I tell..