Thursday, February 17, 2005

.: That's my CNY, every year... :.

Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year. Sorry it's been quite sometime I've not been updating any entries into my blog :P Been buzy since the 1st day of CNY. I'm glad that I've done quite alot of work for my FYP before the CNY thus I could temporarily put it aside during CNY and now, it's time to start back.
Every year my CNY is the same --- everyone of my family is like been working 20 hours a day at the end of the day when we reach home. Exhausted, dirty, and the last thing we'd do is to go out again. TV or bed are our favourites at night because we've been visiting from house to house in an extremely hot day ( I wonder what happened, it's like an oven outside everyday of CNY! ) so I'd very much prefer to just ..... have a little peace of mind and body before I go to bed to rest and start again the routine the next day. BUT it's been fun. I met with relatives and cousins that I havent seen for months. Some changed alot, some are still the same ^^. OF course getting red packets is the most exciting thing during CNY (That's the MAIN THING Nyek nyek nyek!)
This year I've got a new place to go -- to visit my RO friend's house. The place we gathered is my guild master's house. I decided to drive that night because I know my bro is gonna get himself tipsy ( or drunk, whatever). I gotta mention that his mom makes ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS cookies. We played some game and chatted alot and we met with new members whose faces we've never seen. They are quite bold to get into my car, not afraid that I might drop them in the middle of KLANG highway wahahahah! Anywayz, it's been fun.
Got 3 gatherings to attend this weekend. 1st is my primary schoolmates, then Eric's house as he called for a gathering, and the last is my secondary schoolmates. Well, gotta do more work before I spend this 2 days without much progress.
Alrite, that's about my CNY... Lastnight my family worshiped "ti gong", the tradition my family carries out every 8th day of CNY. My neighbourhood was very buzy playing with fire crackers, the atmosphere was very nice, abit noisy though but that's what CNY is meant to be ain't it? hehe. Got onto bed around 2am.... tired. Hehe. And now I think the Chinese is anticipating the last day of CNY, which is the 15th day, Zap Goh Meh, also known as Oriental Valentine's Day. Lolz. Till then, Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone, have a great CNY :)

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