Saturday, April 09, 2005

.: SING~~~~ till your lung drop :.

I'd been to Red Box with couple of friends on Thursday: Daniel, Wendy, Louise, Kingko, Yin Chew and Chao Learn came abit later. We basically started singing from 3-8pm..... 5 hours?!?!?! Wow now only that I realized. People say shop till you drop, I would say we sang till our lungs dropped. Really hard to imagine. Kingko has a good voice, and he knows alot of songs! Bravo. I sang till I almost lost my voice and the last thing I wanted to do when it was time to go home is to talk. It got better when I reached home.

I rarely went to karaoke last time, but once I joined Wendy once, I guess I've had interest in abusing people's ears hahahahaa. And guess what, I learn most of the new Cantonese/mandarin songs from karaoke. Thanks to Wendy and Zoe who chose songs that I dont know, and they had a great time there singing and me .... what could I do? Being a background supporter. NEVER MIND! I learn! And before they knew it, I could grab the mic over, open my mouth and sing (To keep the mic with ya, you gotta know the song sista!).... nyek nyek nyek. This is how I learn. And they will swing around the mic and say "Jae, go learn this song! Next time we sing together!" SO SWEET!!! Hahahahaha!!

It's pretty tiring to sing karaoke. I wonder why, merely singing. And it can work out your abs muscle, BELIEVE ME. Hehehe I think those who do sing in the karaoke know about this? Or just me being strange? Weirdo. Erm...Ya, it's tiring. But it feels nice hehehe a form of pressure release hahahaaha. And I found that singing Cantonese/Mandarin songs is way better and easier than singing English songs. I dont know why. It's like the Cantonese/Mandarin songs are created specially for karaoke. haha.

OK. Me off for now. Anyone wanna join us in the next karaoke session? Leave name. Ciaoz~

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