Sunday, October 24, 2004

.: A Big Surprise :.

The title has really brought out the feeling from me -- I got a very big surprise last night meeting with my another RO pal from Penang -- her name is Joo. I've been expecting her to come to meet us, but didnt expect she brought a few more friends, whom I thought I'd never meet them, at least not in these few years.
She told me she's coming to KL this weekend and so I thought we should meet up to see each other. She came down from Penang purposely -- I thought she had business meeting so she came to KL. The truth is that she is meeting up a few more friends here, and wanted to give me a surprise. Leztat -- a long lost friend in RO whom I thought we have lesser and lesser contact, but still I care about this friend very much, appeared in front of me and I had no idea who he was until he said :"I"m from Melbourne". I got a shock of my life when Joo looked at me and tell me "he's leztat". "WHAT?!?!?!" was the only response I made. And the surprise didn't just stop there, then she told me another 2 friends are Ayu and YoshiX. "Oh my god!" for that moment I lost my sense and the only word I could speak out was "Oh my god!". I couldn't express much the way I felt -- it's a very very warm, happy and surprise feeling. Leztat, you told me you like surprises and you like to give one, you'd made it mate. LOLX! Till now I still can't believe I would have the chance to meet you. But yeah it felt nice, really nice.
Ayu -- a friend in RO who I always take her as sista --- turns out to be a guy in person. HAHA ! Well can't really blame him as he's using his gf's account all the time. And he really could make himself a girl in the game !!! OR I'm too easy to cheat ? I even talked with him in MSN about dieting, shopping etc all the girlie stuffs ! lolx ! [ why I always got bluffed?!?! ] This is crazy. He's kinda quiet in person, doesn't talk much. And he's sure a good looking guy. YoshiX -- Another cool pal whom I met latter and never got the chance to really become friend, even in the game. He talks a lot in the game but very quiet too in real life. Wonder if he's too shy or ? hehe.
To the three of you - Lez(Chi chi ), Ayu(Eric) and YoshiX(HK), I'm really happy to meet with you all. Words can't stress enough of how I feel. I hope we'll see each other again. Chi chi, all the best in your working and hope life is gonna treat you well, enjoy the reunion with henzz, stitch, jean, angugu and tailo ya ! Eric (Ayu) and HK (YoshiX) -- All the best in studying! And see you all in MSN ( lolz that's the easiest way to keep in touch!)
There were others who came too: DD, Liang, Fook and Teong, we should keep in touch and come out yam cha once in a while. Nice seeing you all again *wink*
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