Sunday, November 07, 2004

.: Weird at first but it turned out to be fun :.

Attended to a friend's birthday party juz now-- Kenny's 21st Birthday party y'all !!! He juz told me 2 nights ago so, thousand apologies that I couldn't make it to buy present for you, Kenny. Hope you don't mind ya ? *wink*
Daniel and I reached there around 9pm ( I think ). There were only 2 of us as APIITian representatives (LOLX!!!). Took our late dinner and chatted many things. Oh nearly forgot, Steven aka Blur was there too. He is still THAT skinny !!! So envy !!! But erm, if can, try to eat more Steven. You're way too skinny!!
Can see that he sure had enjoyed his night. His family members and friends are all very sporting and funny. Talked and laughed loudly, made me had a feeling of making a birthday party next year, hehe. It felt warm, you know. Dan and I laughed at their talkings and acts, very fun and joyful.
Been to Hardrock Cafe as I mentioned few days back. 4 of us: Daniel, Zoe, Wendy and I ordered 3 dishes. They tasted marvellous but shameless to say, 4 of us couldn't even finish 3 dishes. The portion was huge. Can't blame us as none of us is a big eater. hee hee. We ate, talked and laughed so loud, mostly were over stupid things that we said. haha!! If you want a quiet environment in Hardrock Cafe, go at daytime ( after 11.30am ). There are no one else ( well, 2-3 people lar ) except your table of you and your friends. However, of course it would be better to enjoy the band and crowd at night. Different time will have different pleasure *wink*
Rainy days lately. Nice to sleep, lazy to work. HAHA! Anywayz, to all my coursemates, keep it up for your FYP. Gam-ba-teh! We can do it ! Good luck to especially Dan, Wendy, Zoe, Ted, Chew, Soon Feei, KingKo, Francis, Christene and etc. See you guys on Monday. ;)
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Anonymous said...

Ted: After my Midpoint, it's gonna be a temporary suspension to FYP. Best of luck now Jae...

Jae said...

Ted: ey? temporary suspension? what do you mean? [ yup good luck to you too !! ]

Anonymous said...

Temporary suspension = lazy.. hehe