Saturday, October 29, 2005

The man in the middle is my center manager. He was cool, wearing a cape (whoa~~!!) He looked sorta like a Dracula that night. His masquerade is very nice, sorry that I didnt get to capture it. :)

Un-cover the eyes ..... LOL

The Annual Dinner of my company, HDPM. Theme of the night - Masquerade ... Hmm I kinda regret to get the mask like this, but ok-lah hehehee Will get a nicier one from Time Square soon!!! The other 3 Leng Lui are my colleage, (clock wise from top) Lena, Kim, me and Jenny

Monday, October 03, 2005

.: A night to remember :.

Somehow I got addicted to The Phantom of The Opera. I dunno why but it seems like it's having a magnetic power or something that drawn me into it and I can never resist not to listen to the music.

My annual dinner event's opening was playing an editted part of the movie, where there are many people dancing of the stairs of the opera house while singing "Masquarade". I was so drawn to it I can recall how I felt the first time I watched the movie. It maybe be nothing to other people - alot of people, but I just think it's a very very nice movie.

It was a grand night. Everyone dressed up very nicely. Handsome, beautiful, funny, cool, sexy..... It's a "WOW!" night. My first time experiencing a grand dinner of 2000 people, of an international company. Just when I thought my dress was abit exaggerating - I realized mine is just nice compared to other people. They DRESSED UP! Evening gown with big hair-do, big make-up...... I had a great time watching beautiful people.. Hahahaha... The food was bad though. Not enough of supply.. I guess everyone wasn't full that night but just gave in as there were just too many people. But I guess if they planned it well, this case wouldn't happen, would it? I think it was the people that brought up the night. Yeah. Really. Masquarades and masks everywhere, even those which you saw in Halloween parties - hollow faces, scary faces... hehehee. I even saw an Ultraman mask! (walao-eh~~~!!)

I will upload some pics once I got them from friends. Take care y'all~