Tuesday, April 05, 2005

.: The day is coming :.

Got to know that my FYP presentation is schedule on the next Friday, 15/4/2005. Anxious, nervous -- which I'm not supposed to feel as I'd finished the work. But I need to bring my baby unit to present as all the software is installed into my uni already. Wish me luck *wink*

Lately I got to know that my coursemate Wimal has made a blog for himself. Quite an interesting one. I have a good time reading in his blog as his posting is funny hahaha. Good job Wimal.

Oh ya, about my hair cut. I cant really change any hair style I think. I got big round face so too short is not the best for me; Too long will make me look old. I have to keep them at a certain length above my shoulder -- but all the time a new hair cut makes me look like a teenanger.. Hahhaa which means YOUNGER. Muahahahaha! Not bad eh? nyek nyek.

I love and hate the class on Tuesday. Love it is because it finishes up early and I have the whole day ahead for myself; Hate it is ..... certainly is because I have to get up early that I missed the best time to sleep. Ish! Mom needed to go to the market so I gotta wait for her to come back and drive me to college......and that is why am typing away HERE!!!

OK, stop here. Will write more soon. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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Wimal said...

I heard the FYP Presentation schedule changed. You better re-check