Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Essence of Blogging & VMY2007

Writing for a passion, anger management, seeking views, exposing your thoughts to the infinite public, bitching about your boss, traveling tips, food, life, etc etc, blogging?

Today was an exceptional frill free morning, its 11.52am and I am enjoying my coffee on a gloomy morning. Side tracking my superiors, I am browsing through pages of information and tons of research on my coming project, while viewing The Star website.
I stumble upon the following, worth trying?

The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project

The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) is an undertaking of the folks behind the AllMalaysia.info website, all of whom believe strongly in the freedom of speech. The objective of this little project is to gather ALL Malaysian blogs under one umbrella site from which (potential) readers can find the various blogs by theme. – Quoted from http://allmalaysia.info/visitmalaysia2007/am_blog/default.asp

Please surf the site for more information, I don’t want to get sued for Plagiarism!

For YOUR information, this is Visit Malaysia Year 2007, so stop your plans on Bali, Krabi, London, LA, Goldcoast and seek alternatives in Redang, Perhentian, Sipadan, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and perhaps Malacca.

Most of us would always think how many countries we have not visited in our life, but how many of you all would safely say that you have been to all of Malaysia’s Best, and I think its safe to tell you places I have been to, cause myself have not been to a lot in M’sia, but heck, why are people coming to see and live beautiful Malaysia and even seek as a second home and us not living the beauty? The following are usual M’sian excuses of Holiday:-

“I am so busy at work, I don’t even have time for Spiderman 3”

“No Money laa, you think I got money tree arr..”

“I planning to go overseas”

and I can go on and on, the list follows…

“You go ahead and plan it, than let me know the time”

“duut….duut…duut… no answer wan”

I think you all are catching up with my point of view on the 101 reasons we can provide. Don’t have time and fund to go Sipadan, go Port Dickson lorr… Don’t have time and fund to go Mount Kinabalu, go to a rock climbing gym lor..

Reasons/excuses are mere sad reality we hide behind, when we are too engrossed into our daily life. Link your blog and go Holiday now!

Dawn of Froustmourne

Chapter unfolded, destined realm of Froustmorne.

Beyond the silent town of Northshire, deep into thee woods of Elywnn Forest

“The vineyard has been take over by the defies brotherhood”

Eirinn: Ding! (Blizzard and Fireblast)

Gundisalv: Congratz! Lets move to Westfall.(Holy Light, Devotion Aura)

Eirinn: Contested territory, for horde we shall meet.

Westfall is underattck!

Year 2007, the sentiments of ancient war craft, blood of fictional tribe, and the continuous battle of among the Alliance and Horde pro-longs. None other than death one shall meet when meet upon thou tribes. The culture, belief and tradition follows, no Horde shall leave Alliance in peace, and no Alliance will permit Horde to grow.

Should Blizzard hire me to do their opening trailer write-up?

Yes, I guess most of you would have known by now, we are currently indulge in the post-Ragnarok era and pursuing our voyage in the World of Warcraft. A whole new experience I must term this exceptionally well-refine MMORG title.

The induction

Gameplay was exceptional as you have more quest which comes with rewards, rather than boring grinding (a word for hardcore experience gaining). Items are soulbound, thus no one would be able to get rich just by playing and hunting more, unless you are talking about mobs-drop gold. Now the headache, 100 Bronze = 1 Silver, 100 Silver = 1 Gold. Tell me bout the value for WoW Gold there. My say is, if you enjoy gameplay and value artwork, and of course you are looking for a MMORG title, than this should not be missed!

The Tribe

Excellent! Everyone is ready to help Anyone in need, all you need to do is A S K!

The Gold

USD13.99 for a month if you subscribe for 6 months, not bad of a fee if you find it interesting, and of course if your partner doesn’t make a fuss out of you glued to the monitor for 48 hours without sleep.

The Dawn
Many say that this game is already at its end-game whereby Epic armour are widely used, and starting the game would be a suicide. I would say 50/50. Mature gameplay yes, suicide? Depends on how well you play.

Visit www.worldofwarcraft.com

I shalt stop here now, or my Mount would need to wait.

Gundisalv: Where shalt we head.

Eirinn: I need bloodscalp ears.

Gundisalv: To Strangthon Vale we move before dawn, and proceed to the refuge camp.

Eirinn: My mount awaits me.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

.: Never alone again :.

It's been a while since my last update --- well it's quite a long while :) Been thinking back about the past few months and realized life is never an empty shell again. I feel fulfilled with a living is like this, knowing where I am heading to and enjoying the present while planning for the future.

New job - from a cozy lazy chair moved to a bigger place surrounded with noises and terms that I'm half familiar with. Learned the skill that acquired me with requirement of the world - well not the top of the list but it's got me to this new place. Will continue the learning as it fills one's soul and mind. Enjoying the learning, certainly enjoying new faces/friends. Miss the time with ex-colleagues though and very glad that I've sincerely kept them as friends, and most certainly will always keep in touch with them.

Quit a 3 years domestic relationship and hop into an international ever popular "friendlier" hottie :D Lolz.. I'm talking about my new toy World of Warcraft (WoW). Playing in Frostmourne realm, a human mage together with Kee Yin, who's a human pally. Anyone interested to join us? Rock on!

Notice some changes in myself which I'm quite satisfied and keep me firmly on the ground. Feeling more confident although new job that requires some impression does gimme some butterflies in the stomach. Used to think perhaps some people have some luck in their life that things they want, they can always have them easily. But now I'll believe for everything that you hope for, if you just sit there hell yeah they ain't gonna come to you automatically. Most importantly never take things for granted especially people whom you thought they will always be there. And when you finally treat someone whole-heartedly without hoping for returns, you'll realize the returns will find you and overwhelm you without you ever expected. =)

Full of philosophy, bet you know them without me even mentioned about them. 2007 is soon come to the half ...spend it well :)