Monday, November 08, 2004

.: Boring Monday, as usual :.

Hi hi... hmm sitting in the lab now with Daniel, waiting for 2 other members to arrive coz we're supposed to hand in Assignment Proposal Form for the lec to see today... and.... obviously we're not done else I wont be sitting here, feeling anxious. Lolz. I just realised last night around 11++pm that we need to hand in today. *swt big time*
Went over to my aunt's place to have dinner last night. Hmm Not much of dishes ( lolz ) but they are special. Ever eaten smoked duck? HMm it taste nice, salty with smoked scent, nice to eat with white rice alone mwahahaha... And match with hot soup... hehehe. It feels nice to have dinner with family and relatives ( those who used to have meals alone.. try it sometimes ya ! ) . Last time we were prohibited by parents to not talking while eating, but I guess this old-fashioned, outdated manner is out because it just feels nice to chat, joke and laugh, a lil' catch up with relatives.... She's my youngest and my beloved aunt ( ppl used to say we look like sisters last time lolz, she sure has baby face ). Her new born baby girl was comfortably lying on her bed doozing away hehe. Cute, such a small, fragile and lovely baby girl. I guess she's gonna be a princess hehehe. Can't wait for her to grow. ^^
Life is nothing much.. guess gotta find some excitement for myself.... Attend class, feeling panic for my FYP, stay at home, hook up Internet and MSN, and gaming everynight; movie, clubbing, yam cha once in a while ... man... doesn't fit much of my phylosophy of "Living life to the fullest". lolz. Anywayz, keep in touch with my boring life by dropping by once a while :) Might have some surprises sometimes. Mostly are boring... hahaha ciaoz !
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