Friday, July 29, 2005

.: That's It :.

Result is out today.

I get a 2nd upper honor for my degree. Kinda disappointed coz I aimed for getting a 1st class. I know my parents are hoping I can get 1st class....... Now I understand why the lecturer asked us to aim high - to avoid feeling like shit if grade drops. I still feel not-so-delightful .... Hmm... But it's a fact. How good I scored for my certificate is gonna affect my impression during job interviews, but the performance of my work is what counts when it comes to work because a paper means your capability to handle and manage new experiences and responsibilities, right? It did mean something - an appreciation and entitlement of all my hardwork for these years... I guess I cant just sit here and moan over it because it isn't so bad right?

As for my work, today is the last day of my induction training. I honestly said that the friends that I know in merely 3 weeks -- we just had so much fun and supports for each other. I really felt like we're a family! Sue Mei, Kim, Jenny, Gowri, Usha, Nadia, Noorul, Yati, Cecelia, Sri, Bradley, Shaun, Praba, Jacob Jr., Sudesh, Ariff, Khairi, Geoffrey, and lastly my babe Wendy are all my fellow colleagues and friends. They are so friendly, "kewl", crazy, helpful, supportive, motivated, artistic, playful, talented, creative.... I'm speechless. From the first few days when there are small cliques of our own during breakfast/lunch breaks till we can sit together in a big long table and chat while eating.... So...... some of them will go under UK and US, even Aus & NZ .. our working time is totally different so it's hard for me to meet them again in the future... I just want to say I've had the most wonderful time with them. I enjoyed the 3 weeks of my working and I'm gonna miss them very very very much.

To all my new friends and colleagues, no regret knowing you all, all the best and we shall come out to have a drink sometime soon!!

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