Wednesday, February 23, 2005

.: Without you here, Oh how I'm missing you so.. :.

Having you as part of my life,
Has felt like such a breakthrough;
And so I just wanted you to know,
How much I really, trully miss you.

My many thoughts of you,
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
Always make me feel so special,
Because of the good times we've had.

I only wish that you could be
Here with me right now,
I'd magically transport you here,
if only I knew how...

Lovely poem .... I saw this via So I shamelessly copied it down. Hehehe. Sweet isn't it?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

.: That's my CNY, every year... :.

Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year. Sorry it's been quite sometime I've not been updating any entries into my blog :P Been buzy since the 1st day of CNY. I'm glad that I've done quite alot of work for my FYP before the CNY thus I could temporarily put it aside during CNY and now, it's time to start back.
Every year my CNY is the same --- everyone of my family is like been working 20 hours a day at the end of the day when we reach home. Exhausted, dirty, and the last thing we'd do is to go out again. TV or bed are our favourites at night because we've been visiting from house to house in an extremely hot day ( I wonder what happened, it's like an oven outside everyday of CNY! ) so I'd very much prefer to just ..... have a little peace of mind and body before I go to bed to rest and start again the routine the next day. BUT it's been fun. I met with relatives and cousins that I havent seen for months. Some changed alot, some are still the same ^^. OF course getting red packets is the most exciting thing during CNY (That's the MAIN THING Nyek nyek nyek!)
This year I've got a new place to go -- to visit my RO friend's house. The place we gathered is my guild master's house. I decided to drive that night because I know my bro is gonna get himself tipsy ( or drunk, whatever). I gotta mention that his mom makes ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS cookies. We played some game and chatted alot and we met with new members whose faces we've never seen. They are quite bold to get into my car, not afraid that I might drop them in the middle of KLANG highway wahahahah! Anywayz, it's been fun.
Got 3 gatherings to attend this weekend. 1st is my primary schoolmates, then Eric's house as he called for a gathering, and the last is my secondary schoolmates. Well, gotta do more work before I spend this 2 days without much progress.
Alrite, that's about my CNY... Lastnight my family worshiped "ti gong", the tradition my family carries out every 8th day of CNY. My neighbourhood was very buzy playing with fire crackers, the atmosphere was very nice, abit noisy though but that's what CNY is meant to be ain't it? hehe. Got onto bed around 2am.... tired. Hehe. And now I think the Chinese is anticipating the last day of CNY, which is the 15th day, Zap Goh Meh, also known as Oriental Valentine's Day. Lolz. Till then, Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone, have a great CNY :)

Saturday, February 05, 2005

.: 脱掉 :.

12123 N 外套脱掉 脱掉 外套脱掉
上衣脱掉 脱掉 上衣脱掉
面具脱掉 脱掉 龟毛脱掉 脱掉
通通脱掉 脱掉
Frer Fre Frer Frer

Hey Yoh 穿上保护色还以为自己有看头 想要有点搞头
怎么老是觉得很笨重 再也看不下去
空气污浊 有人太过臃肿

瞭了吧 就是想得太多 又卡住头
差点要本性流露 就不要ㄍ一ㄥ过头

七情六欲 仁义道德 谁不是天生就有
yo baby ya baby 全脱掉 
换一套 就地开窍

我们穿了太多烦恼 热到自己受不了
脾气总会莫名其妙 冒烟又傻笑
你辛苦 我辛苦

yo baby ya baby 规矩太多一起脱掉 有搞头一起飙
浑身上下清爽畅凉快 活着多美好
你知道 你想要 那样才翘

This Aln't About Sex It's About Love
And If You Can Feel It Let Me Hear You Say

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na~
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na 通通脱掉
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

外套脱掉 脱掉 外套脱掉
上衣脱掉 脱掉 上衣脱掉
面具脱掉 脱掉
龟毛脱掉 脱掉
通通脱掉 脱掉
Frer Frer Frer Frer

有冲动 没行动 那就什么都白搞
没问题 干脆我们来分工合作
谁要点那把火 谁要火上加油
场子热了谁都不要躲 干脆假戏真做

跳进来搅和 给你机会放纵
yo baby I Want You (I Need You) I Want You I Need You

我们穿了太多烦恼 热到自己受不了
脾气总会莫名其妙 冒烟又傻笑
你辛苦 我辛苦
Yo baby yo baby 规矩太多一起脱掉
有搞头一起飙 浑身上下清爽凉快
活着多美好 你知道 你想要 那样才翘

Ha I Don't Know About You But I'm Felling Good
And If You Can Feel It Too Just Show Me What You Got
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na 通通脱掉 脱 掉
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

外套脱掉 脱掉 外套脱掉
上衣脱掉 脱掉 上衣脱掉
面具脱掉 脱掉
龟毛脱掉 脱掉 通通脱掉 脱掉
Frer Frer Frer Frer

Thursday, February 03, 2005

.: Shopping Shopping :.

Finally everything is settling down and what's left now is FYP ( gotta work on the networking after CNY). I wish I can finish it up 2 weeks before the submission so I can work on the documentation THOROUGHLY. I guess what they really emphasize on is the documentation. *pif* I hate writing....
I went shopping with my mom at Mid Valley yesterday. Not much of people that's what I like coz I dont need to spend time queuing up for fitting room! Went in couple shops but can't seem to get what I want --- nice to look at and reasonable price. IMPOSSIBLE! Perhaps my requirement is too high? Ended up I spent around RM200 for 3 pieces of clothes -- Padini slack, Voir skirt, GEB top. My mom's mouth went "O" shape when paying for those but erm... mom, I only shopping once in a while.. Hehehe when I work I'll buy many many nice clothes for you ya! Oh ya, I need to get new sandals and shoes.... kekeekekekek might go shopping again within these few days. I seldom got mood for shopping -- when I do it's really a necessary for me to get new clothes. Hehehe buying new clothes is something HAPPY, it'll make you HAPPY hahhaha! *stupid*
Tomorrow's Wendy's turn for her MIP. I hope she'll do it great. Last 2 days she was so panic and anxious. A few of us tried to give her a hand on working out the UML diagrams, which is like more than 60 diagrams? GOD BLESS! I spent the night at Zoe's place and then we went yumcha around 2++am. SOmething happened which was unexpected -- oh ya the joker was me, again. Somehow I got to make the table of friends laughed happily, and I think I spoiled my image abit? BUT HEY! I dont speak like that normally doesn't mean I dont know how to.... nyek nyek nyek! Good that I made you all happy ya?
Gotta clean up my study room later on. So I stop here. GONG XI FA CHAI everyone :) Enjoy the new year!