Tuesday, December 26, 2006

.: My Xmas :.

Started on 23rd.. continue on 24th, ended on 25th, or 26th :)
Been having a long Xmas this year, full of blessing and cherishing moments.

An elegant, romantic night I had on 23rd. Sitting at the restaurant with my dearly, nibbling on crusines and found a little space of peace and romance which we could have in the middle of the congested air of KL. I'm glad we made it a night to remember.
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taken @ delta. Lovely :)

Been to Justin Lo concert on 24th. A great way to spend for Christmas eve!! The ambience, the crowd, the song, the perfomance, nothing is left regretful about! He is indeed a very talented singer & writer. Nice voice, BIG voice. There were a few moments which I just melted into his voice.
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before the count down, enjoying the singing
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After the count down, happening !!!

on 25th, had a pot luck party at Yin's house. I was feeling uneasy the whole day, blamed it to the oysters I had on 23rd I guess. Food poisoning? But I only threw up, no bowel. I dont know. My stomach was acting up and I felt like I'd spoiled the night. Took med to stop vomitting and had some food later of the night, and I threw up everything I consumed. What a night.

On 26th Boxing Day, today, forgot to get a friend's Xmas prezzie and we hope it ain't too late :P Well it's all about boxes of prezzie after Christmas aint it?

Okay, now, Bye bye Christmas - such a short but memorable, cherished & full of blessings season; And Welcome 2007! Let the count down begins!!

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