Saturday, August 19, 2006

.: Finally.... or not... :.

Been having dinner at 11++pm lately.. not today, not yersterday though, at least the work is there already. IT IS THERE~~~~!!!! I can eat and sleep more peacefully.. I surely hope it's gonna be a bugless system but hahahahahah I'm gonna laugh out loud if anyone of us said that becoz it hasnt come to the stage where we can tell ourselves that it's bugless... Coz designer is us, developer is us, and testers is also us.. What on earth are we doing?!?!?!? Did I purposely insert the correct data to be tested and hope that I dont see an error page comes out next? YES! I DID! It's the nature because I really felt tired to go through tons and tons of testing just to make sure that my work is accurate and can avoid the bug to happened! Anywayz, today is Saturday and I still arrived home at 9pm because I was stucked in the office, right after I finished my training in SOA Bootcamp at Sunway Resort & Spa ... gosh...

Life is not so tough afterall if you have adapted to it. SO true! For the first few times when I had to stay back late to do the work, I really felt sad and tired, and angry (looking out from 12th floor of Menara TM off Federal Highway, I really wanted to curse the people who're heading home at 6.30pm...)... Then, 2nd day, 3rd day, 1 week... ... It happened to be a norm for me. It's like .. "Oh? 9pm already?! wow so fast ...." and feel nothing wrong abt that. LOL..... Luckily the hardwork paid off, I could finish up my work just before the due and performed the UAT test without much hammer-falls on my head and my colleagues. It was pretty smooth. :P

And got the chance to attend to a training bootcamp at Sunway Resort & Spa. NICE eh? hehehe! I call it a run away because it's 2 days of training. Meals provided, 3 times a day - morning tea time, lunch, and afternoon tea time. So the stomach is always full, and so... the want of falling asleep is always there! Take a look around you can see at least 5 people are "resting their eyes".. and the one beside me is already snoring~! hahahahaha! It was quite fun because you can get your hands on the lab exercise and try out something new. Bad thing is just that the lecturing session is really hypnotizing... god.... I finally surrendered to my Sleeping Devil and gave in and let him taken me away... Maybe I've not been resting well lately so I found it really sleepy during the lecture session.. But of course I just closed my eyes for 1-2 minutes.. hahaha Cant really fall asleep in front of so many people eh? Saw a handsome and so eager wanted to know his name. Finally I did with the help of my friend hahahaha! But didnt get to talk to him... ish... pai seh lar!! So that's something interesting in the bootcamp, so to speak :P

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Eric Hiew said...

some nice sister i have here T___T
bro also dun wan to miss, wan go see leng chai only =(