Saturday, October 30, 2004

.: Does devil exist? :.

Not pointing at any religion while writing this entry, merely a simple question that popped up in my head thinking does devil really exist? Well went for a movie at Sunway Pyramid last night and you bet, it's "The Beginning of Exorcist". The movie was alright, though others said it's disappointing coz sound system is kinda lousy and the story is slow...
I watched "The Exorcist" many years ago. I was quite small and what I remember is that the bed is shaking extremely fiercely and the girl asked for help from her mom. And also that her head can make a 360 degree turn. Hah, also the greenish and slimy thing she puke onto the priests in the movie. Yuckie. It makes ppl to think whether this devil really exist and HE only took advantage on weak souls, take over their body and mess the world up? Compare with Eastern exorcism, the Western exorcism that the priests perform .. I dont know how to say it, but the power of the bible and holy water are .... amazing. Hmmm... I wouldn't find the movie boring coz wow the make-up is really successful, I felt gross and "geli" and frightened by the look of the possessed one. And ehem, yeah I did struggle abit when going to bed last night. A bit-lar, not much hahaha!! *I'm kinda a chicken when comes to horror movie, yet I like to watch!*
There were a few friends I went with: Daniel, Isobel, Yin Chew, Beh, Soon Feei, Yoong and Kwong. Kwong is sick so, take care ya. We went to Gazebo (hope I spell it right) to have a drink after the movie, heck the fruit juice is merely a small size glass and it costs RM4 each !!! Before that we went to SS14 to have "bak kut teh" as dinner. It is not bad but the soup is kinda thick and we felt thirsty after eating it... too much of Ajinomoto? Lolz.
Alrigtie, stop here. Gotta continue with all the diagram drawing.. grrrrrrr !
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