Tuesday, October 05, 2004

.: First paper :.

Today I sat for the first paper of my first semester exam of 3rd year study: HCI. 4 essay type of questions in 2 hours -- honestly it wasn't enough. I guess for every sentence that we provided it should be SOLID FACT and there should be supportive examples or arguments to support it. It was kinda hard and for the first time I really hoped that I had more time. For the first time I really felt that I was in a battlefield and all I did was just reloading my bullets and shoot until the very last sec. "Chi-kek" ~! I hope I did it well. * keep my fingers crossed*
Besides this there is another thing that made my day. We got our HCI project result today and congratz to Daniel, Wendy, Ted, Leela and Ahmed, we got an "A" for our project. Thanks for all the hardwork. Worth it eh? And congratz to myself as I got an "A" for my individual research paper * wee~~!!! *. Congratz to Dan too as he also got an "A" for his research paper. Keep up the good work babe!
Alright, keep this short. Gotta back to study.
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Anonymous said...

Ted: Congratulations to both of you on the research paper and great work in the team project... :>

Anonymous said...

Great to know everyone is doing well!


elljay said...

Congrats!! congrats!!

Anonymous said...

aiya !! today paper suck !!!!!
Jae, Same to you babe !! congrat :)
ted, hopefully can pass OT is more than enough already :)

Jae said...

Hmm.. yeah, didnt really do well. I hope I would pass. >.<