Sunday, October 03, 2004

I'm Happy

Haven't been updating my blog for such a long time till my friends were asking me to do it -- lolz, thanks babe. I guess it is a little bit weird as everyone is working their asses off for the exam tomorrow, am here typing away spending my pleasure, haha! Gotta take a break so to walk a further distance later *wink*
Been "addicted" to a game since 6 months back- Ragnarok Online, in case anyone of you who doesn't know, it is an online game which you create your character, kill monsters and gain levels. I'm close to become the max level of a character -- 99lvl. Shamely to say that I'm "auto-piloting" my character as I dont have time to play it by hand, and as the game is required player to PAY, say me cheap-skate--- I just can't let it keep its state idle for so long!!! LOLZ! Aside of all the excitements, I got to know bunch of friends who're local and from neighbour country: Joo(Penang), Alex (Joo's hubby in RO *wink*), Brunei fellas: Henzz aka [K]oumi, Anjo aka Angugu, Hawz aka ArcherKnight, Siong aka Stitch, Jean aka deviljean, Jiunn aka tailo (hope I got the names correct =P), also a few of long-lost friends like Lez, Ayu, Yoshi, Gao, jaee, and bunch of my guild fellas(mostly local) : DarkDevil aka dd, Liang aka crimsonliang, waitwait, sundaygirl, MeiQu, Elvo, LiangLiang, AvrilLavigne, kcboy, --doctor--, and etc etc. Although we only spend time gaming thru the net(pathetically saying) and I have some of their contacts in my MSN *wink*, these whole bunch of people whom i call friends are just great, helpful, caring, funny, FUN, flirtatious( lolz ) --- It feels great to have known you all and maybe it makes me feel there's somewhere I belong in the name of Companions. Maybe that is why I stick to this guild for so long haha ( dd, sayang me more !!! wakakakaka )! There are dark sides of the game though, those jerks and bitches who took advantages on my friends and other players in the game --- well.... it is just so real that it is like a world inside, you'll meet different kinds of people -- scammers, rude asses, "angels" in disguise etc. It depends on how you see it, but I think I get to learn something from a game like this. And I cherish the friends I made -- sons and daughters of RO, I wont forget about the fun and sad times we've had and may the flower of friendship blossoms, always. Keep in touch ya ~!!
Right, long-winded of sentimental speech ( it's from the bottom of my heart though >.< ). Now back to "REAL REAL REAL" world which I'm gonna sit for 3 papers in the coming days : Mon, Wed and Sat. I'll do what I can and do my best. All the best to everyone who's gonna prepare themselves to the battlefield. Work hard and ...... gaming after that ( awww get a life !!! ) !!!!! wahahah!
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Joo said...

Heehee, Thanks Jae ^-^ Alex is from Ipoh...

It is a wonderful Blog!!! I like it!!
But i'm too "IN" in the game lor....seems like every lvl is upped, every monster is killed...making lots of reactions on my face lor...heehee
I'm going to die on my Nov's exam lor...**Cheers** hahahah
Good Luck Jae!!! Wish you pass with flying colors!!Keeps on babe!!

Jae said...

Thanks Joo ^^ Just a token of appreciation. Too bad not everyone will view my site else they're gonna cry coz too touched HAHAHAHAAH!!!

Anonymous said...

All the best! =)