Thursday, October 28, 2004

.: Stressful :.

Knowing that I need to do something for my FYP, knowing that if I don't start it's gonna be too late for me, knowing that I need piles of workload to get my project done....... Well, still feeling lazy and that sure ain't good, AT ALL. My confession ain't doing me any better, guess it's serious time now.
These few days been feeling troubled, down, stressful and worried. The combination of these 4 feelings is driving me nuts and pushing me to the edge. On top of that, PFI subject is unmercifully pressing me to put MORE effort in order to follow the lecturer's footstep. He teaches fast -- and demanding. Good to have lecturer like that coz he's sure a serious jerk, however directly he is also giving us pressure, which I think I'd forgotten abt ( coz been behaving slumber nowadays ). Well, ain't gonna let it beat me down. Gambateh ~~!! I can do it !
Henzz's private server is closing down. Feeling heavy to see it ends that way but it gives him lotsta pressure and conflict, which indirectly affecting everyone while playing the game. Maybe it's terminated for good. I bet everyone is welcoming him back to Loki. The extremely crazy get away is ended soon. :)
Called up Hardrock Ccafe to do some fact finding for my FYP. Well all i can say is that it's been okay all the while though I havent really got the chance to ask my questionnaires. At least I'm not fed with "lemon" when I called ! They have very nice and warm attitude. Thumbs up for Hardrock Cafe!
Alright, stop here. Thanks for everyone who dropped by and read my boring stuff. LOLx. Miss everyone. :)
Current mood: stress
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elljay said...

hmm..sounds really stress out..take good care jie..
no worries no worries..gambahteh!! and will still be able to catch up n make it!! *hugs*

Jae said...

Thanks mui.... *hugs* ( tight tight oo )

Anonymous said...

No worries!
I'm sure you can do it!
"Sai Shiong Mou Nan See, Zee Par Your Som Yan".. hehe