Wednesday, December 06, 2006

.: After a while :.

Been nagged by people for some updates as the one that is topping now isn't quite a good one.. So alright I'm doing it now.

Lazing on Wednesday night after a fun time gaming at the PC, guess it feels good to write something for my own.

Life's changed since then, been going out quite often and enjoying it. Life gets better, right? I'm glad that I have a new company who's been there thru ups and downs. Couldn't complain anymore :) Especially during the holiday season where everywhere is overwhelmed with joy and blessings. To the right you see couple walking by hand in hand; to the left you see kids running around begging mommy for some presents; turn again you see friends hanging out around the Christmas decorations at the malls.... It makes you think life couldn't get better than any of these. :) And it makes you feel like just wanna dip your head into your love one and feel the pamper coming from him. I'm thinking what to buy for my love ones this year. My brother has already got the presents and now hiding them under my desk because he's scared my parents will find out what he bought for them. I"m asking him to bring those upstairs to his room.. lol. Our Christmas tree is set up -- half way. LOL! Lacking some lights and deco stuffs. Will get more in the coming days and make it the niciest one!

Work doesnt get better.. I can foresee the pressure coming, most probably next year as everybody is in holiday mood now, even my managers. So alright I'll get what's on my hands done and celebrate Christmas & New Year, and come back work like a cow, and anticipating the holidays for CNY.. .. And work again, and wait for the next holiday.. Life eh?

Of course it isn't just about that ! Gain and treasure the fruits after all the hard work! So I'm planning to have oversea holiday next year. What I have in mind is Bali. Family is planning to go to Beijing around Sept of 2007 so I hope we can make it :) gotta work hard and save well to fulfill my interest of life :) Can't get enuff from travelling as there's always something exciting that you never know ;)

Will post some pics here.. Been to Shogun at 1 Utama last weekend and my bro and I treated my parents a buffet dinner there.. Self portrait some pics with my silly bro hahaha!

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Ok.. guess it's quite an updated post? See ya guyzz.. take very good care of yourself !

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