Friday, May 27, 2005

.: Sh*t Luck Go Away :.

Nothing really special happening in my life right now, at least, happy ones are not happening. Perhaps last week I stepped onto dog sh*t or cat sh*t or crow sh*t or whatever sh*t it is, luck wasnt been good and God wasnt been kind to people that I care.

Conflict happened a week ago between me and my friend. Over what you'd ask. Over a game. Yes, silly eh? But maybe we devoted too much onto a game that sometimes things that we do hurt the other party. I'm so sorry if I did anything that hurt all my virtual friend( Some have become real life friends now). But I truly hold on to a principle that is you think before you speak/act. And I try to work it in my life. This is what adults do, right? Words that are spoken out of anger cant be taken seriously, BUT how much hurt it brought to the listener, you can't tell when you're angry. Would it be too late when you finally reliaze? You can't tell either. That is why I'd rather keep quiet and think and not say anything when I'm angry because I dont want to hurt anyone when I dont mean it. I speak out, but not using the anger words. Now that it is settled, is it totally settled? I dont know. We talked. Somehow now we dont talk like how we used to. Of course I miss those times. And sadly it involved my love one who cares and wanted to do something for me, ended up he got the sh*t on himself. I hate being in this difficult situation where both sides are people whom you really care. Things got complicated when your friends know about it. And people who dont know what the heck is really going on started to guess and think it is the way they think it is. Another lesson: Listen to both side's story before you make any judgement. Anything that is not clear and you want to know about it, stand up front and ASK. Gain a friend or a foe, you choose.

If I dont give a damn to anyone I wouldn't post this here. Why should I if I dont care? I learned something extended though. Words are really this powerful that it can either make you feel like in could 9 or make you feel so sh*tty as if you're worthless. Just, to everyone that I know, and knows me, take this to your heart: Think before you speak/act.

p/s: Just a piece of thought.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

.: Happy Birthday To Me :.

~* Happy 25th Birthday *~
I kinda got a confused feeling about my birthday. Can't believe that I'm 25 y/o. I remembered I had once imagined what I'd be doing at 25 --- working. But now am still doing my last semester, well soon graduate though. Hehehe. And... I can't help it, the word "old" is slowly crawling towards me (hopefully it's not obvious on my face, YET) ... but Age is Just a # eh?

Thanks to all my babes and buddies who wished me on the day, and days before today. LOL. Somehow got a few of them remember my birthday wrongly. haha. But, early wishes are still GREAT!

Thanks to Daniel, Wendy, Zoe, Chew, KingKo, Kwong, MinYin, Dennis, Derrick, my lovely sweet sis Jenn and her sweetheart Ted and all the friends (in case I forgot to name them here) for wishing me "Happy Birthday". I'm really happy that some I dont even expect them to know but I got their wishes, thanks alot!

Thanks to RO buddies - Henzz who called me right after 12am midnight; He indeed gave me a surprise. Thanks Stitch for your SMS. And all the pals who left message on my MSN, I saw them this morning and wow, it felt great and it's certainly a terrific way to start my day.

Thanks to dear Anjo for your card and presents. They are sweet and valuable, and meaningful to me. I'll keep them well, I promise. *smooch* *smooch*

And lastly, thank you dad and mom for making my day a GREAT day. I got my dad's SMS this morning "Happy Birthday Dear" ..... very touching *sob*. And my mom bought me a cake without even letting me know! *kizz and huggiez*

~** Birthday Wishes **~
I wish for peace, safe, happy and healthy life for everyone I know. And I'm gonna start my working life soon, so LIFE IS JUST ABOUT TO BEGIN. I wish my love one will always be happy, for me will treasure and cherish you for as long as I live. Simple --- as it should be.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

.: Should I or should not? :.

Dear all,
Sorry for the late late late update. Been quite lazy lately and been tied up by another project, again. Somehow it gets all lazy again when the most important thing is over. Yeah I'm talking about FYP being the most important thing. So the 1st modular project is handed up. Settled. Now there are another 2 projects. Documentation again - words, words and more words. *bumper*

About the headline - I was thinking to get a braise for my teeth. Though for all the times I take it as my trademark - you know, the two vampire teeth on the top row. Wendy said :"Dont! You'll be regret."; Daniel said :"But you'll look prettier after you are over it!"; Wendy said :" You cant french kiss for 2 years, babe." ...ggrrriiirrrr... It aint about the french kiss that holds my mind. But well it's about the charges and my working days are soon to be started. How well can I speak with a braise..... I am not sure but Wendy said it's kinda hard..Hard to sleep at night at first.. hard to eat...And will I be smiling "CHEEZE" with a braise? But quite alot of people do say I dont need it. So.... what do u all think?