Saturday, May 07, 2005

.: Should I or should not? :.

Dear all,
Sorry for the late late late update. Been quite lazy lately and been tied up by another project, again. Somehow it gets all lazy again when the most important thing is over. Yeah I'm talking about FYP being the most important thing. So the 1st modular project is handed up. Settled. Now there are another 2 projects. Documentation again - words, words and more words. *bumper*

About the headline - I was thinking to get a braise for my teeth. Though for all the times I take it as my trademark - you know, the two vampire teeth on the top row. Wendy said :"Dont! You'll be regret."; Daniel said :"But you'll look prettier after you are over it!"; Wendy said :" You cant french kiss for 2 years, babe." ...ggrrriiirrrr... It aint about the french kiss that holds my mind. But well it's about the charges and my working days are soon to be started. How well can I speak with a braise..... I am not sure but Wendy said it's kinda hard..Hard to sleep at night at first.. hard to eat...And will I be smiling "CHEEZE" with a braise? But quite alot of people do say I dont need it. So.... what do u all think?


Wimal said...

If I were in your position, I will ask myself this questions. What's your purpose of getting the braises? Is there something u want to achieve? If that objective is important enough, the considerations/obstacles shall not stop you :P

Jae said...

Thanks Wimal, I think I wouldnt get a braise now...Will see how when I work next time lolz..