Wednesday, February 28, 2007

.: Festive Hurricane :.

The greatest festival of the year for every Chinese is getting to its end, finally. No don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining. Nonetheless it has acting like a hurricane yearly for me and my family. We prepared (TRY to be fully prepared) awaiting for its arrival & we bend and curl, adjusting ourselves when it's attacking, and tidy up the mess after the storm. . . .

I'm just saying it's always a busy period of time for us during CNY. =P

Visited respective folks of my family in Seremban for the 1st day, chatted and catching up mostly in areas like "How are you?" "Where are you working?" "Where have you been?", "Wow you are so grown up already!", exchanging/update phone numbers and so on.

Up we go to the North on the 2nd day, Teluk Intan, my mom's. Again the same thing repeated but just in a different dialect :) However I'm happy to see my cousins Angie and Nick again.

Journey's split on the 3rd day - Parents went further up to Penang and brother & I were back to KL because I was going to Cameron Highland with KeeYin and friends on the 4th day.

The trip to Cameron Highland was a pleasant one. Put aside the gas from vehicles and the flies which I most believe they are clinging to the fertilizer and got us all so busy chasing them away while eating, it was pretty OK. It wasn't cold like I expected, but the clear sky has got me brighten up. Very nice indeed especially when we were at the Boh Tea Farm. The night market is nothing I can complain about, crowded but offering enough. I guess the vege and fruits aren't so much cheaper than KL, or 2 to 3 times fresher but you just can't help buying some to bring back home. :) Thx to a friend of a friend who brought us to flower farm and vege farm. Quite an experience to ride on a Land Rover (Rather a jeep) to go the farms, trying to grab hold of it while getting bumpy along the road with 10++ friends -- some standing, some sitting & some squatting at the back of it. Hehe... Some pics to share.. :
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Taken at a flower farm, orchids all around :)
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Plugging capsicum hehehehe

Back to KL on the 6th day of CNY(Friday), only at night. Tired but fulfilled I greeted my parents and updated each other what we'd missed. Mom has become the representative to collect red packets for me Muahahahah!

The weekend was spent visiting and got visited. Luckily there's still time for me to rest and charged for the new week to come, yeah, back to work. Still in the mood of CNY though. =P

And argh gained few pounds during the process ... :P So gotta shake the extra inches and pounds off now.....

Friday, February 02, 2007

.: Dark at first, Bright at last :.

Sharing with her are his thoughts after years of sailing vulnerably in the sea. Rusty the skin has become whilst grinding his teeth over waves and storms that took no mercy on a young heart. Survived through it he leaves no selfish space in between them after meeting this soul, this voice, this body and this mind. Holding her close to him, words whispered is harsh to her ears. Nonetheless his heart by its nature only wants the best protection for her, to know what he's been through that words from his mouth could be so detached with his age. There is so much he wants her to see!

She was doubtful of his intention. A different love he's pouring is none that she's used to seeing. Making herself to step out from her glass house to chase after this sailor now she stoned on the same spot. Behind her are words that constructed her all these years; Words ahead of her are provocative enough to provoke her cocoon. She doubts if he ever wanted is for her to be like him, or any shadow that he hungers in the dark. Heart trembles, tears are shed, questions going around about in her mind confusing her isn't she the package he treasures?

Yet all he ever wanted is to share and locking her close to his heart. Purely he gives, unselfishly he shares. All he wished is for her to unwind the defensive and look beyond what's inline. A blunt mind reserves no room for the sky that is wider, for the ocean that is deeper and bluer, and for the breeze that is soother. Foreseeing the storms will be vicious as it always be, the journey of one is seemingly lonely. Hearts bind, she is willing for a renovation that breaks none of her beliefs but reducing the friction of edges formed over years. What's encouraging her is merely the hope he has in them, and she wants to change for better. Not as easy as it seems, she knows she'll always be reminded.