Saturday, October 30, 2004

.: Does devil exist? :.

Not pointing at any religion while writing this entry, merely a simple question that popped up in my head thinking does devil really exist? Well went for a movie at Sunway Pyramid last night and you bet, it's "The Beginning of Exorcist". The movie was alright, though others said it's disappointing coz sound system is kinda lousy and the story is slow...
I watched "The Exorcist" many years ago. I was quite small and what I remember is that the bed is shaking extremely fiercely and the girl asked for help from her mom. And also that her head can make a 360 degree turn. Hah, also the greenish and slimy thing she puke onto the priests in the movie. Yuckie. It makes ppl to think whether this devil really exist and HE only took advantage on weak souls, take over their body and mess the world up? Compare with Eastern exorcism, the Western exorcism that the priests perform .. I dont know how to say it, but the power of the bible and holy water are .... amazing. Hmmm... I wouldn't find the movie boring coz wow the make-up is really successful, I felt gross and "geli" and frightened by the look of the possessed one. And ehem, yeah I did struggle abit when going to bed last night. A bit-lar, not much hahaha!! *I'm kinda a chicken when comes to horror movie, yet I like to watch!*
There were a few friends I went with: Daniel, Isobel, Yin Chew, Beh, Soon Feei, Yoong and Kwong. Kwong is sick so, take care ya. We went to Gazebo (hope I spell it right) to have a drink after the movie, heck the fruit juice is merely a small size glass and it costs RM4 each !!! Before that we went to SS14 to have "bak kut teh" as dinner. It is not bad but the soup is kinda thick and we felt thirsty after eating it... too much of Ajinomoto? Lolz.
Alrigtie, stop here. Gotta continue with all the diagram drawing.. grrrrrrr !
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Thursday, October 28, 2004

.: Stressful :.

Knowing that I need to do something for my FYP, knowing that if I don't start it's gonna be too late for me, knowing that I need piles of workload to get my project done....... Well, still feeling lazy and that sure ain't good, AT ALL. My confession ain't doing me any better, guess it's serious time now.
These few days been feeling troubled, down, stressful and worried. The combination of these 4 feelings is driving me nuts and pushing me to the edge. On top of that, PFI subject is unmercifully pressing me to put MORE effort in order to follow the lecturer's footstep. He teaches fast -- and demanding. Good to have lecturer like that coz he's sure a serious jerk, however directly he is also giving us pressure, which I think I'd forgotten abt ( coz been behaving slumber nowadays ). Well, ain't gonna let it beat me down. Gambateh ~~!! I can do it !
Henzz's private server is closing down. Feeling heavy to see it ends that way but it gives him lotsta pressure and conflict, which indirectly affecting everyone while playing the game. Maybe it's terminated for good. I bet everyone is welcoming him back to Loki. The extremely crazy get away is ended soon. :)
Called up Hardrock Ccafe to do some fact finding for my FYP. Well all i can say is that it's been okay all the while though I havent really got the chance to ask my questionnaires. At least I'm not fed with "lemon" when I called ! They have very nice and warm attitude. Thumbs up for Hardrock Cafe!
Alright, stop here. Thanks for everyone who dropped by and read my boring stuff. LOLx. Miss everyone. :)
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Sunday, October 24, 2004

.: A Big Surprise :.

The title has really brought out the feeling from me -- I got a very big surprise last night meeting with my another RO pal from Penang -- her name is Joo. I've been expecting her to come to meet us, but didnt expect she brought a few more friends, whom I thought I'd never meet them, at least not in these few years.
She told me she's coming to KL this weekend and so I thought we should meet up to see each other. She came down from Penang purposely -- I thought she had business meeting so she came to KL. The truth is that she is meeting up a few more friends here, and wanted to give me a surprise. Leztat -- a long lost friend in RO whom I thought we have lesser and lesser contact, but still I care about this friend very much, appeared in front of me and I had no idea who he was until he said :"I"m from Melbourne". I got a shock of my life when Joo looked at me and tell me "he's leztat". "WHAT?!?!?!" was the only response I made. And the surprise didn't just stop there, then she told me another 2 friends are Ayu and YoshiX. "Oh my god!" for that moment I lost my sense and the only word I could speak out was "Oh my god!". I couldn't express much the way I felt -- it's a very very warm, happy and surprise feeling. Leztat, you told me you like surprises and you like to give one, you'd made it mate. LOLX! Till now I still can't believe I would have the chance to meet you. But yeah it felt nice, really nice.
Ayu -- a friend in RO who I always take her as sista --- turns out to be a guy in person. HAHA ! Well can't really blame him as he's using his gf's account all the time. And he really could make himself a girl in the game !!! OR I'm too easy to cheat ? I even talked with him in MSN about dieting, shopping etc all the girlie stuffs ! lolx ! [ why I always got bluffed?!?! ] This is crazy. He's kinda quiet in person, doesn't talk much. And he's sure a good looking guy. YoshiX -- Another cool pal whom I met latter and never got the chance to really become friend, even in the game. He talks a lot in the game but very quiet too in real life. Wonder if he's too shy or ? hehe.
To the three of you - Lez(Chi chi ), Ayu(Eric) and YoshiX(HK), I'm really happy to meet with you all. Words can't stress enough of how I feel. I hope we'll see each other again. Chi chi, all the best in your working and hope life is gonna treat you well, enjoy the reunion with henzz, stitch, jean, angugu and tailo ya ! Eric (Ayu) and HK (YoshiX) -- All the best in studying! And see you all in MSN ( lolz that's the easiest way to keep in touch!)
There were others who came too: DD, Liang, Fook and Teong, we should keep in touch and come out yam cha once in a while. Nice seeing you all again *wink*
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Saturday, October 16, 2004

