Friday, October 27, 2006

.: Holidays end :.

Argh... at last it came to an end.. 5 days of rest, how much have you done? I must admit I got to spend sometime having fun.. Been to movie at night on Monday night; and sing karaoke on Tuesday; and I went to pick up my mom on Wed.. Hmm so I guess I didnt waste any days of it hehe.

"Frost bite" is the movie I watched on Monday night. It's a swedish film and it's about vampire. I would say being an horror movie it made me laughed watching.. So, it wasn't scary.. Hahahhaa I got the tickets free that's why I went to watch it.. Else.. I dont think I'll buy the tickets on purpose.. Hehehe

Tuesday karaoke session is the best time during the holiday. It was about 8 of us.. And we really sang our lungs out. So tired after it. But no regret calling these fellas going. I laughed alot during singing because they are just sooo happening and funny!! I can see they enjoyed themselves much too! Hahah next time I'm gonna call them out again for karaoke!!!

How many of you will tell the truth when blogging? I believe something still need to be reserved in myself while blogging.. because.. it's not my private own blog. Everyone of you can view it. I guess my little reservation is not so bad anywayz.. I don't know.. I've seen a friend who's just saying everything out. I admire his braveness. :) maybe someday I can be like one too

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