Friday, July 22, 2005

.: Still feel like am studying :.

Hi all, sorry for slow update.... I was tired everyday after work because I have to get up at 5am everyday.. But I cant sleep early else I can be more energetic. Thanks for all the blessings, my dad now is fine. He will have to go back for 2nd operation though on the coming Monday. He will be okay coz my mom is basically the best dietician h can get hahahaha! She cooks the food less taste coz need to be less salt less oil but still yummy.

My work is fine -- now is 3 weeks of induction training and I've got into the 2nd week of it. PLenty of activities that make me feel like am still in the college hahaa. We have potluck party on next Thursday. Wendy and I plan to make sandwich while others who are unable to bring food is calling for catering. That's alright coz not everyone has own transport and to bring portion of 8-9 people is really burdening. I'm not taking my own transport but it's alright, sandwiches are not that heavy. Egg and Tuna sandwich are what's on our mind. Hehe. A few girls of my class are performing too, including myself. We're doing a 70's dance "I Will Survive" - simple moves, lots of fun. I take part because it's fun as all girls play and dance on stage. It's not that I'm doing it alone or only a few of us... there are around 7-8 of us so I feel like playing more than performing. Well think about it, induction training is only once in a life time there. Why dont just enjoy it before hectic life begins right? *wink*

Besides this party we're just done with group magazine today. Our topic is Whales of The World. Educating and entertaining ( haha! Of coz must praise ma~~~!!). Lots of cut and paste so my collection of magazines are useful but sob sob there goes my magazines .. lots of holes.. Never mind our magazine is NICE... I enjoy doing it!! For the past few years of my colleage life I was totally cut off from all these sketching, cutting & pasting.. muahahahhahaaa!! And we talk and laugh while doing it and let our ideas go wild and imaginative!!! A big N.I.C.E!

My colleagues are all very crazy. I must say this 3 weeks of induction training will never being washed out from my memory becoz I just have so much fun.Today we're totally out of mind, even in normal days the most quiet ones are so hippie today. Oh yeah, today is my company's 3rd birthday. So everyone gets kinda relax today. They apply work hard play hard theory.

I'm telling you all the good things eh? yeah I do realize it. Never mind when I finally start my job I think I'll have bad things to tell u all. Just wait. So now I need plenty of beauty sleep everyday. I sleep for 1-2 hours when I got back home daily.. today I'm totally losen out. I only woke up 2 hours ++ later jsut now. And frankly I couldnt even shower first before I went to get a nap. Just.... collapse.. hehe.

Ok I guess it's long enough.... Jae's out!

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