Friday, October 27, 2006

.: Holidays end :.

Argh... at last it came to an end.. 5 days of rest, how much have you done? I must admit I got to spend sometime having fun.. Been to movie at night on Monday night; and sing karaoke on Tuesday; and I went to pick up my mom on Wed.. Hmm so I guess I didnt waste any days of it hehe.

"Frost bite" is the movie I watched on Monday night. It's a swedish film and it's about vampire. I would say being an horror movie it made me laughed watching.. So, it wasn't scary.. Hahahhaa I got the tickets free that's why I went to watch it.. Else.. I dont think I'll buy the tickets on purpose.. Hehehe

Tuesday karaoke session is the best time during the holiday. It was about 8 of us.. And we really sang our lungs out. So tired after it. But no regret calling these fellas going. I laughed alot during singing because they are just sooo happening and funny!! I can see they enjoyed themselves much too! Hahah next time I'm gonna call them out again for karaoke!!!

How many of you will tell the truth when blogging? I believe something still need to be reserved in myself while blogging.. because.. it's not my private own blog. Everyone of you can view it. I guess my little reservation is not so bad anywayz.. I don't know.. I've seen a friend who's just saying everything out. I admire his braveness. :) maybe someday I can be like one too

Thursday, October 12, 2006

.: A trip to recharge :.

Been away to Cherating for the past weekend. Went to Club Med with colleagues. The trip was organized by my company so I don't see any reason not to go. Another reason is, I was excited because this is my return after 13 years. Nothing's changed. Only more things are extra charged now. Lolz... well, gotta keep up with the world I guess. I missed the special necklace where it's the exchange of cash. And you dont have to carry the cash around in there. Now it's changed to "Easy Card" where from my understanding, it works something like a credit card and they'll need your credit card for a RM1.5k of verification. Souvenir shop, spa treatment, and bar needs to pay. Fair enough.. The spa treatment isn't so worthy because I think you can find anywhere cheaper than there. It costs you RM200 for a 50 mins of Bali Massage :P Hehe..

I'll share some photos with y'all.. Hope they'll make you to feel interested to visit there. When you go, dont forget to invite me too! I didnt get to play much in there. My skin condition was acting up. Just before I took off to the highway my left arm was having rashes caused by unknown reason. So I brought a cream which I don't even know if it's working to ease the itch. The journey took us about 3.5 hours using the new highway, all the way from Genting highway to Kuantan - Kuala Terengganu. The rashes was worse on the 2nd day and I didnt even have the mood to play! >.<

Pantai Beach - the beach Club Med. Nice, clean, comfy, "wavy", windy... It's just so relax to sit there and listen to the ocean wave.. :)
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Relaxing in this tomb beside the swimming pool also not bad.. How I wish my dear was there.. Kinda romantic to just fold ourselves inside.. hehehe
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I cant complain much about the food there. Cant get a chance to be starving hahahaha. 13 years back I didnt get to enjoy much on the food because all I ate was lots of sausages (for my memory). Now, NEVA BABE!! hahahaa! The taste bud seducing cousine is in a variety from Chinese to Italian to Japan to Korean, to Malay to French, and some sweet sensations of ice creams and desserts. One more thing that's gonna make some people slurpping over is FREE FLOW BEER! Yeah right.. Enjoyed myself with a glass of beer and some wine.. Couldn't ask for more ;) Here are some of my food to share LOL..
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Played basketball, archery, swimming, ping pong... I missed the trapaze, bungy bounce, aqua exercise, yoga exercise, Power walk, kayak, and ETC... ALL SORTS OF FUN GAMES!! geeezzz I'm gonna go again next year and making sure I'm in a perfect shape and condition! And I'm gonna get a pair of bikini!! Gosh looking at my 1-piece there really felt so out! hahahaha!!!

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Nice post! Bull's Eye, not....

Beware of the monkeys there though.. Kinda big size and they're not afraid of human! Lots of them!!
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That's it for now guys... I'm sure you're getting a hard time loading the pics. :) ciaoz..