Tuesday, November 30, 2004

.: It's not supposed to feel this way :.

Mixed up mind leads to a mixed up mood, I guess. Tomorrow is the day I'm gonna present my midpoint report. I guess I'm done? I don't know what my assesor is gonna say to me, I've never even met him before ! Darn this feeling sucks to the max. I am worried. Yeah.... *sigh*
Have I seen it too big?? What's wrong if I saw it too big?? It's important ain't it? Am I acting too hysterical? I think I'm losing my insanity, and my head hurts ! Headache ... never leaves me alone when it's the time I need to be calm and prepare myself mentally and emotionally. . .. Maybe .. I should go to sleep ...
Can I have a hug, maybe 2?
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

.: I dont know what my life's up to :.

Been very lazy lately. Knowing I have a long list of things that I need to do - midpoint interim report, homework of the 2 subjects that I'm studying this semester......Well, come to count it, these 2 are the most important now and are my responsibility to do them well. BUT, why ain't I working my ass off for that? Told ya', am lazy.
AND.... went clubbing at Atmosphere the last Saturday to celebrate a belated birthday for a friend named Kwong and another named "Water fish". My first time there and I think, it's just okay for me. Don't really like it VERY much. However, a place where you can see hip hop chaps ( dress like one ) dancing shuffle on the dance pool, or just at the tables. Admire them. *yoohoo* And erm, sure there were people who K.O.ed by friend, or ...... by themselves. Lolz. The 2 birthday boys certainly didnt escape, "Waterfish" was the most terrible one, he couldnt even put his head up afterwards. Well I dont know, his head was forever on the table even we went "yum cha" after that. I didnt drink much.. very sober...hmm.. or should I drink? *hehe*
Oh yeah, bought myself color contact lenses. Currently wearing Pure Hazel. I wonder if my eyeballs are just too dark or the color isn't obvious? Hahahaha Zoe said I should get a lighter color, like Honey. But nah, it's still okay for me.. hehe. It felt weird at first coz... I've never seen my eyes in brown color before? (stupid)
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Sunday, November 14, 2004

.: A trip to Penang :.

Went to Penang for the past 2 days to attend my cousin brother's wedding. It's nice coz every relatives were there and I got to meet with my cousins. I wouldn't know how much I miss them until I saw them. Lolz.
Met with my beloved cuz sis, Angie who is now working in Singapore ( really seldom to see her now ). She even brought along her boyfriend whom we've never met. His name is Stephen. Wahahaha she was sure annoyed by our questions : when did you meet him? how did you two start? bla bla .... *wink* But, I can see that she's loved and happy. Man, she gained weight !! She used to be very thin, all the mothers were kinda worried how come she won't grow any meat! Lolz, well, it's certainly different if you're in love, anyone disagrees?
Penang --- besides food, I still only can think about food. Hahaha oh loh mee, hokkien mee, char kuey teow, laksa, yam cake, etc I sure miss you all very much !!! hahahaha! My dad even ate 2 bowls/plates of food every meal coz the portion of the food is small, and it's cheap!!
And about my cousin brother, the groom. He is sure funny. We're all very happy seeing him getting married. And his wife is an angel. Very pretty. Of course we were the ones who made the scene to be merry!! I can still remember during the wedding dinner in Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel, our dads were waiting for us to start the "yum seng" session. All the peer cousins were seated in 1 table so we were crazy shouting our lungs out for "yum seng" while holding our glass of red wine! We even did it before the ceremony, lolz. And then, after we started it, it's our dads' turn !!!! Whoa they shouted even louder and longer !! haha! The most funniest thing was that they looked at us after they "yum seng" as if they were challenging us! After 2-3 rounds, our "yum seng" had turned into "yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm cha!" ( chinese tea ) coz we knew it wasn't gonna be an end if we continued like that. We really were holding our cup of tea and cheers it. Hahahhaa! Funny. Of course we got the boos from them, who cares ?? Eh, who's gonna drive when our dads K.O. from drinking? US ! lolz. Man, their faces were as red as apple !!! But yeah, we sure had a good time and I bet the groom was pleased coz the entire ballroom was so quiet. Hmm not complaining about the romantinc songs, though. hehehe. One thing about hotel ballroom, it was freezingly cold so drinking wine warmed me abit as I was wearing a thin piece of dress.
Hmm... ok, had a crazy time and it's time to back to my serious working. I wrote a lot eh ? hahaha. Was kinda tired out of no reason. I slept all the way to Penang and all the way back to KL, listening to my favourite songs which I chose and burn it out in a CD. Of course "My Boo" by Usher and Alicia Keys is included! Love that song. *boo hoo hoo*
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Monday, November 08, 2004

.: Boring Monday, as usual :.

