Sunday, May 06, 2007

.: Never alone again :.

It's been a while since my last update --- well it's quite a long while :) Been thinking back about the past few months and realized life is never an empty shell again. I feel fulfilled with a living is like this, knowing where I am heading to and enjoying the present while planning for the future.

New job - from a cozy lazy chair moved to a bigger place surrounded with noises and terms that I'm half familiar with. Learned the skill that acquired me with requirement of the world - well not the top of the list but it's got me to this new place. Will continue the learning as it fills one's soul and mind. Enjoying the learning, certainly enjoying new faces/friends. Miss the time with ex-colleagues though and very glad that I've sincerely kept them as friends, and most certainly will always keep in touch with them.

Quit a 3 years domestic relationship and hop into an international ever popular "friendlier" hottie :D Lolz.. I'm talking about my new toy World of Warcraft (WoW). Playing in Frostmourne realm, a human mage together with Kee Yin, who's a human pally. Anyone interested to join us? Rock on!

Notice some changes in myself which I'm quite satisfied and keep me firmly on the ground. Feeling more confident although new job that requires some impression does gimme some butterflies in the stomach. Used to think perhaps some people have some luck in their life that things they want, they can always have them easily. But now I'll believe for everything that you hope for, if you just sit there hell yeah they ain't gonna come to you automatically. Most importantly never take things for granted especially people whom you thought they will always be there. And when you finally treat someone whole-heartedly without hoping for returns, you'll realize the returns will find you and overwhelm you without you ever expected. =)

Full of philosophy, bet you know them without me even mentioned about them. 2007 is soon come to the half ...spend it well :)

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