Thursday, October 07, 2004

.: Big Day :.

2nd paper was tough. Maybe I wasn't prepared enough. Didnt feel good for doing it bad --- but it is useless to feel regret now. I hope I could pass the paper. .. *sigh*
Well, went for a hair cut in the afternoon. Spent almost 6 hours there. *WOW!!!!* yeah coz in the middle of my session my aunt has other customers so I gotta wait. I fell asleep waiting... Kinda embarassed but since I was at my aunt's house, who cares. But well, worth it though, I re-straighten my hair ( I think I look best in straight and short hair, haizzzzz ) and trim it. At least look more tidier now.
Been to Station One later of the night to meet with a long-time-no-see friend, Dennis. My fellas and babes: Daniel, Elljay, Ted, Edmond and Jezz were there too. Dennis still looks the same - charming, talkative, happy and a lot more fitter!! *wee~~* haha He's at his hometown all the time since we completed the 2nd year of our course. Chatted a lot and took LOTS of pics!! Dennis, remember to send the pics to me ya !! Glad to know that you'll be joining APIIT in next Feb, meanwhile, take good care and keep in touch!!!
And about my title today --- Remember I told you guys that I am playing an online game - Ragnarok Online? Well last night -- this morning to be precise, on 7th Oct 2004, 2am, I made it to 99level, and yes I am glowing now with the aura under my feet. Feel so good. I was very excited when I still had 0.1% to reach 100%. The feeling was undescribable and I am so glad that I made it with my friends with me -- the most important person, My brother ( I was there for him too while it was his turn to become 99level that time ), my close pals: Joo and Henzz. My guild fella, waitwait was also there at that time. My brother even went to bed late because wanted to see my glowing. ^^ hehehehe. That's one of the fun moments of this game I guess. It wouldn't be the same if he wasn't there.
Alright, 2 papers are done and now left the last paper: DBMS. Study hard mates. Good luck!
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Anonymous said...

TZR: ....................................................................................................

elljay said... is a guy who sat beside me..having harry potter..wasn't he there?? *swt*

Anonymous said...

Tell me if I get this right..
TZR was there but Jae didn't mention his name?!? haha
Anyway, all the best for the last paper!

P.S- Drop by to my blog too. I just launch it! ;)

Jae said...

WAH!!! SEI FOH~~~ Dont "pek" me TZR.... !!!!