.: Holiday Ended :.

Like a flash of lighting, my holiday is gonna end soon. And what welcomes me is another semester -- which I dont know how hard it's gonna be, but I know my FYP is gonna chase me like ..... well i know i'm gonna work my a$$ off at it. *gam ba teh ~~ *
Other than worrying abt academic stuff, for the past few das, I've been busy bringing a friend from Brunei to have a tour around KL. Henzz is his name. We got to know each other in game and it's so lucky to have him come visit to KL and meet with other members of the same guild in the game. He was extremely happy and i know he enjoyed the trip very much. We brought him to clubbing, seafood dinner in Klang, birthday celebration in "Ming Tin" of PJ, shopping in Bukit Bintang and shopping + movie in Mid Valley. Besides eat, still eat. *lolz* I brought him for the ever famous pork noodle in OUG and taste the excellent "yin yong"; and I brought him for Cheesy baked rice in Kim Gary ( which is really the first experience for him to eat such food ) and etc. Honestly, talk about food, you ain't got enough of them Henzz. Merely a few days of stay ( not even a week! ), you can't taste KL food enough. My brother and I gave Henzz a souvenir -- a cute and classy photo frame that contained the photo of us who met up. It's supposed to be a surprise and I am so glad that it turned out just as it's supposed to be. I'm glad that you like it. Feeling so touched eh ? *lolz* So, pick a time, come again. You're always welcomed. For the friends who're in Brunei, come to KL to meet with us too. It'd be a great memory for all of us. *wink*
Besides that, we met with other gamers: DD, Liang, MeiQu and Sundaygirl. They are a bunch of friendly, easy-going, kind, helpful, caring and ... they're just great ! Nice meeting you all. And we shall come out yam cha sometimes.
Mom made banana cake few days back. For some friends who'd tasted her baking skill, still remember the scent of the banana cake and how it taste in your mouth? ( I bet you all MISS IT SO MUCH!!! ) I can't deny her cooking skill -- it's always excellent and I know I've no chance to beat her when comes to cooking ( nah! no need to start. I'm ALREADY a loser !! *lolz* ) I salute my mom for that -- she's always great. Love ya babe *wink*
Alright, should "tidy up" my mental and be prepared for new semester. I know I've got lots of catch up for FYP. Good luck to all my friends. See you all on Monday ;)
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Thursday, October 07, 2004

.: Big Day :.

