Monday, April 18, 2005

.: Finally, life for FYP is over :.

Finally, I went for the presentation this morning at 9am. It didnt turn out to be a good news for me at first when I knew I am scheduled for today's morning. But think twice, it's actually a good thing, as I will have more time to set up my PC before presentation.

It was quite tension for me because the most worried is if the program doesn't work when you present it. And it happened!! WTH! Luckily both of my advisor and supervisor didnt sentence me a dead sentence when it couldnt work out perfectly. My advisor had alot of things to say.... mostly are saying my system is not very good.. and my supervisor didnt back me up. I wonder why... for all the friends who presented, their supervisor backed them up. But mine ..... haizz..... Never mind, I argued it myself ! Pif ! So just when I thought I'm just gonna be graded a so-so grade, at last my advisor said everything is good. Analysis is good, documentation of provess development is good. Hmm... really hope that I will do well.... =.= "" ...

OK, one main thing is done. Another 3 projects are awaiting..... help~~~~... Getting lazy @.@ hahahaha OK am out. Have a nice day everyone.

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