Hi hi... hmm sitting in the lab now with Daniel, waiting for 2 other members to arrive coz we're supposed to hand in Assignment Proposal Form for the lec to see today... and.... obviously we're not done else I wont be sitting here, feeling anxious. Lolz. I just realised last night around 11++pm that we need to hand in today. *swt big time*
Went over to my aunt's place to have dinner last night. Hmm Not much of dishes ( lolz ) but they are special. Ever eaten smoked duck? HMm it taste nice, salty with smoked scent, nice to eat with white rice alone mwahahaha... And match with hot soup... hehehe. It feels nice to have dinner with family and relatives ( those who used to have meals alone.. try it sometimes ya ! ) . Last time we were prohibited by parents to not talking while eating, but I guess this old-fashioned, outdated manner is out because it just feels nice to chat, joke and laugh, a lil' catch up with relatives.... She's my youngest and my beloved aunt ( ppl used to say we look like sisters last time lolz, she sure has baby face ). Her new born baby girl was comfortably lying on her bed doozing away hehe. Cute, such a small, fragile and lovely baby girl. I guess she's gonna be a princess hehehe. Can't wait for her to grow. ^^
Life is nothing much.. guess gotta find some excitement for myself.... Attend class, feeling panic for my FYP, stay at home, hook up Internet and MSN, and gaming everynight; movie, clubbing, yam cha once in a while ... man... doesn't fit much of my phylosophy of "Living life to the fullest". lolz. Anywayz, keep in touch with my boring life by dropping by once a while :) Might have some surprises sometimes. Mostly are boring... hahaha ciaoz !
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Sunday, November 07, 2004

.: Weird at first but it turned out to be fun :.

Attended to a friend's birthday party juz now-- Kenny's 21st Birthday party y'all !!! He juz told me 2 nights ago so, thousand apologies that I couldn't make it to buy present for you, Kenny. Hope you don't mind ya ? *wink*
Daniel and I reached there around 9pm ( I think ). There were only 2 of us as APIITian representatives (LOLX!!!). Took our late dinner and chatted many things. Oh nearly forgot, Steven aka Blur was there too. He is still THAT skinny !!! So envy !!! But erm, if can, try to eat more Steven. You're way too skinny!!
Can see that he sure had enjoyed his night. His family members and friends are all very sporting and funny. Talked and laughed loudly, made me had a feeling of making a birthday party next year, hehe. It felt warm, you know. Dan and I laughed at their talkings and acts, very fun and joyful.
Been to Hardrock Cafe as I mentioned few days back. 4 of us: Daniel, Zoe, Wendy and I ordered 3 dishes. They tasted marvellous but shameless to say, 4 of us couldn't even finish 3 dishes. The portion was huge. Can't blame us as none of us is a big eater. hee hee. We ate, talked and laughed so loud, mostly were over stupid things that we said. haha!! If you want a quiet environment in Hardrock Cafe, go at daytime ( after 11.30am ). There are no one else ( well, 2-3 people lar ) except your table of you and your friends. However, of course it would be better to enjoy the band and crowd at night. Different time will have different pleasure *wink*
Rainy days lately. Nice to sleep, lazy to work. HAHA! Anywayz, to all my coursemates, keep it up for your FYP. Gam-ba-teh! We can do it ! Good luck to especially Dan, Wendy, Zoe, Ted, Chew, Soon Feei, KingKo, Francis, Christene and etc. See you guys on Monday. ;)
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Thursday, November 04, 2004

.: What have I done to deserve this? :.

Oh don't get too over-reacted when you see the title, it's not something bad. In fact, it's something great that I've never thought I would have it.
Been troubled by FYP as I need to do fact finding including interview and observation, I chose HardRock Cafe coz I've approached it and I was given warm welcome by the respondent. So I need to go there personally, sit down without revealing who I am and observe. I can't do it alone -- well I can but it makes me look stupid to sit there alone with my eyes opened wide and look around (sure looks like an alien! lolx). So I need a few companies and I asked friends. I asked Daniel babe, Wendy babe and Zoe babe -- I understand everyone is having financial problem though it's only the start of the month. So I understand if they're unable to make it for me. But, there's nothing much I can say, they decided to accompany me and it's today. When Wendy told me about it, I feel so touched and ... speechless for what they do for me. Am I blessed or what?!?!? I can't thank them enough coz this is something important for me. You guys are just GREAT. Love you all !! Mwahz mwahz mwahz !!! *hugz hugz*
Hmm.... sometimes blogging doesn't really mean you can post whatever you wanna post. Sometimes somethings just meant to be kept inside of myself. :) However, just wanna say there is something sweet happening in my life now, though I can't tell when it'll come to an end. Don't ask me what it is as I will never tell you. ( something for myself, remember ? *wink* ) For everyone who cares about me, I'm happy and .... I know what I'm doing, dont worry. :)
So I'll stop here. Talk more in the next entry. ciaoz !
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Monday, November 01, 2004

.: Wish you guys live happily ever after :.

Attended my cousin's brother wedding dinner last night in Melacca. Hmm my cousin sista-in-law was sure looking marvelous and so pretty -- the princess of the night. They are great together, no doubt about it :) So happy for my cuz bro. So this is a short tribute to you both -- I wish you both to live happily ever after *wink* ~~ Love is in the air ~~