Saturday, August 05, 2006

.: Frustration, Exhaustion :.

Been working late recently because of a project that is supposed to due next week, or few weeks back? Not sure... the management people always telling you that the due is supposed to be yesterday, always yesterday...

I dont actually feel tired or I'm too tired until I dont feel anything. Imagine 12 hours of brain squeezing, body is okay but mind is totally exhausted. My colleagues and I cant actually stand till 10pm at night because a person's persistance and motivation cant last that long. Eric and I tried to at least enjoy the extra hours of working by singing and creating stupid jokes over some other colleagues. Then it doesnt feel so bad. Our PM is a person that .... I dont know, I dont know him much to judge him but from what he did to us yesterday, I really starting to disrespect ( or I already do) him until I dont really want to have any topics of discussion or chit-chat him, just want to get my work done. Imagined, yes the company didnt say they force us to stay late at client's site office, but moving to here and having to listen to the clients saying " You guys coming on Sunday right? Today work till 12 o'clock right? ", what can we do? Nothing. But to hope that at least our senior managers would do something / say something to motivate us. But none. Furthermore, our PM went out for dinner at 6++pm yesterday (as the day before he stayed and ended up having dinner with us at 9++pm, I guess he can't stand it), and we havent seen him come back after 2 hours. When one of my colleague called him up and told him that we gotta leave, he still asked us to stay. Where was him? Having dinner. Where were we? Staying in the office with exhausted mind and hungry stomach.Yes, we can actually go out and eat at 6++pm / 7++pm and come back, but dont you think it's a waste of time. So we agreed to work till 8++pm, then off work and go have dinner, then go home. At least there's no break in between and we can do some work. . . .. I dont know what's your perception towards this situation, if you think he's okay being like that. Then maybe I'll have to change my point of view.

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Eric Hiew said...

smile jie jie ^^
for u nvr know ppl might die for not seeing ur smiles XD
remember this annoying kid and u will laugh through ur working day XD