Thursday, February 03, 2005

.: Shopping Shopping :.

Finally everything is settling down and what's left now is FYP ( gotta work on the networking after CNY). I wish I can finish it up 2 weeks before the submission so I can work on the documentation THOROUGHLY. I guess what they really emphasize on is the documentation. *pif* I hate writing....
I went shopping with my mom at Mid Valley yesterday. Not much of people that's what I like coz I dont need to spend time queuing up for fitting room! Went in couple shops but can't seem to get what I want --- nice to look at and reasonable price. IMPOSSIBLE! Perhaps my requirement is too high? Ended up I spent around RM200 for 3 pieces of clothes -- Padini slack, Voir skirt, GEB top. My mom's mouth went "O" shape when paying for those but erm... mom, I only shopping once in a while.. Hehehe when I work I'll buy many many nice clothes for you ya! Oh ya, I need to get new sandals and shoes.... kekeekekekek might go shopping again within these few days. I seldom got mood for shopping -- when I do it's really a necessary for me to get new clothes. Hehehe buying new clothes is something HAPPY, it'll make you HAPPY hahhaha! *stupid*
Tomorrow's Wendy's turn for her MIP. I hope she'll do it great. Last 2 days she was so panic and anxious. A few of us tried to give her a hand on working out the UML diagrams, which is like more than 60 diagrams? GOD BLESS! I spent the night at Zoe's place and then we went yumcha around 2++am. SOmething happened which was unexpected -- oh ya the joker was me, again. Somehow I got to make the table of friends laughed happily, and I think I spoiled my image abit? BUT HEY! I dont speak like that normally doesn't mean I dont know how to.... nyek nyek nyek! Good that I made you all happy ya?
Gotta clean up my study room later on. So I stop here. GONG XI FA CHAI everyone :) Enjoy the new year!

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