2nd paper was tough. Maybe I wasn't prepared enough. Didnt feel good for doing it bad --- but it is useless to feel regret now. I hope I could pass the paper. .. *sigh*
Well, went for a hair cut in the afternoon. Spent almost 6 hours there. *WOW!!!!* yeah coz in the middle of my session my aunt has other customers so I gotta wait. I fell asleep waiting... Kinda embarassed but since I was at my aunt's house, who cares. But well, worth it though, I re-straighten my hair ( I think I look best in straight and short hair, haizzzzz ) and trim it. At least look more tidier now.
Been to Station One later of the night to meet with a long-time-no-see friend, Dennis. My fellas and babes: Daniel, Elljay, Ted, Edmond and Jezz were there too. Dennis still looks the same - charming, talkative, happy and a lot more fitter!! *wee~~* haha He's at his hometown all the time since we completed the 2nd year of our course. Chatted a lot and took LOTS of pics!! Dennis, remember to send the pics to me ya !! Glad to know that you'll be joining APIIT in next Feb, meanwhile, take good care and keep in touch!!!
And about my title today --- Remember I told you guys that I am playing an online game - Ragnarok Online? Well last night -- this morning to be precise, on 7th Oct 2004, 2am, I made it to 99level, and yes I am glowing now with the aura under my feet. Feel so good. I was very excited when I still had 0.1% to reach 100%. The feeling was undescribable and I am so glad that I made it with my friends with me -- the most important person, My brother ( I was there for him too while it was his turn to become 99level that time ), my close pals: Joo and Henzz. My guild fella, waitwait was also there at that time. My brother even went to bed late because wanted to see my glowing. ^^ hehehehe. That's one of the fun moments of this game I guess. It wouldn't be the same if he wasn't there.
Alright, 2 papers are done and now left the last paper: DBMS. Study hard mates. Good luck!
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

.: First paper :.

Today I sat for the first paper of my first semester exam of 3rd year study: HCI. 4 essay type of questions in 2 hours -- honestly it wasn't enough. I guess for every sentence that we provided it should be SOLID FACT and there should be supportive examples or arguments to support it. It was kinda hard and for the first time I really hoped that I had more time. For the first time I really felt that I was in a battlefield and all I did was just reloading my bullets and shoot until the very last sec. "Chi-kek" ~! I hope I did it well. * keep my fingers crossed*
Besides this there is another thing that made my day. We got our HCI project result today and congratz to Daniel, Wendy, Ted, Leela and Ahmed, we got an "A" for our project. Thanks for all the hardwork. Worth it eh? And congratz to myself as I got an "A" for my individual research paper * wee~~!!! *. Congratz to Dan too as he also got an "A" for his research paper. Keep up the good work babe!
Alright, keep this short. Gotta back to study.
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Sunday, October 03, 2004

I'm Happy

Haven't been updating my blog for such a long time till my friends were asking me to do it -- lolz, thanks babe. I guess it is a little bit weird as everyone is working their asses off for the exam tomorrow, am here typing away spending my pleasure, haha! Gotta take a break so to walk a further distance later *wink*
Been "addicted" to a game since 6 months back- Ragnarok Online, in case anyone of you who doesn't know, it is an online game which you create your character, kill monsters and gain levels. I'm close to become the max level of a character -- 99lvl. Shamely to say that I'm "auto-piloting" my character as I dont have time to play it by hand, and as the game is required player to PAY, say me cheap-skate--- I just can't let it keep its state idle for so long!!! LOLZ! Aside of all the excitements, I got to know bunch of friends who're local and from neighbour country: Joo(Penang), Alex (Joo's hubby in RO *wink*), Brunei fellas: Henzz aka [K]oumi, Anjo aka Angugu, Hawz aka ArcherKnight, Siong aka Stitch, Jean aka deviljean, Jiunn aka tailo (hope I got the names correct =P), also a few of long-lost friends like Lez, Ayu, Yoshi, Gao, jaee, and bunch of my guild fellas(mostly local) : DarkDevil aka dd, Liang aka crimsonliang, waitwait, sundaygirl, MeiQu, Elvo, LiangLiang, AvrilLavigne, kcboy, --doctor--, and etc etc. Although we only spend time gaming thru the net(pathetically saying) and I have some of their contacts in my MSN *wink*, these whole bunch of people whom i call friends are just great, helpful, caring, funny, FUN, flirtatious( lolz ) --- It feels great to have known you all and maybe it makes me feel there's somewhere I belong in the name of Companions. Maybe that is why I stick to this guild for so long haha ( dd, sayang me more !!! wakakakaka )! There are dark sides of the game though, those jerks and bitches who took advantages on my friends and other players in the game --- well.... it is just so real that it is like a world inside, you'll meet different kinds of people -- scammers, rude asses, "angels" in disguise etc. It depends on how you see it, but I think I get to learn something from a game like this. And I cherish the friends I made -- sons and daughters of RO, I wont forget about the fun and sad times we've had and may the flower of friendship blossoms, always. Keep in touch ya ~!!
Right, long-winded of sentimental speech ( it's from the bottom of my heart though >.< ). Now back to "REAL REAL REAL" world which I'm gonna sit for 3 papers in the coming days : Mon, Wed and Sat. I'll do what I can and do my best. All the best to everyone who's gonna prepare themselves to the battlefield. Work hard and ...... gaming after that ( awww get a life !!! ) !!!!! wahahah!
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