Friday, March 09, 2007

.: Nothing Much :.

Kind of tired of everyday's life lately... Live like a programmed human basically everyday. Doing the same thing on weekdays, something to look forward to on the weekend though. However, it just feels kind of demotivating and feeling like finding some excitement that possibly could ignite the fire again.. I used to look forward to a new day..

I... what else can I complain about? Just feel like something's missing and I don't know what it is..

And I don't know how should I tell..


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. i understand what you mean. I feel exactly the same lately... hmm.. I been doing alot alot of thinking.. yes its true, just feel something is missing.. will everyone feel the same sometimes?? hmm i really dun know.. but atleast i know you have this same feeling..

Jae said...

Thx for the comment. Really have no idea who you are since you identify yourself as Anonymous. However, It's good to know that I'm not alone feeling this way. Perhaps it's just a temporary loss in the midst of chasing the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!!! I do sometime felt like this. I understand this.

1) Go for 1 or 2 day holiday. AL or whether MC

2) Find your friends, cheering

3) and blog

4) Go shopping and buy new stuff

5) Set target to urself for what u aiming for this year and terus hantam we no thinking.

I really understang.....wht u r missing.
1)Is "TIME"!!!
-time for doing things that u like
-time to accompany with ur couple

2) Direction
-U should plan for something.
ex. bussiness, marriage, vacation, achivement......whateverlah

3) Sleep
-lack of sleep is very crucial thing to yuor health. must sleep early abitlah. Orelse eat more Calcium and B complex...

maybe I am too long gas datuk... but wish u life happy and Gengki always. Take care as well

Jae said...

TQ ! WOW very constructive suggestions! Holiday sure will do, but maybe not this soon, gotta save money for it; others are do-able :) Thx again!